How to get pregnant?

I’ve been trying for about three months to get pregnant with my second, and there doesn’t seem to be any luck. Any tips on how to help conceive?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get pregnant?

Go keto. Eat lots of good fats. It will drastically reduce your internal inflammation and then you’ll be able to get pregnant.

3 months is not long whatsoever. It can take a healthy couple up to a year to conceive.


Honestly just life style changes and realizing it doesnt happen fast for everyone. My husband and I have been trying for 2 years in August. It takes time.

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Stop trying. Get professional massage

Stop trying, seriously!!! That’s when it’ll happen, trust me!!!

Acupuncture can help.

Eating cucumber seeds, daily, raises female fertility also drinking red raspberry leaf tisane “tea” daily will raise female fertility. They need to be picked just after the morning dew has dried, that’s when they’re at their most potent. Good luck :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Took me 31 months lol

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I just focused on having fun with my baby’s dad and boom.


3 months not getting pregnant is not time to worry, it took me about 6 months


When we were trying for our second, it just didn’t work for us. We kept track of my cycles and did all the “tricks” people gave us, but still disappointment ensued when I took a test and saw negative. But, as soon as we said we’re not trying anymore it happened!!

Stop trying…less stress…

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Males need to take Zinc. Females and males Robitussin. Females blue cohosh and cherry tree oil. It worked for us. I had three children from a previous marriage and he didn’t have any children. Had a hard time but these things helped.

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I’m taking a natural product for energy, sleep and anxiety, iv read stories on the page about it helping people fall pregnant that have really struggled.
I’ll leave a link for the info and testimonies page, just mention my name in the joining part so you get accepted in.

3 months when trying to conceive is seriously a tiny blip on the radar hun. It can take years even for a perfectly healthy couple. And stressing about it and trying to rush it will only make it worse. Step back and take a look at your diet and exercise habits. Get ovulation tracking strips. You might even see a fertility specialist to make sure your tubes aren’t Blocked and that you are actually ovulating.


I can write a whole list lol. The stress of trying so hard can backfire. 3mo isn’t a long time so don’t get discouraged. Especially,if you’ve been on birth control.

*Maca root is very good!
*Changing your diet, eliminating breads, dairy, sugar. Increasing healthy foods.
*Take woman’s vitamins especially for conceiving.
*Check your body temp and track your ovulation window.

There so many other things like remedies and positions. YouTube is really good. I really don’t give remedies out online. Look for herbal teas and vitamins.

Be patient. It can take up to 12 months for a healthy couple to concieve. Track ovulation with tests AND bbt. You can get a positive ovulation test and not ovulate so use bbt to confirm ovulation.


I did keto for 1 month and was pregnant the next after trying for 9 months

3 months is nothing. I tried for 14 yrs with my son. We’ve been trying for a yr for another baby. Go to the DR.

Folic acid, prenatals. And stop trying and just enjoy your time. Seems to always happen when you’re not trying

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It took me a year to conceive. Every woman is different, have patience and be hopeful! It’s too soon for you to be worried. I got sick and had to start taking mucinex and BAM! Pregnant! Not saying it’s a fool proof but I’m just saying it took a year and then suddenly I’m pregnant after taking mucus thinner for a few days :joy:

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Relax, have fun, quit trying. That’s when it will happen. I was told by my OB to start taking prenatal and with in a few months I was pregnant.


My advice is to stop trying and let it happen on its own, when I finally stopped tracking and jotting down my cycles and ovulation days I ended up pregnant. Best of luck!


Not really advice but it took me 2 years to get pregnant with my first and 3 years to get pregnant with my 2nd. Don’t rush!

We tracked my cycle with ovulation strips and had sex day of and after O day.

Stop trying and it’ll happen

Stop trying. Track when you ovulate. Also don’t have sex everyday but every other day so his sperm count can go back up.


The stress of counting on a positive test it takes a toll on you.

Track your period. It will tell you the most fertile days and just have FUN!!

I think everybody is different, one of my aunts tried for 15 yrs, she saw tons of specialist in infertility, lot of different treatments, until she finally gave up, and then suddenly one day she got pregnant, naturally, without spending all that money, I don’t know if it was because she finally gave up and relaxed, or what it was, but she has her baby girl now :purple_heart:

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If you have a 28 day cycle day number one is the first day of your period. Have sex on days 12 through 16

Yes I would say it can take a little longer. From people I’ve known anyways. I was on birth control and only had sex twice that month when I got pregnant so… that’s just my situation

Look into the fertility awareness method and learn how to track signs of ovulation. Three months isn’t that long (as someone who struggles with getting pregnant) but I know it can feel like a long time. Once you learn how to track your fertility you will be able to tell when you are ovulating. Anyone recommending to “stop trying” or to have sex around day 14 does not truly understand the struggle if trying to conceive or the fact that every single woman is different. It is such incorrect information that women ovulate on or around day 14 because every woman’s cycle is a different length and your body may ovulate sooner or later. The best way to figure that out is to look into the fertility awareness method.


We were trying for months and nothing happened so we stopped trying then started working out. A month later I found out I was pregnant. Happened with my 2 youngest babies. Every one is different but that worked for me

Have intercourse one day then have some fun that gets you to the big O the next day or so then back to intercourse and keep that cycle going. Also make sure to the prenatal with iron and folic acid. Good luck :+1:

PM me I can help with tips

Stop “trying” and have fun. Do some freaky shit in some freaky places. Bam … pregnant :smirk::crossed_fingers:t4:

Sometimes it takes longer than 3 months

I tried for so long with many disappointments of negative tests. I stopped trying and stopped taking tests until 1 week into my missed period.

I just want to remind everyone that ANY amount of time TTC is still okay to be sad or worried about. Don’t discredit one person’s struggles because you think yours is worse. If you’re truly backing your statement with medical knowledge and advice, that’s one thing. But some of these comments are thoughtless.
We are so used to having instant results from everything we do. Internet, phone calls, food, etc. and many of us weren’t taught in school that it’s actually NOT easy to conceive. A lot of us have been in these shoes, whether it be months or years. According to statistics, it takes most couples a year to conceive on average.

Me and my husband tried for 2 years. I tracked ovulation, used apps to track my cycles and fertile window, I was prescribed meds, and nothing seemed to work. I demanded an exploratory Laparoscopy because I was positive I had endometriosis. It runs in my family and I had all signs and symptoms. (It cannot be detected or officially diagnosed without a laparoscopy- it does not typically show up on scans)

I ended up being covered and they removed as much of it as they could. I was told that’s why I couldn’t conceive. We tried a couple more months and still nothing. I started to just give up because I couldn’t stress about it anymore. It was killing me. I prayed about it, then let it go.

I had my Lap in August, I conceived in November.

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Go to a good ob/gyn for information

I work in a obgyn and women who lose weight actually get pregnant. I’ve had lots of women come in who couldn’t for months and started losing weight and BAM pregnant. Especially when they take phentermine.

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Forget about it then it happens it did to me 46 years ago.

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Start taking pre-natal vitamins

Use an app that tracks your cycles to help give you an idea of your best conceiving days. Time is really all it is. Docs won’t check anything until you’ve been trying for a year

Prenatals, eat folate (avocado), Premom ovulation strips (can order on amazon) to figure out when you’re ovulating and the Premom app is free

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At this point just relax and enjoy yourself. It’s too soon for fretting.


Stop trying! Its frustrating and your putting all this stress and pressure on yourself. Just “enjoy the ride!” It will happen. Best of luck.

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I tried for almost 3 years before being successful. My oldest was born nov 2017 by the following fall we started trying for #2. We didn’t have any success till July 2020 I miscarried that one, October 2020 I lost one with my left tube and nearly my life due to a ruptured ectopic, March 2021 I got a positive a third time and am currently 18weeks 3 days with this pregnancy. I don’t have any tips just want you to know you’re by far not alone, I know the disappointment of testing each month just to be negative. I do know my mil who’s a registered nurse and experienced fertility troubles herself gave me some vitamins that are said to help and she swore by as for what helped her years ago. Research!

It’s gonna sound stupid but trust me when I couldn’t get pregnant it worked. Outside of normal issues that won’t allow you to get pregnant. I put a pillow under my buttocks and stayed there for a bit. Usually I jump up and clean myself because it’s gross but gravity helps.


It can take up to a year for a perfectly healthy couple. Advice is :

  1. use ovulation kits
  2. only do the deed every second day…no more,no less. It takes that long for a male to produce mature sperm that is perfectly ripe for the job…
  3. eat right, get plenty of exercise. Drink lots of water.
  4. try to plan it so you have an orgasm after he does.

Good luck

Try not stressing. Use preseed and take prenatals. Eat healthier and drink less caffeine…caffeine causes thin uterine lining and can prevent pregnancy and cause miscarriage. Switch to fruit juice and water mostly. Exercise a bit…maybe take an estrogen supplement. Track ovulation. All those will help. Less salt in diet.

I tried 7 months for my second after falling pregnant so easily with my first

Have sex unprotected

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The best way is to not try. Just have unprotected sex and don’t stress yourself out.

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Ppl are different but try not try and take prenatal s

After sex do headstands for a bit I did that when me and my daughters dad was trying I was pregnant on the 3rd month and it’s hard for me to get pregnant with a tilted womb

Stop trying and it’ll happen

I follow this women on tt she and a ton of women swear by this

Stop trying… that worked for me

Cbd gummies I swear by it. Take them every night and just have fun don’t even think about it as trying for baby #2

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Why r people gasping at this …3 months is not that long took me 4years


My husband and I tried for 3 months and nothing… We quit focusing on it and just had fun we used preseed and I still waited 10 or so mins after before going to the bathroom and I’m 24 wks now due in October!

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Lots of Exercise, cervical health checks and drink water every day

Stop trying so hard and let it happen…

Stop stressing about it. It can take up to a year for healthy couples to fall pregnant.

Three months isn’t that much that’s pretty normal. You don’t get fertility help from the GP until after 12-18 months. Just stop trying so hard, less stress. Just take it easy and it’ll come.

Get those fertility strips that tells you on your fertile then you can get it down to the day during that time have unprotected sex and put it out of your mind and you’ll get pregnant and don’t be stressing out about it

Stop trying. Once you “stop trying” and just have the mindset of “if it happens it happens”, you’re more likely to conceive. You’re putting too much stress on it

It took me 6yrs to get pregnant with the 2nd… It will come

I got advice from the doctor this is what you supposed to do if you want a baby
After your monthly period you need to count 10 days after your period so after that 10 days you will be ready I believe cause same thing happen to me but worth a try and thank me later💟

$9 prescription of clomid from the Dr worked for me the 1st time. Although be started me at 100mg, not 50mg like most

If you can’t get pregnant after a year of trying talk to your OBGYN

Stop trying and you will

Took me 3 1/2 half to have my first. 11 months to get pregnant with my 2nd and 10 months to get pregnant with my 3rd. Currently 39 weeks pregnant. He will be here Friday. Don’t give up hope it will happen when your not expecting it.

I read where a cough med that helps liquefy your secretions may help some that have thick secretions…I passed this along to former coworker…3 months later she was pregnant…cant say for sure…but

Stop “trying” and just enjoy being with one another, it will happen when it’s meant to

Stop trying, but be proactive when you’re ovulating. If you haven’t already, get a period tracker. Be sure to take care of yourself and eat well, drink lots of water. If you’re stressed, your body will react to that. Don’t put any pressure on yourself.
You’re most fertile within the first two days of ovulation.

Practicing is half the FUN !