How to get pregnant?

Seeking advice about getting pregnant with second.

I’m curious if any mothers have had a hard time getting pregnant after their first child?

My husband and I have been trying for months and nothing. I have a period/ovulation tracker that gives me an estimated time for each one. We went by this with our first pregnancy and were successful. I’m not sure what the issue is. It’s making me second guess myself and my body.

Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you


Try not to focus so hard on getting pregnant and it’ll happen before you know it! :slight_smile: Goodluck! …I personally waited til my first child was in kindergarten before I had my second and we decided we wanted a third soon after…my last 2 kids are exactly a year and a week apart

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It took us two years to get pregnant again! Don’t give up momma!:heart::heart::heart:

Are you nursing the first or anything? That can impact it, I had a lot of issues getting pregnant with my 4th baby but I started using pregnitude and preseed and was pregnant the first month using them after having tried unsuccessfully for over a year so worth a try and relatively inexpensive. Good luck! Baby dust to you :heart:

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I didnt keep track of my ovulation or anything. We didnt use protection to prevent. We just went did our thing whenever, not trying and it took 5 years until we got our 2nd.

Yes me. I got pregnant with my son first month we tried had a fab pregnancy but had a section. I was told to wait 2 years to try for another and we did that because we lived in a small house x so we moved and started to try again but it wasn’t happening. After a year I went to the docs and they sent me for tests and my partner x he was fine but I found out I’ve pcos. My son is 5 this week and because we hav him and they say I’m not a typical looking person with pcos I won’t get much help x

My parents tried with me when my sister was 2. I didn’t come along till she was 5. I think you stress yourself out when you try and it prevents it from happening a lot of times.

Talk to your doctor. I always say my OB and I got pregnant together. He helped me every step of the way. Told me when to quit stressing, and also told me when things were not normal and what we could do differently.

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When I asked my OB about trying for our 2nd, she suggested to have sex every other day and drink lots of water. Apparently sperm need time to regenerate and your mucous membrane needs to stay hydrated so everything sticks. Don’t sweat it though; it’ll happen.

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Try if.intermittent fasting

You’re trying to hard stop thinking about it so much it will happen when it’s suppose to

We had been trying for 7 months for our second when it finally happened for us. With our first it happened the first month of trying. I had been in a stressful job and slipped into a depressive episode so when I took a mental leave it ended up happening. So just make sure you’re hydrated, exercising (even light exercise helps), and have as little stress as possible. All of which sounds a lot easier than it is obviously, but you’ve got this.

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You can try an ovulation test kit. I got one off Amazon that goes along with an app that reads your test result. It only tells you if you have a spike in the hormone that precedes ovulation, not if you actually ovulate. My spike was one day after my period/ovulation predictor app said I should ovulate. Last month was the first time I tried it and still didn’t get pregnant but I’m old. Many of the reviews said they got pregnant the first month.

It took a while for me to get pregnant because I was breastfeeding. I started using ovulation tests because the apps aren’t always accurate. They don’t know your body. We BD once when I got the positive ovulation, and I’m now 14 weeks pregnant :woman_shrugging:t2:

(I bought the cheap tests too! But there’s some on amazon that I was going to get if those didn’t work! I think they’re [email protected] brand or something like that)

Took us 9 months to get pregnant with baby #2. Miscarried at 7 weeks. Took 7 months to conceive again and we lost that pregnancy at 23 weeks. Two months after that we were surprise pregnant with our rainbow

Now my husband can’t look at me without knocking me up :joy:

Check a few days before the app says you are ovulating and then just check every day till you are peaked and bam baby time.

I wasn’t trying and got pregnant a year after my first. Lol. Once you stop trying is when it’ll happen. :joy:

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So it took me a while to figure out that I only ovulate for a short time, like a 12 hour window, maybe? So I relied on those little ovulation pee strips for months, daily, until I figured out the approximate # of days to ovulation (which was early for me and varied). But then I also had to check my cervical mucus. And when the stars finally aligned (made my husband drive to a different state, lol), after we were done, I stuck a towel between my legs, rolled on my side, and went to sleep for the night. Only time I didn’t pee after. Idk if that made a difference. It was probably bad for my urinary health. But I finally got pregnant. :woman_shrugging:
Good luck.

If you’ve had check ups regularly and your equipment is all in tact, then you’re trying too hard! The stress of having sex to procreate, instead of just relaxing and having spontaneous romantic moments of hot sex (!!!) Can ruin the process!

If you have health issues, that’s one thing. But if you’re healthy and no problems, then it will happen in its own time.

It’ll happen when least expected just forget about it n don’t stress pretty soon​:baby::baby:

There’s SO many things. A doctor won’t be too alarmed unless you’ve been trying for at least a year.

Make an appointment with an RE and they will run blood work, hsg test(see if tubes are blocked) and check your uterus and ovaries. Most insurances at least cover diagnosis. When you’ve had a child(like me) and struggled with infertility after. You quickly realize what works for others may not work for you, keeping calm won’t get you pregnant and it’s basically best to see the right type of doctor.

Good luck

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Not my second but my third. We tried for 4/5 ish years but i have pcos. Tried all kinds of stuff and nothing. .this yr i decided that im never gonna have another and i should be glad i already have two and boom got pregnant due january 2020. Sometimes the weight of trying stresses your body. Maybe just let ot hapoen in its own. Best of luck!

I wish it was like that for me sadly I had my daughter 2 years old ago. I had a miscarriage when she was 3 months old got pregnant in December/ January when she was almost 10 months old. Had her sister who is my rainbow baby when she was 16 months old. My now almost 1 year old is going to be a big sister as of 2020.

Did you take birth control after your first? Ive heard it’s harder to get pregnant after no longer taking it

Stop trying so hard and let it happen.

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Dont calculate just have sex

Stop thinking about it.
I got pregnant sooo fast with #3
Started trying March 8th was
Pregnant by March 20tg lol

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My second took 2 years or so to get pregnant with

Start taking prenatals!!

Just forget about it and have as much sex as possible lol.

Maybe you shouldn’t try so hard. My friend went through fertility treatments and they had given up on having a baby, but then they found out that they were having a boy. And after that, they got pregnant with a girl and they weren’t even trying that time.

Try vitamins from amazon they are for making everything move better and flow to where things are supposed to go

First sperm are the most potent so have sex early in the morning! But it’ll happen!