How to get pregnant?

I’ve been trying for about three months to get pregnant with my second, and there doesn’t seem to be any luck. Any tips on how to help conceive?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get pregnant?

Stop trying so hard and it will happen naturally x try taking your mind of it and do other things


Stand on your head right after sex, I promise it works.


Have intercourse every 2-3 days, not every day, per OB/Gyn’s I used to work for.

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It takes the average healthy couple with no fertility issues up to 12 months to conceive.


Try black maca It works‼️ either pill or powder form

Go get checked with a doctor.

Keto diet? A lot of people in my keto group conceived.

there’s an app you can download onto ure phone, works out from ure periods etc when ure best time to conceive is, worked for my 2nd one… I can’t rem the name though.

Make an appointment with your ob and get a fertility work up.

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So for me not trying work. Also go a couple days without sex. Then do it a whole bunch and after everytime put your feet up

“Doggie style” is best for that purpose, followed by woman on top. Good luck.

Folic acid. You get where the vitamins are.


Tracking your ovulation helps so you know you’re trying on your most fertile days.

I had to take a Baby Aspirin a Day to Conceive and Carry, I had a Rare Blood Issue and it was killing the Fetus’s. Took me 4 Tries to finally Conceive and Carry and I just let Nature take it’s course

Took me 6months to get preg with my 3rd. It’ll happen mama

It took me 3 or 4 months to get pregnant with my 2nd after I got off birth control

Relax, don’t try so hard. Track ovulation but don’t become obsessed. It can’t make it much harder. Good luck and God bless you!

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Start taking some prenatels, ie folic acid to help prepare your body and don’t try so hard, just have lots of fun trying, it’ll happen when you least expect it so just nature take its course hun x

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Don’t try to hard. Don’t stress. It took about 4 or more months for my hubby and I to conceive. I stopped thinking about it constantly, and next thing I knew my breasts were sore and I was pregnant lol

Dont panic after 3 months. My SIL has been trying for 2 yrs. It will happen when it happens. Idk why the rush. Worlds pretty effed right now to bring in babies.

Time to see a fertility specialist

I had trouble for a very long time and pretty natal was gonna just give up but I had a nurse tell me to try taking pre natal vitamins everyday like u would if pregnant and a month in a half later I was pregnant

Track your cycles and use an ovulation kit to tell you when you’re surging. Make sure you follow the directions thoroughly.

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Trying for 3 months isn’t that long, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of app that track your periods and when you give it accurate information it can tell you when you ovulate and best days/times to get it poppin lol
Also, may not work for everyone but I held my legs up after sex for a min or two, (on ovulation day) and boom, pregnant. I didn’t think anything of it until I heard another women say the same

How does it take some women so long to get pregnant?? If I stop taking the pill I get pregnant the next day lol.


Don’t stress yet. Six months is an average amount of time to become pregnant. That’s just average though. Most doctors won’t help until about a year of trying

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Wow, I never tried to get pregnant, and have 3 children, none of them were planned.

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Yes! Don’t track ovulation in apps etc, adds more stress. Relax and take it as it comes x

Use an app to track your ovulation. We used WOOM. It also helps that in conjunction you use ovulation test strips. The strips alone can be misleading but will make the apps more accurate. Took us 3 months. Also, start a multivitamin if you haven’t already

3 months isn’t really that long. Give it time, it’s not automatic.


Quit trying so hard !! Too much stress


Go on a vacation, even if it’s a short one. Each one of my 3 I went on a vacation, and the last was an overnighter to Indianapolis. My old supervisor asked me the same thing and it gave her the same advice. The next weekend, she and her husband went to King’s Island for the weekend and about a month later she announced she was having a baby. It is relaxing and being away from the pressure that helps.

I was told I’d never get pregnant and if I did I wouldn’t be able to carry term. After they told me that and I pretty much gave up the idea of ever having children I ended up pregnant and made it to 36 weeks with a healthy son. Sometimes you just have to relax and let go and it happens. At least you have 1 some women never get that.


You’re going to laugh. Stand on your head after sex. Help those little swimmers reach their destination. I have who did this twice


I went on a cleanse like wormwood and black walnut also chlorophyll and then it was like my body completely cleared out. Even felt lighter. But not long later I got pregnant after 3 years of trying. We jus had her Thursday and she was a ounce short of 8 pounds. :heart: hope the best for you.

My experience has been when you stop trying that is when it usually happens.

The wrong man did it for me three times-wasn’t even in the room for the third one

Do the Advocare 21 Day Challenge. I got preggers when I did that and started exercising…and I know a lot of other women it worked for as well. It floods your body with vitamins.

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My personal opinion from experience that some may not like… Stop stressing and thinking about it. Women don’t realize the power our minds have on fertility. That is not speaking on the ones who have fertility issues who I do truly feel and hurt for. Every woman, their mind and body, are different.

Take birth control for like a week, then try

Sex! Lots and lots of sex! :grin::grin::grin: (sorry, trying to lighten the mood… seriously though, maybe see a fertility specialist).

Have sex while on your period, take prenatal vitamins, and have lots of sez. No breaks. Bang as much as possible.

Start taking prenatals