How to get pregnant?

I have been trying to have another kid with my boyfriend and have had no luck so far of almost a year trying any tips or tricks besides tracking your ovulation. I went to my gyno and was told everything was normal.


Have you tried preseed lube? Have his levels been checked? High anxiety and othe health issues can also play a part.

Ovulation tests aren’t always right. Have boyfriend tested and the best way to track ovulation is to take your temp first thing in the am before you get out of bed. You can Google for more specifics.

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TikTok has great advice. We struggled for 3 years. Finally went to fertility doctors but found out we were pregnant right after the appointment.

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Did he get checked too? Even tho everything is fine with you, might not be the case for him, my ex had low sperm count

We struggled for over a year and had every test done. We were almost to the point of starting fertility treatments. My friend started using the fertility powder through Premama and she was able to get pregnant fairly easily. I decided to give this a try. I started prenatals, the fertility powder, and tracking everything. After about a month I got pregnant with my first baby.

Stop thinking about it, and it will happen if it’s meant to be.


Many years ago I had trouble getting pregnant . My
Doctor told me to
Put a
Pillow under my butt to lift that part of my body up in the air some and not to run to the bathroom to clean myself up.
Give the
Sperm time to get into you and I’ll be darned if it didn’t work first time. And no
I wasn’t keeping track of my cycle . It was just my time.

If you’re under a lot of stress it can cause issues conceiving. It could also depend on forms of birth control you were on previously. It can make the gap between conceiving larger depending.

Boyfriend…God trying to tell you something…


Have sex every single day of the month

I used an ava bracelet because it took us years to have our first. You can find them used on ebay for way cheaper. It really helped us.

Have lots of sex like a few times a day lol a few days before and after your period

Having sex to much can lower , sperm count try every other or third day for awhile

YOU went to the doctor but did HE? I asked at one of my appointments about fertility testing and was told they usually check the man’s fertility first. If you’re fine, he needs to get checked.


I tried to get pregnant with my 3rd for 5 years and nothing was happening and I know this sounds crazy but as soon as me and my husband gave up and quit thinking about the possibility of getting pregnant all the sudden a few months later I missed a period still didn’t think I was pregnant until a coworker told me I probably needed to take a pregnancy test because I was getting sick a lot I took the test and found out I was indeed pregnant sometimes the stress you put on yourself mentally by wanting to get pregnant gets in the way

Get married first then baby will come!


Same boat! Talking to my midwife today :crossed_fingers:t3:

Maybe check that your boyfriend didn’t get a vasectomy after having the first kid