How to get rid of baby belly?

So I’m curious, does anyone else have the ugly “baby belly” even after your child is already a yr old ? My chunky girl was breastfed for 4 1/2 months & not even that helped when I was told by my gyno that it usually does :weary: I’ve become even more insecure & I swear I get fatter everydayyy ! Besides exercise & dieting, what else helped you mommas out with getting rid of the “gut” ? Please no rude comments & if anyone is offended by my post then I apologize


I do yoga, pilates and zumba and sometimes fiquere 8. The way I see my baby belly is I popped out 3 kids and look damn good. Everyone else can suck it. :joy::joy: took a long time to get that mind set and I still have some insecurities but it’s there and has gone down over the years with eating more healthy and excercises. Also walking during really nice days.
It also takes AT LEAST a year for a body to heal after delivery and everyone is different on how their bodies handle the stress.

Decreasing dairy intake really helped me!

Check for thyroid issues and I recommend a strict diet and exercise regimen it’s also about how many calories you take in while breast feeding does burn calories you have to intake less then you burn to lose weight just not by a drastic amount its quality not quantity

It will go babe, just keep up the tummy exercises

Have you tried to wear a waist trainer or that belly band thing? It works for me.

Get checked for diastasis recti. If you have it regular exercise can make the baby pouch worse. You have to do certain kinds of exercise sometimes physical therapy to fix it.

Yeah i breastfed my son for 18 months and still weighed the same as i did the night I delivered him. I know how you feel It’s really discouraging.

I have one of those bellies I swore I’d never have :joy: try to do sit ups to put your muscles back together again! It’s helped a lot but the extra skin isn’t going anywhere lol

My oldest is 7 (on the 26th) and my youngest is 4.5, I still have it :frowning: I can loose weight fairly easy, but my ‘pouch’ won’t budge! :sob:

My son is 5 years old. And my body has never been the same. I’m 6 sizes bigger and about 70lbs heavier. Gained it all with him. I’ve worked out I’ve ate healthy I’m been tested for thyroid issues and everything else. Most I drop is 20 lbs but it always comes back.

I still have baby belly due to pregnant but alot of my momma friends did the keto diet and it worked no working out the fasting keto is good to

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I still have it but thats cause i drink soda and how i eat lol but try a waist trainer or those spaghetti strap shirts that suck in your belly makes me feel good when I have one of those on LOL

I had lost at least 25 lbs and was breastfeeding. I was feeling proud of myself until I got on birth control. Guess who gained all that weight back fast​:sob::sob:

Welcome to mother hood

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Not much else you can do. Maybe a waist trainer. Watching what you eat and exercises with ab workouts should help

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I lost alot of weight when I breastfed my son, but as soon as I got my birth control I gained so much

I was good with my daughter.
My son . . Ha, he made me gain 100lbs. It’s awful.
I am so uncomfortable as well… I don’t have that “cottage cheese stomach” or anything like that. I’m just chunkier lol and I hate it !!

are you on birth control? a lot of them cause weight gain.

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my son is almost five and i hate my body

No such thing as an ugly baby belly. Its a badge of honor. It did amazing things.

Have your thyroid checkd

I had a baby belly before even having babies lol

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Not offended at all my baby is 44 yrs old and I’m was caring him around. But dont give up hope, I finally got rid of him 5 years ago. Mine was due to lack of commitment on my part. So stick with it, you can do it. :+1:

My son is 10 and i still have it.

4 pregnancies in 12 years. 3 c sections, 3 living children: 10, 8 and 4 1/2 and ugly mom pouch, belly here. Keto diet and its still not pretty. I think I have a lot of scar tissue in my lower abdomen. My husband says that my body gave us these beautiful children and not to worry about it

My eldest is 12, it’s my badge of honour - for being able to have bubs :heart::heart:

My youngest is 6 and I still have the ugly baby belly

I have 3 kids and still look pregnant. My oldest asks me if I’m pregnant all the time 🤦🤦

Pelvic floor exercise and a LOT of crunches helps, also walking where you can rather than taking transport. I mean it never truly goes away, but you can make yourself feel like you again :heart:

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