How to get pregnant?

My hubby and I decided to try for another baby! I was on the birth control pill for 2 years, last sunday (the 16th) was my last day taking it, I finished all the pills except the sugar pills. I started bleeding this Friday (the 21st). Does anyone know how long the bleeding might last? Also how long did it take you mamas to get pregnant after getting off the pill for that long? Thank you! We’re so excited to add to our little family


I bled for 3 days during my withdrawal bleed. Got pregnant that very cycle.

The bleeding I dont remember but two of my pregnancies I got pregnant right after trigger

One I miscarried

Normal period after stopping and got pregnant 2 weeks after. Good luck!

After the pills forever like years after my paragaurd one week

Normal period for me and then 2 months after is when I conceived.

I was on birth control for 7 years. I got pregnant the first month off the pills. :blush: Good luck!

I don’t remember bleeding but I stopped my birth control in March of 2014 & got pregnant in May. I had been on my birth control pills for a few years.

It just depends on your body, sometimes you can get pregnant right away or sometimes 6 months to a year so your body goes back to normal.

I got pregnant while taking the pill. Twice.

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I got pregnant taking the pill also. With in 2 months with the 3rd.

Didn’t get a period for 1 year after I stopped the pill. It’s different for everyone

The day I stopped trying was the day I fell pregnant. I cant remember how long u bleed for. Think normal amount for me