How to get pregnant?

my fiancee and I have been trying to conceive since December. no luck… so February I’ve missed my period was supposed to start February 26th but never, so I took a test the 27th and negative, I didn’t think much of it, I’ll test again in a weeks time, took another one today and its negative I am now 7 days late… I would like to add I have never been late before , if anything I’ve been early.

my fiancee said its probably stress, but I’ve never had this problem I am really worried. without a period I can not ovulate… I want to start trying asap again… I also would like to add I haven’t recently came back from a trip we went on a cruise, and I have gotten off my depression pills, because we decided it wouldn’t be healthy to try to have a baby on those medications, ivr been taking the proper vitamins maternal and folic acid, have not been drinking or smoking really trying to he healthy… I am 28 years old my fiancee is 29 I have a 9 year old girl. I know the age gab is big but we are only now decided on another we ate financially and emotionally ready. I am so scared that if I dont start my period I will never be able to have one :disappointed: sorry for rambling on any advice or personal experiences will be much help :blush:


Sometimes when you try to have a baby it can throw your body off cause you stress yourself out wanting it so bad


I was 6 days late before we got a faint positive because I ovulated late. Hopfully that is what happened to you :crossed_fingers:when I went for my first OB appointment I was 6 weeks pregnant instead of 8

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Might want go doc get blood test. Tell them your late and every test you took is negative. If you have alot stress it will throw ur cycle off alot

I had no period for YEARS and got pregnant. You can throw everything out of whack with those big lifestyle changes especially just cold turkey quitting and SSRI med.

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Go get blood work done.

Go to your Dr have them get a blood test dome some women don’t get positive urine tests even at 5 months Ik 2 women that happened to :slight_smile: go to the Dr:) n keep us updated good luck! Baby dust

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I can’t help. I only ever got pregnant when I said I dont need another baby


I had to be off all my meds for two months minimum and track to the exact time I ovulated before I could get pregnant

It was too soon to check it that’s why…

You’re still young, relax. You’re not going to get pregnant trying to stress and force it. Just do the do as often as you can and let nature take its chances

My sister did something similar and found out she was actually 17 weeks pregnant and didn’t know. So its still possible. Speak with your doctor about your concerns and try not to stress it too much in the mean time because stress alone can put a cycle off. Good luck! Btw- having a 9 yr plus age gap isn’t as bad as one would think. She will love being a big sister and actually being able to help. :slight_smile:

You may have just ovulated later than usual. I still had a negative result 8 days after my missed period. I retested at 12 days and got a big fat positive! Best of luck!

9 yrs and 2 weeks apart wouldn’t change it if I could they are so close and she loves her bubba


I have an 18,16,8 and 2 year old and the older ones are very protective and even play with my younger ones. Don’t worry about the age! :slight_smile: And don’t try stressing yourself out by wanting to have another just let go and have fun cuz the more you want the more you end up stressing.

First off get back on ur depression meds they safe to be on when pregnant. Secound stop trying and just have sex for fun. Third if u want to track then use an app to track ur periods and ovulation


Just FYI, I have been on depression pills for ten years I conceived just fine and took them throughout my whole pregnancy and had a healthy baby :slight_smile:


Stopping the pills could cause this , go to a doctor 💁

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I went almost 4 years with no period and got pregnant with my first in 2011.

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also with my first pregnancy and my second none of my tests came back positive until I was 12 and a half weeks pregnant. everyone’s pregnancy hormone is different some are stronger than others and show up earlier somewhere not so strong and show up later is what my doctor told me.

You could have blood work done. But I would wait a couple weeks. FYI antidepressants can mess with your cycle.

Both mine happened when I stopped trying. I have a similiar age gap between my step daughter and my youngest. My step daughter is 10 my daughter 5 and my son just had his first birthday Feb 18. My 5 yr old was conceived literally a week after we stopped trying we Just said oh it’s not going to happen and as soon as we accepted that bam I got pregnant. My son I was on birth control pill and I missed a period now I have always been regular and I was like wait no and I’m on birth control and took it as directed (i am now the 4th documented woman to get pregnant on that particular pill which has since been discontinued) we again thought about another child but decided I would wait another year in the pill before trying but apperantly that did not happen and due to faulty pills (which is why it was discontinued) i found myself pregnant with my son. Again another planned baby but came at an unplanned time. But we we’re excited non the less. But I did have several negative tests with him and I went in telling them I know I am pregnant I just know it. Did a pregnancy test there twice in 30 minutes because they thought it was a false positive (first time I got a positive as the home tests were negative) the nurse came in shocked ordered an ultrasound and I was 7 weeks pregnant at that point. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get your Happy miracle as I did with my children. I also have pcos and endo so me getting pregnant was hard to begin with which is why I have large age gaps. I had to have surgery after i had my son and had an ovary and my tubes removed due to my pcos I will soon have to remove th remaining ovary and possibly a full hysterectomy due to pain from both issues.