How to get pregnant?

Hey Guys,
I need advice with TTC. My SO and I have been trying for over a year. I track my cycles through 3apps including fit bit, I take prenatals and take a 1month break from them after 3months, I take conceive plus fertility vitamins and so does he, We also tried conceive olus fertility lubricant.We do the deed every other day. We even did a cycle where it was every day(i cant handle that) I lay on my back for 20min i put my feet up on the wall, weve tried doggy style to conceive and not just for fun. I use ovulation tests. Hes done fertility testing. Were both fertile and I’m tracking my cycles and ovulation. I’m thinking my job may be too stressful I work 50hours a week as a home health aid. Or I get too antsy during the 2week wait. This past cycle I was 4 days late followed by only a 3day period. I was so excited and thought maybe I made it…We would really like at least 1 child before we’re 25…We want 4 children and i wont try past the age of 30.Ive seen a lot of complicated pregnancies past that age and if it’s already this hard for me I wont risk it further down the road. Has anybody else tried anything different that worked…? I also hurt everytime I see a crappy mom or abused kids or parents who have killed their kids…Why do they get to have children while people who would adore and cherish their children have a hard time or dont succeed at all. Adoption is also way too expensive of an option at this point in time. Its really breaking our hearts :sleepy:


Track your cervical mucous… there’s a system called Creighton Model Fertility that my ob/fertility specialist uses. Also find yourself a really good ob.

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You’re trying to hard. My hubby and I tried for a year and nothing happened. So we gave up (not literally) but we quit getting so hopeful and trying to force it and when we quit trying it just happened. It’s like your body sense the anticipation you know?


take a vacation your body needs a chance to be rejuvenated and stress-free something that makes you happy both of you and more than likely you will come back pregnant from that vacation it’s happened to me twice

Me and my husband stopped trying and just let whatever happen happen nothing happened for 3 years then we got rid of some toxic ppl in our life and next thing u know a month later were pregnant

I was 30 when I got pregnant and had an easy, healthy pregnancy and have a healthy baby boy! Dont put a time frame on it. Stress will definitely impact you conceiving. Maybe don’t try so hard?


Stop trying. Your stressing your body out way too much. You will not get pregnant that way

We tried for 6 months, I tracked my basal temp and mucus but what really worked was just relaxing, honestly relax let nature do its thing. We saw a specialist and they assured me everything was working right and to relax and come in in three weeks I was ovulating at the time and we did it every 1-3 days and came back and sure enough I was pregnant- second kid I decided what will be will be didn’t stress over it pregnant after 3 weeks of trying. Oh and both times I was over 30 and healthy babies- I had preeclampsia with my 1st but anyone can get that

Unless you’re super skinny already, try a little diet or working out. Anytime I hear of someone trying to conceive, I recommend trying to diet because that can help! Good luck!

Honestly, stop trying. Maybe take a vacation and relax. Once i finally ditched all my tracking apps and stopped paying attention i was pregnant 2mos later.

Too much stress from work and your personal time limit to have kids. I think your body needs a break.

Your mentally “psyching” yourself out. It’s already happened to me. Once you relax and stop worrying and stressing, it will happen. Dont force it. I wasn’t even trying to get pregnant with #3. It just…happened.

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Go to a good obgyn and they can help you try to conceive or point you in the right direction for the help you need. But what worked for me was not trying at all. Any time we tried and I tracked my ovulations and all nothing worked. But when I gave up I got pregnant right off the bat. (That doesn’t mean it will work for you like that) also I was told before that when you constantly try that the stress it causes lowers your chances of getting pregnant.

You’re trying “too hard” to get pregnant. Just relax, and have fun. I will say, having an orgasm is the most important thing to get pregnant.


just RELAX and don’t think about having a baby. part of it is mental too. just have sex to have sex and not for “oh I gotta have a baby asap” and you’ll find you’ll probably get pregnant easier

Id get second opinion if you’re under 25, just my opinion and based on females i know, thats awhile to try/and you’re like wayyyyy prepared trying more so than most I know who do conceive to not have conceived at all. I was told by my midwife that most women at your age (in good health-not obese, on drugs/drinking, ect) should conceive in 3-6mon and if nothing by a year to seek medical help. There are OTCs like Clomid that are inexpensive. Im not a doctor but im baby #2 at 28 and both times conceived prior to 3 months unprotected (without ovulation tests/apps/vitamins, ect) just natural unprotected sex.

Have you tried seeing a fertility clinic/office?

I don’t necessarily believe the theory about stress only because my husband and I tried for 6 years to get pregnant. Did EVERYTHING short of IVF and nothing. Then right smack dab in the middle of the most stressful situation of my life I wound up pregnant.

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Take a break from having sex. Make love to have fun after a month, you are both healthy adults so there shouldn’t be any issues.

In the week after ovulation take as much rest as possible. Your body needs energy to make implantation happen. I have one kid through iui and one conceived naturally and both times I took days off and kept lying down resting watching tv and nothing else. It worked for me. Also do yoga and acupuncture which both relieve stress in your body

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I was 29 when I got pregnant with my last had her at 30…really its past 35 that a lot of complications happen

Maybe is just all the stress from work and trying to conceive. You can keep trying and request less hours if you can, have you and your partner go out on dates to help relax. Make it more romantic and not so stressful.

Stop trying. Don’t track things, just relax and let it happen on its own time. I conceived after two years of trying and i finally let loose and stopped tracking things and i have a healthy two and a half month old

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You’re trying too hard and putting too much pressure/stress on yourself.

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Stop trying. I started doing the test and tracking and it ended up not happening till I stopped I think it happened because I wasn’t stressing and getting hurt when it didn’t happen.

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Also slow down only have sex like every 48-72 hours he needs to build up sperm. If you have sex to often he could be shooting blanks. If you have questions you can call my best friend she works for a clinic and is willing to answer any questions you have and see if she can help. 858-457-2229 Shaundre.

It’s all in Gods perfect timing…I know that ain’t what you wanna hear but true…I married at 16 was kn that relationship for 14 years & 3 years after it ended I got pregnant with my 1st daughter at the age of 30 & had her when I was 31…I teiee all the stuff u mentioned plus every absurd thing I could find on the internet…no protection no birth control & not so much as one failed pregnancy so I didnt think k could conceive at all! I’m now 33…34 in Sept & wed I’ll be 35 weeks with my 2nd daughter! Mind you my ex husband is the only partner I had who didnt have kids so I thought it was me…turned out I had thyroid issues so it very well could’ve been me but I’ve not taken meds for it since the beginning of the pregannacy with my now 2 year old! Just give it time momma! It’s a hard pill to swallow but what’s meant to be will be…I do remember reading that the man should wear boxers as too much heat can kill the sperm & geritol LIQUID which tastes horrible! Neither worked for me tho…good luck & dont get discouraged! Took me 17 years & needless to say I wasnt trying as I’d decided the way this world is I didnt wanna bring innocent children into it if I WERE able!

Relax and let it all fall into place.

Goodness girl. Stop trying! It always happens when you’re not trying. You’re stressing over it too much! You’re technically supposed to have sex the day before & after ovulation. Trust me, it works. Just relax & have fun. It’ll happen. :heart:

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Stop trying!!! Seriously. For right now just enjoy eachother. I tried for 12 years then a few weeks after we gave up trying, I got pregnant. Constantly thinking and trying stresses you out.

Dont try so hard! Your stressing yourself out which isn’t helping. Try waiting til 5-6 days after your period! I never tried to get pregnant and that seems to be how it happens for me. I’m pregnant with my 3rd.

You gotta relax, have a drink and have yourselves some fun. Always happens when you’re not trying and you need to have fun while you do it don’t make it a chore

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I had my first at 34, my second at 37 and my third at 40. All perfect smart beautiful people. You will get there…

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Only track your cycle and have sex every like two days give you body a rest try that for a month or two and you have to have sex 48-72 hrs AFTER ovulation. Ovulation accures a week to two weeks after the first day of your last period. Also don’t try so hard. It will happen when you relax and some stress about it

We tried for over a year, and did all the things you are doing. The first month we stopped trying, we got pregnant. Same with both children.

Go on a romantic vacation and have some fun. Don’t plan sex, just let it happen when the mood strikes you. It’s proven that excitement and passion works really well. Good luck!

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I know u don’t want to hear this but ur trying to hard. You’re focusing to hard on it. I know u must hate to hear that phase. But I went through same thing. Then finally it happened and it was chemical. Once I gave up and quit i got pregnant. It was stressful, sad, devastating, draining and everything else so I had just giving up cuz it was to much to go through. Then boom it’s happening. Good luck 2 u. I feel what ur going through.


It took me a year with my son and the baby Im currently pregnant with, when we wanted to try and have a family he got tested by doctor who said he will NEVER conceive due to low motility. A month later we were pregnant. I kept track through apps and one thing that helped us was not putting any pressure on getting pregnant. This go around because our toddler sleeps in our room, we weren’t doing it as often as we liked and we believe that helped because he had a lot built up. When it’s meant to be, it will happen. Just enjoy each other

Gotta think if it happens it happens. De-stress yourself by getting your mind off pregnancy and have fun with your hubby. That’s how my hubby and I did it. We had bowling night and date walks.

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Try using the DOT app. I got pregnant the first month we used it. I have a friend that used it and same thing, first month they used it and shes pregnant! God always has a plan. Sometimes it just takes patience! Prayers for you that you get your baby soon!

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I think your both trying too hard… slow down enjoy each others company go on holiday and have fun you will be surprised of the outcome … My aunt and uncle didn’t have kids for 17 years and it wasn’t as if they weren’t trying the advice given to them was slow down enjoy what happening in your life go on holidays and lo and behold she fell pregnant on one of those holidays they eventually had two kids boy and girl . So all the best to you both

Your trying to hard :expressionless::unamused: stop trying

Stop trying so hard… the stress of trying may be stopping you from conceiving

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After a miscarriage it took my husband and i 9 years to get pregnant again. Just stop trying. i gave up and just thought i would never have kids. Then bam pregnant with my first then when he was 8 months old pregnant with my second. I know what your going through and how you feel its tough. But dont give up hope it will happen

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I deleted all my period apps and asked my SO to not put pressure on me, I gave away my ovulation tests to a friend who is also trying. I have requested less hours but medical field…when youre short staffed youre short staffed :roll_eyes: I did however apply at a different job that would make me over the moon happy. I am going on vacation this weekend,next month and August. Im going to just act like I did when my SO and I met as teenagers just without protection. I do not drink,do not smoke, dont do drugs and I do workout and live an active lifestyle. I appreciate the advice. Like I mentioned previously we both got fertility tested a second opinion might not hurt. I really do appreciate you guys taking time out of your day to respond to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have pcos and endometriosis… I had my 1st @33. My husband and I were together 10yrs and I never got pregnant. We separated and 2 yrs later I got with my daughters father and 3 months later I was pregnant all natural. Yrs later, I will be 42 next month and I’m 32 wks pregnant with my second…once again all natural. The father of this child were together about 4 yrs, I had the Mirena. We broke up for about a yr and I had it taken out. We got back together and I was pregnant 2 months later. My advice is don’t stress…baby’s come when you are relaxed and not trying so hard. Oh and I forgot to add the father of this one is 16yrs older than me.

When we where trying for our son, it didn’t happen, when we stopped trying it happened. I think when we try to hard we put to much stress on it.

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