How to get rid of a pacifier?

Best way to get rid of paci?! My son will be 2 in a couple weeks. We have tried cutting the end off and having him throw away — exhausted most options

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I just let him use it til one day he lost it and didn’t throw a big fit. It’s not a big issue he won’t use it forever. Maybe just try giving to him for bedtime and trading in the morning for an m&m or something. That’d be a start

I waited till 3 and told my son the nuk fairy has to come on your 3rd bday to take all the nuks to new babies. He accepted that and we were done.

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We mailed my son’s to someone new who needed it :wink::wink: (we mailed ALL of them)

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Slowly start getting rid of them

Out of sight out of mind

We took my daughter to Build a Bear and let her pick an animal to put it in. She slept with the cat she picked for a while and then moved on. Ask them to put it in a paw or the tummy though. We said we didn’t care and it ended up by the tail lol.

Get a puppy, say we have to put it up safe from the puppy.

Don’t use them in the first place ,my ge neration didn’t, it teaches them to expect instant comfort in life.

We finally just had to take my sons

Start by only giving it to him when he’s going to sleep(nap and bedtime)- do that for quite a while, then take it away at nap time- do that for a while, then take it away at night. I started that at age 2 and by 3, they were off completely.

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Swap for a super soft blankie?

I just made my son go cold turkey and threw them away in October… he cried and fusssd and look for it daily for about two weeks… he turned 2 in December and doesn’t even think of it. His teeth have also straightened out already . he was forming a space between top n bottom teeth from it, his dentist said it was best to get rid of it by 2.

I cut the tip a few weeks ago and she cried bc it was broken but threw it away and haven’t had one since

We used Santa we told my 2year old we had to give them to Santa so he would leave presents left them out Christmas Eve for Santa he never mentioned them again. You could use the Easter Bunny.

Cut a tiny hole in the rubber and slowly make them bigger.

Have child pass all the Nukes on to a new baby.

I made my son go cold turkey… his teeth have straightened out tremendously without it. First two weeks were rough but he’s now 4 months without it

My eldest 2 gave it up when their molars came in because of the pain, the third child refused it after the teet split so now I recommend cutting the teet and telling them there isn’t a replacement.

I just took it away from my daughter 2 months ago, she’ll be 2 in a couple weeks. And every time she’d find one I’d just tell her to throw it away. She knew where I kept them and I showed her the drawer was empty. After about 2-3 days she totally forgot about it. Nap time and bedtime was rough for about 2 weeks (first week was the worst) but I’m so happy we tough it out and didn’t give in :sweat_smile: I wanted to so bad.