How to get rid of acne?

So I never had bad acne in highschool. Ever since I gave birth, my acne has been horrible and more permanent. It really never goes away. I saw a dermatologist but unfortunately he stopped taking my insurance soon after my first appointment.

My acne is all around my chin and my lower face. I am 32. Any recommendations for OTC acne medicine? I just want to be acne free :confused:


This works awesome. I wash before bed nightly. I have been using it for over 10 years and it clears up my teenage son overnight.

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Hormones are terrible after pregnancy. I was the same way. Took a few months of washing with gentle acne product 3 times a day. Witch hazel on the bad area. Lotion for acne, I loved Burt’s bee acne stick. And I limited makeup but I use bare minerals when I do.

Around the chin and lower face is acne caused by stress. Try bringing your stress down first and then treat the acne. I’ve heard proactiv works great, but idk personally. I’ve never had bad acne, only break out when I’m stressed…

I wash my face with baby wash since it’s gentle on my skin and doesn’t remove all the oil and cause my face to produce extra.


Hormones and thyroid ! Takes a while to level out after six months no change call and schedule with a Dermatolgist

Baking soda and lemon juice mix apply leave on till dry wash do every morning /night


Neutragena face wash, never use regular soap on your face.

Proactiv works great for me

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Just got this for my son and one application took almost all his acne away overnight. I got it at a local Ulta but am gonna look online and see if I get a better deal than $36

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I use baby soap on my face. Its the only thing that doesn’t irritate my skin since it doesn’t remove the natural oils in my face.

Proactive work great.

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Differin Gel used to be prescription…now OTC I know you can get it at Walmart. Not sure about where else

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They have just made differin gel available OTC. It is rx strength

I wash my face with this everyday and it keeps my skin super clear (i have really oily skin)
They also have a cream based wash if your skin is too dry naturally

I make my own face scrub that works really well to help calm acne

It sounds like a hormonal issue. I second using Differin (as long as you’re not breastfeeding). The only other thing that has really worked for my hormonal acne was birth control pills. Dr. Dray on YouTube has a lot of good info for acne.

Apply tea tree oil it will seriously clear it right up

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Rose Water as it’s most likely hormonal. Just use it as a cleanser. Also maybe consider it might be your diet. I know I eat really badly since I have had my little one. I have had bad acne since high school

I use rodan and fields unblemish line. It’s the only thing that’s worked for my acne and I’ve tried just about everything. It a little pricey but well worth it for my results.

Proactive works great I used it when I was in high school and had break out all the time cleared mine up in like 5 days a little expensive though

I never had acne but did while i was pregnant after my son came and my hormones calmed back down it went away

I have had horrible acne my whole life. 1-2 times a day I rub apple cider vinegar with the mother in it on my face, let it dry then rub coconut oil on my face. I’ve been acne free for a year. Sounds weird but it works. Was recommended to me by my physician

Proactive system
Differin Cleanser and Gel

This mask is amazing. I also made a toner out of apple cider vinegar, water and a few drops of tea tree oil. Hope this helps :slight_smile: all natural so perfect for pregnancy!

That’s hormonal acne…you’d be better off seeing a dr and asking for their recommendations for your particular skin…definitely dont use proactiv, clean and clear, or clearasil (im a licensed skin care specialist) those are formulated for teens and it will just dry you out and make it worse.

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Proactive really works and you can buy it at Wal-Mart.

I am the same mine is all but gone my son is 11 months old
Never have I had it before!!
A doctor told me you can have prescribed medications but only if your not breastfeeding

Swimming helped funny enough and I was told keep your face washed day and night
And hair clean

SLMD skincare

I use a kind of facewasg at walmart. It looks like proactive. Comes in a box with a face wash, toner, and moisturizer in similar bottles. I use just the face wash once a day and it works great. My face is too oily for the other two. But I still have acne. It’s not completely clear. It’s toned down over the years and kids though.

Hey! I work for Rodan+Fields skincare & we have some products that I think would help instead of going to the medicine route! Message me if you are still looking for suggestions. I would love to help!:heartpulse: