How to get pregnant?

what are the best ways to get pregnant ? My first was unexpected and happened so easily and now that were planning it I feel like it’s not happening. I have a guyno apt on Monday and my periods are normal so what are some things that worked for other people when trying to conceive ?


Sex worked pretty good.


Don’t really think of it as we’re doing this because we want a baby, just do it and it will happen. :+1:t2: fingers crossed for you that it happens soon though.

Planning it makes it harder honey.

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Stop trying and just have fun. After ur man cums in u lay flat on ur back and raise ur legs in the air for 5 mins. It helps the sperm to travel. Don’t pee afterwards for obvious reasons

If you plan for it, it won’t happen. If you just go with the flow and let it happen it’ll happen.


After sex, put your feet and hips up lol

I got pregnant twice when we stopped trying. I was more relaxed than when we are trying.

Right after sex put in a diva cup.
I heard it’s worth a try.

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Keep track of your periods and your discharge I personally had to take clomid (clomiphene) to have my current rainbow baby I’m pregnant with

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Give up the planning and trying. The minute I stopped “trying” I got pregnant

I never actively tried,but I’d recommend prenatals and a period tracking app.

Just be opened to receiving and let it happen.

Track your cycle. I personally use maya. Start a couple days before you start ovulating and get on it.

Have sex on the 14th day after you start your period

my doctor told me orgasm at the same time or right after my husband…

Prenatals! Take themevery day.

I was using progesterone cream for my periods when I got pregnant. Didn’t realize it helps women get and stay pregnant. Lol. That was a surprise.

Treat your body like you’re already pregnant. Quit drinking, take prenatal vitamins, and eat healthy.

You need to track your cycle and find out when you ovulate using ovulation kits and tracking symptoms

Just relax and tell your self if it happens then was meant to, if not then you know, it was a one time deal…lol relax don’t try.

Sex 31 days a month lol


Muccinex! When you ovulate

lots and lots of sex lol

Quit trying and just let it happen

Don’t stress about it just have fun and if it’s meant to be it will happen. Just go with the flow and I’m sure you will get your little bundle :slight_smile:

Have sex every day or every other day the week you are supposed to be ovulating (use ovulation tests, ovulation calculator from the internet, there probably are some apps to help track ovulation). Also, be on the bottom for finishing and put your legs up when done (rest them on the wall for a bit while laying on your back). Look up if there are any foods to help. Start prenatal vitamins now. Good luck!

Keto or low carb diet

Start tracking your cervical mucous. It sounds gross but it’s really easy. Look up Creighton Model Fertility System. My ob/fertility specialist goes by this and it got me pregnant (with meds too) after 4 years of trying with PCOS.

Period tracker. Its shows the peak ovulation days. That’s how I got pregnant

I put my feet, on a wall, straight up… So i could tilt my hips up, too. It sounds dumb, but nine months later, i had my daughter 🤷

I’m not big on selling stuff but I tried the ttc kits that I had found online it’s different vitamins that help you conceive they give u 2 bottles (month 1 and month 2) pregnancy tests and ovulation tests I took it for not even a week and got pregnant after trying for 3 years not saying it works for everyone but it worked for me now I’m 14 weeks and the baby is healthy as can be

Don’t stress an stop trying just have fun with it I found that the more I tried I never saw results when I stopped worrying about it and just relaxed and had fun I got pregnant right away