How to get pregnant?

My husband and I are trying for a baby. Any advice on what I can do to help the process? I’ve tried pre-seed lube and multivitamins for women, but it doesn’t seem to be helping us. I also use the app glow to keep track of everything, and I feel like I’m doing something wrong … am I


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get pregnant?

Yes enjoy the process and breathe it will happen when it happens and if it hasn’t been a year keep calm and have fun making that baby

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Ovulation tests twice a day during your cycle so you can see when you’re most likely to get pregnant. I used the premom app to keep track of these and the app worked out my new ovulation dates for me rather than it being guess work. And I know its easier said than done but try not to think about it too much, the added pressure won’t help. Good luck x


Track your ovulation, test strips are cheap on Amazon

Try to not focus on conceiving…sometimes it happens when a couple stops " trying".


I have a tip. Have sex every. Single. Day.

There are some groups on facebook, im in one called “trying to conceive♥️” and honestly it helped me. It took two years for our babygirl, and the women in the group are so amazing and supportive and give a lot of helpful advice! Just remember you are not alone, you have support even if its from strangers, and most importantly dont give up♥️

How long have you been trying?

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Let it just happen. Dont shock your body by quitting all your “bad” habits immediately cold turkey. (Food choice, drinking or smoking) take prenatal vitamins

My daughter couldn’t get pregnant with her 2nd child cause she was overweight. As soon as she lost the weight and 6 yrs later she got pregnant. This January she will be having her 4th child and that’s it.

Stop trying. Just enjoy life, it’ll happen when it’s supposed to.

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Try not to think about falling pregnant, it may be hard but jsut try not to! My sister and her partner was trying for so many years and it never happened they was going through some tests and in the middle of that process she fell pregnant! They had stopped thinking about getting pregnant she thought she wouldn’t ever be able to so they give in and then next thing there was my gorgeous niece! Now she’s 3 in august❤️

Ovulation tests !! I can’t recommend them enough.

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Sounds crazy but Mucinex


Don’t stress, it makes it harder. Also take folic acid and vitamin d. Along with the prenatal

It depends on how long you’ve been trying. If it’s more than a year, please seek professional advice from a fertility specialist. Infertility is a medical condition that required medical treatment. Good luck.

You need to use ovulation test kits, the apps are great but are a guess on when you ovulate. When I used Opks the app was wrong by a week! Once I tracked for a month to understand the days I ovulate ect we tried the following month, to the deed every day or every second day leading up to ovulation. We were very fortunate to fall pregnant first time x good luck!

Girl relax don’t think about what you trying to do just do it and have fun and before you know bam there will be a baby.

It took us 5 years. I used strips to track my ovulation they are much cheaper on Amazon. Sex every other day to 3 days if the man isn’t making what he should doing it daily can make it a longer process. Good luck.

I aslo heard if the male smokes.can slow down the process

I masturbate first to get my vagina ready. Ijs.

Me and my ex had sex for in between 4-5 years everyday with no protection or birth control and then all of a sudden I got pregnant. It sometimes takes time.

I started taking prenatal vitamins a few months before we actually started trying. I was using the app same as you and then had sex on the days I was at peak fertility. If you find yourself stressing about the process, give yourself a break. Make sure that this does not become a job. It should still be fun and enjoyable.

I didn’t get pregnant for 6 years, but then I went on a juice diet thing. I pretty much just blend d fruits and veggies in water and drank it for 3 months and then bam I got pregnant.

Get healthy. Start working out and eating healthy meals.

A ton of women I follow on tictok swear by this I’m have not personally done this yet but I’m I think I will try I have endometriosis so it’s hard for women like me good luck

Stop trying and don’t think about it during sex. Most pregnancys happen when u least expect it.

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You don’t mention this, but throwing in my two cents… Insulin resistance can affect fertility. Stress can affect insulin too, I think that’s part of why vacations and “not thinking about it” are helpful too! :wink: I struggled for six years with unexplained infertility after a miscarriage. Tried acupuncture, natural supplements, temperature tracking, etc. I gave up for a few years, mad at my body. Then, when trying to figure it out again, my OB said I had no business getting pregnant, wanted me on IUD, get weight and T2D under control. At 38, I thought my time was up. I was heartbroken. Did some research, found low carb-high fat/keto. Said no to IUD and meds. Was pregnant in like six months with healthy boy who’s almost two.

Also, I got these Ovulation strip tests, 100 packs on Amazon! These aren’t available right now, but maybe a similar can be found: Wondfo Combo Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests

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The guy should wear old fashioned woven cotton boxers, they keep the “jewels” cooler which helps worth sperm production.

Go on a holiday, get a new job, enjoy life.
Don’t stress.
And you’ll get pregnant

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Stop. Trying. Just go with it and stop thinking. Hubby and I tried for over a year had a doc tell me because of PCOS and my other health issues we just weren’t gonna…we stopped thinking about it and I was pregnant 5 months later

We tried for 11 months, gave up, went to Cuba and spent a week drunk of our asses on rum and cigars. Came home, and a few weeks later found out I was pregnant :see_no_evil::joy:

I went off gluten and did a low carb diet and got pregnant 8 months later after 10 YEARS OF TRYING. 3 kids now.

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I have PCOS but before my rainbow baby last year hubby and I struggled for over 2 years to get pregnant… 2 losses (1 being ectopic) and what made it more upsetting was that I already had 2 from a previous relationship so it was like was that it? Do I not get to give hubby 1-2 of his own? I tried testing for ovulation but with PCOS that’s fairly useless cause I pretty much always read higher and just cause I got a peak didn’t mean my body was actually gonna ovulate like it was supposed to… what I did end up doing and what got us pregnant with now our 4th pregnancy! Was basal body temping first thing every morning… and using fertility friend! That was reliable and worked like a charm! I now have a beautiful 6month old little girl and managed to get immediately pregnant 2 month after having her! (Currently 4mo pregnant) which was a huge shock just cause with PCOS ovulation is just not an easy thing to come by and with struggling 2 years and 2 losses prior to baby girl we definitely weren’t expecting it so quick! But yea look into temping!! (Side note: I found vaginal temping was more accurate and you want to get an actual BBT thermometer because they work like xx.xx and trust me when your charting you want every detail as far as degrees that you can get!)

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Do not have sex everyday! So many women thinks it helps it does not!!

Don’t plan it… you put all your hopes and dreams into it and then mother nature comes and your world falls apart so from experience dont plan it just have a great time together & dont stress about it (easier said than done i know) chin up :star2::heart: it will happen when it’s meant to happen :hugs::revolving_hearts:


When you stop worrying and thinking about it, it’ll happen…

Best of luck x

Folic acid. Eating iron. After three days of your period. Is the good time. On your ovulation week. Best of luck.

Take ovulation taste every day after the end of your period to make sure you are actually in your window. Going off apps telling me when I’m “ovulating” was about a week or so to late. I ovulate about 7 days after the start of my period.

Get Clomid from a chemist… and drink it

Making a baby isn’t a job, it’s supposed to be fun. It’s stressing you out cos you’re always thinking about it. The second you stop thinking about it, your body relaxes and watch the magic happen.


Don’t try! It will happen when its suppose to happen and when you least expect it !

Folic acid helped me dr told me to take it because of the meds im on and a few months later it happened butbinwasnt tring either it just happened

dont even think about it go out for an enjoyable dinner relax then have a relaxing movie date enjoy the monent the more you think about it the more stress you have just relax it will happen romantic date night

Try a day after you first start your period. I know it mind sound gross but it works

A tablespoon of Robitussin once a day for the woman, a 1000mg of vitamin C per day for both the man and woman. Do it for 30 days then stop for 2 weeks. If 1st monthly regimen didn’t work after the two weeks do it again. I’m proof it works.

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Do you know how to check your cervix for ovulation?? Look into it. Good luck :purple_heart:

Get foot zoned right before ovulation.

Sounds like you’re too busy … lay down

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pescatarian diet/cutting out red meat is what helped me. lots of veggies/fruits and water.

track with ovulation strips and digital ovulation strips

First off , coming from someone who’s dealt with infertility for years don’t take any extra supplements before contacting your doctor and getting blood work done. You may not even need them. Also invest in ovulation strips(Amazon sells them) to find out if your even ovulating , after that I’d make a medical plan with your dr based off if your ovulating

I know someone that had a hard time getting pregnant. She tried everything in the book and eventually after 2 years stopped trying. It was shortly after she stopped trying and stressing that she got pregnant!!

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Take prenatal vitamins and have fun with it stop thinking about it and stop “trying” relax and have fun it will happen its what i did

Relax. Enjoy the process.

It could be timing but it could be something more serious. Go to your doctor. Get your husband checked and get yourself checked as well. I have PCOS. So we had to do fertility meds to get pregnant with our first. Then I wanted another baby and knew losing weight could help. I started a low carb diet and lost 25 lbs and got pregnant without having to do fertility within 3 months. But that isn’t always the norm. Unfortunately some people need medical help getting pregnant. As far as ovulation stops. You can use them to help predict, but if you did have PCOS or hormonal imbalances they may not always be accurate. I used them and they said I was ovulating. However when I went in for my ultrasound to check my follicles I wasn’t ovulating.

Track with actual ovulation strips and not just the app,I use the same app and my ovulation was 2 days off. Aslo there is no magic pill to get pregnant, you can help your uterus/body to be healthy by taking daily multi vitamins and heating good but you have to enjoy it and relax after you guys are finished let his stuff sit inside for a few minutes to give his swimmers time to swim lol.
Stress can cause you period to be all weird which cause your ovulation to off! So relax and try not to stress it:)

If you are concerned its a health issue go to your doctor! :heart:

Don’t stress, don’t think about it, just enjoy the baby making process and grab you some ovulation strips

Basically just don’t think about being pregnant or having a baby, and it’ll happen :sweat_smile:

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Going Keto worked for me twice

Cbd gummies :joy: took like 3000 mg for my anxiety and boom 4 weeks later found out I was pregnant, hubby was supposed to go get fixed too :woman_facepalming:

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Stop trying it will happen! My husband and I kept trying and nothing then we decided to stop trying and we ended up pregnant

My husband and I tried for 2 years for our second baby as we suffered from secondary infertility. Our last resort was ovulation strips and testing for ovulation accurately. After just 2 cycles of tracking with the strips were welcoming our rainbow baby this winter :heart: Don’t give up!

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Use the clear blue digital ovulation tests. It worked on the first try for me and my husband

You can get ovulation tests from Walmart to check when you hit peak fertility

Don’t stress that can cause you to not get pregnant. Just do what my husband and I did. We had the mindset if it happens great, if it doesn’t we just have more money. My daughter will be 2 in August. I didn’t stress or think about it all the time and it happened

Look up → myo inositol and d-chiro inositol ←
You can get it on amazon. It helped me with my last baby! Only took 1 month supply. I have pcos so getting pregnant was hard for me

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It can take 12 months for a healthy couple to get pregnant. Try ovulation tests.

Take pre-natal vitamins it will help

My husband and I suffered with secondary infertility. We tried for two years and had one miscarriage. Once I told him that I didn’t want to try anymore. To leave it in Gods hands and if it happened it happened. Taking all the stress off I think did wonders. Because about 6 months later I found out I was pregnant. I say just keep trying have fun with it and don’t stress. Also try the ovulation tests to help you get a more accurate reading on when you are ovulating. I have the glow app too and for the past two months I’ve ovulated later than the app said. Sending baby dust :heartbeat:

Stop trying. And also everytime I lose 40lbs I always get pregnant.

Good luck!


You’re trying to hard. Both times I tried took me over a year and it only happened when I gave up :joy:

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Sex, lots of unprotected sex :joy: and don’t plan it out on a calendar for when your ovulating, just have it for the passion and love you share together, it’ll happen when it happens. I mean I got pregnant on the pill with my first - nothing can completely prevent or completely guarantee it happening. Just enjoy the amazing sex life until it does happen x

Premom ovulation strips and app! Order them off amazon, the app is free, keep up on vitamins, water intake and eating healthy!

I quit drinking soda and bam got pregnant!

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Have your viatmin levels checked most women who are trying to get pregnant and struggling have low vitamin d3 levels. Try taking at least 4000 ius a day of vitamin d3 and it should help. Most people I talked to about it tried it and ended up pregnant one was even going to a fertility dr to see why and turned out her levels were low .

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Seriously don’t stress about it. Just try and keep trying. My sons father and I took about 8 months to conceive. Itll happen when it’s supposed to. :slight_smile:

Take a prenatal with folic acid. Tribulus supplements can help men and maca root and ashgwanda can help women. Of course I recommend talking to your doctor before adding supplements and stop all supplements when actually ovulating and trying to conceive.

Stop tracking, stressing, thinking and having sex for that reason. Once you learn to love your life and accept where you are then you will have a kid lol. It’s happened that way to so many people including myself.


Stop trying and it will happen

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My husband and I tried 11 years it finally happened naturally when we gave up 🙆 we tried conceiving my daughter for a year used conceive plus for 2 months and was pregnant good luck and prayers

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Just live normal… Try without trying and it’ll happen. All the stress of figuring out when to have sex and buying all this and that to help isn’t going to help… Your body needs to be relaxed, you need to relax.

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Folic acid I swear by it. It worked for me and for my SIL an brother who couldn’t get pregnant for about 4 years. I was pregnant in a month and she was under 3

Stress and worry can make it more difficult to conceive. Just relax and wait for nature to do her thing. Best of luck to you!

My husband and I had the same problem, we even tried clovimex prescribed by our obgyn and failed and afterwards we made peace with it. God gave us a beautiful son once we put it in his hands. Prayers for y’all!

I am trying also but i found a new product i am going to bw trying called cassava twin on amazon it has high reviews

Stress. Don’t stress over getting pregnant.

Stop stressing about it! we weren’t trying, and we found out we were pregnant! Also, don’t have sex every day. It makes the sperm lazy

Track ovulation.
You cant get pregnant when not ovulating :woman_shrugging:

Unless of course the off chance the sperm survives and waits for ovulation

Just stop trying, the moment you have sex for the fun of it instead of to have a baby, it’ll happen. My husband and I tried for 8 months before I got pregnant… I cried a few times when I got my period, wanted it so bad, I just stressed myself out. Well… I got so frustrated and stressed and it was Halloween (my favorite time of year) and said I’m done this month… done counting days etc. just for that month so I could enjoy myself again for a bit…instead of all my thoughts about that, literally it consumed me and I needed a break emotionally and mentally … BOOM I got pregnant Halloween night because I had sex just to enjoy it instead of trying to get pregnant. Good luck and just relax and enjoy your partner and stop trying to “have a baby” :heart: May God bless

Prenatal vitamins every day help me get pregnant after 12 years of trying on my own.

Your doctor can prescribe medication called klawmed… not spelled that way but that’s how it sounds lol

I agree with a few of the other ladies, I got pregnant with both of mine when we weren’t trying. Relax and breathe.

You could also buy an ovulation test from Walmart or somewhere and then you’ll see when your biggest ovulation days are

Have sex to be intimate not just to conceive. Babies are made in passion

Any type of lubricant kills sperm.