How to get rid of acid reflux?

Suggestions for battling reflux in 5 week old? I’m cutting out any dairy and caffeine of any sort. Is there anything else that could be causing it?


Spicy foods? That caused horrible gas pains with my 2nd son. Now I have an almost 4 week old daughter and I’m being extra careful with my diet.

Well the kid shouldn’t be having that anyways…:joy::joy:, no but seriously your diet doesn’t effect the baby much

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Try talking to your doctor about enfamil ar it was a miracle formula for my daughter. She couldnt have my breast milk i had to switch to formula.

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Are you sure its reflux and not gut flora development? I am praying to the fb gods this isnt coming across snooty!

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My 32 weeker preemie had severe reflux, it was awful. Anytime we fed her formula she would choke and I mean turn red and stop breathing choke on her spit up. We ended up having to change her formula and the best advice I was given and it worked wonders, was to never lay them down flat, we propped her up in her bassinet (safely of course) I used her boppy pillow and kept her elevated. Always burp them after feedings too. If your child is formula fed it would fed that could be a problem. They put my little girl on some acid reflux medications that helped a lot too.

Acidic foods in general, spaghetti, salsa. Your dr can prescribe Zantac for the baby if it’s choking him or her. Be sure to burp them often! Like after every 1-2 oz. good luck!

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For those who say breast is best. FED IS BEST. And some babies actually need formula. My son was a premie and not only was he having horrible acid reflux but he was not gaining enough weight. And for his health he was put on a special lrematite formula and let me say it worked wonders right away. FED IS BEST. Moving forward. Watch our for Spicy foods.


My 5 month old has acid reflex. Always keep your baby propped up. My son is on Zantac and it has helped wonders, he would choke and stop breathing. As your baby gains weight the medicine will need to be increased. Also, try keeping your baby still and propped up o course for an hour after feeding. Good luck and I hope your baby gets better.

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tilt the crib if can as in what the mattress lays on i had to do that for my girls. i have acid reflux myself it sucks

My 32 weeker had to have his milk thickened…I won’t go into detail because I’ll get blasted and shamed on here…but burp frequently and have baby sit upright for 30 minutes after each feeding.


If breastfeeding could be you that’s causing it, so be careful for foods that do that, also rice cereal in a breastmilk or formula bottle. Sitting up to feed and a bit afterwards, burping in between. Rice cereal was recommended for my one month old who had bad GERD/heartburn and she’s now 5 months, it was like magic!

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My granddaughter’s doctor told us to switch her to concentrated(liquid) instead of the powder and do 9 ounces of water for every 13 ounce can of milk and she is doing wonderful

Suckling position, needs more burping. Talk to a la leche league worker. They are amazing

My son’s doctor put him on gentle formula with a teaspoon of rice per oz. It helped a ton now he doesn’t have his reflex but he won’t drink formula without it

Try taking your little one to the chiropractor

This is what worked for me. Eat as blandly as possible, consider formula (I pumped and stored but used formula because something in my body didn’t agree with her… eventually she was able to drink it) ask pediatrician about Zantac, wear your baby, keep you baby elevated after feedings and feed less amounts more frequently with lots of burping in between, use a crib wedge to keep baby elevated during naps, make sure clothing and diapers aren’t too tight.

They have acid reflux meds for infants. My soon uses it. Has since 8 weeks old, he’s almost 7 months now.

Prop the little one up when hes sleeping. Put some recieving blankets under the crib mattress. That will help as well. I was born with acid reflux. Was on a monitor for the first year of my life and slept in a carseat. I would stop breathing and projectile vomit all over the place. So propping him or her up might help some. Good luck

Make sure the baby sleeps on a slight incline and they do have meds for it

Is this the same as ‘colic’?