How to get rid of canker sores in kids?

My daughter is 6 she has recurrent canker sores in her mouth usually once or twice a month. We have tried mouthwash. Taking her to the dentist to see if they know why. She is small for her age she is petite but tall. She take Flintstone vitamins. She is a picky eater but try to fix her things she will eat. Could it be something I’m missing? Online says possible iron deficiency or other thijngs. Any other moms experiencing this? Just wanting answers for my little girl.


Has she lost a tooth yet ? Does she bite the inside of her lip or cheek ?

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Gargle with salt water …


Sometimes mouth sores can be a sign of Celiac’s or a gluten intolerance. I know someone who has struggled with them until they got rid of gluten.

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Have you sought medical advice?

is she a thumb sucker?

I get them very often ! They are triggered by a sickness I didn’t get them until after I got strep and now I get them a ton and they are so painful. I eat small amounts of ice and it seems to help like tiny pieces of tiny to suck on

apple cider might help balance ph

Allergy maybe? My kids get them when they eat cinnamon because they are allergic to it.

Does she eat a lot of citrus fruit or drink citrus juice?

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Canker sores typically start from trauma. Like a bite to the cheek or inside of the lip. Maybe she clenches her teeth when she sleeps and catches herself. Or maybe a tooth has grown in crooked and is rubbing wrong? I have a tooth that causes a canker every now and again.

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Canker sores are the same thing as a cold sore just inside the mouth … just saying if u didn’t know … I would talk to her pedatricaian my sisters oldest got cold sores alot and they put him on some medicine that helps keep them at bay


I had canker sores alot growing up, after I turned about 20 they started to slow down. Maybe it’s just something she’ll grow out of eventually.

Have her swish 3% hydrogen peroxide around

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So this may be a long shot, but my rheumatologist told me that sometimes reoccurring canker sores can be a sign of lupus… again it may be a long shot, but I would check into the canker sores a little further…


Make sure brushing is happening 2x/day, otherwise Kanka or saltwater are the quickest healers.

Stress. Drinking soda or eatting salty acidic foods.

I still get them when i don’t get enough protein in my diet…

Could also be somethin goin on with her immune system.

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WebMD says they can be caused by stress as well as spicy and/or acidic foods.

Does she eat potato chips? If so they can cause them. The sharp chips put a very small scrape in your mouth that turns into a sore.

My son gets them when he eats sauce or tomatoes.

Since I was a kid I get them if I’ve eaten a lot of greasy or fried food.

Ketchup triggers mine.

Try cutting out citrus for a while and see if it gets better.
That’s what used to cause mine

I used to get them a lot after I had some sort of trauma like if it accidentally bit the inside of my mouth. After looking at some info online I switched to a toothpaste that didn’t have sodium lauryl sulfate. After a few months of using a toothpaste that was sodium lauryl sulfate free anytime I would get a canker sore it would just be a little sore for a day and heal within a couple of days. A huge difference vs what it used to be. I would talk to your child’s dentist about possibly switching toothpastes to make sure a toothpaste without that ingredient won’t be an issue.


Usually a vitamin deficiency. Try a multivitamin!

Does she drink a lot of orange juice? Eat acidic food? Have reflux? That’s usually the most common causes.

My stepson used to get them quite frequently. His we’re from not rinsing the toothpaste out of his mouth efficiently. Oragel make a mouth wash specifically for mouth sores that helped heal his.

Take her to your doctors hun he can run some tests on her x good luck and I hope you get the answers your looking for x

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Does she possibly buy the inside of her cheek, like a nervous tick from possible anxiety? I did this as a child, still do to this day when under stress of any sort anything from a test to wondering if kids at school would like my shirt caused t as a child, as an adult it’s now more job interviews/how will I support my family type things. I always had sores in my mouth from it. I’ve even made blisters on my lips from biting them, made my fingers bleed from biting my nails.

I agree with others above: I suffered from these forever but cutting out tomatoes and switching to a toothpaste free of sodium laurel sulfate has completely stopped them. Good luck to her.

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Mix honey and garlic together. Put it onto the sore. Helped me.

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I can eat Heinz ketchup. But any other ketchup especially the cheaper stuff is horrible for me and my mouth is sore almost immediately.

Lemonade is also horrible.

And anything with a rough texture is an issue for me too.

Try to keep tract of her diet for a month or two and see if there is a common thing each time.

Good luck!!

I always was told it meant upset stomach

Her pediatric Dr can give you " magic mouthwash" for her, clears sores up overnight .

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I get them after I bite my lip/cheek, whatever. If I have a “wound” in my mouth it will turn into one every time.:frowning:

Crest toothpaste causes canker sores in my mouth.

Switch to an SLS free toothpaste.

Dentist can give you a steroid rinse to use.

I have had the same problem myself my entire life, and I am now 23 years old. I finally went to Urgent Care after having 6 at once in my mouth which prevented me from eating, drinking, and even talking cause the pain it caused me. Turns out I am part of the small percentage of people who carry an ulcers “disease/infection” it cant be cured but can be controlled. Taking Lysine helps but they also put me on a prescription to help get rid of the sores ASAP. I now rarely get one. I believe it’s been months since I last remember having one.

Hope this helps

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Barc of soda gargle and spit out…

Could be too much citrus. Orange juice, tomatoes, etc. Dab them will maalox or milk of magnesia.

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I always get them after I use mouthwash. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I got them a lot in my cheeks as a child from me sucking them in and biting them. If they are only in her cheeks that could be what she’s doing. I would also try a more sensitive toothbrush

I got canker sores as long as I can remember. My mom put alum (pickling agent) on them. They always went away quickly.

Get a soft toothbrush
And adult toothpaste

Anbesol liquid works to ease the pain

I used to get them all the time. They hurt like all get out. My son gets them a lot. I just gargled with salt water and used orajel if they got really bad. They make a paste type orajel product now for mouth sores. It works good and doesn’t burn nearly as bad as regular orajel gel. I haven’t had a canker sore in a couple decades, it seems. Maybe it’s something I grew out of. It took a long time but it happened.

Stress will make them recurrent, I read somewhere swishing peroxide. But our dr gave us a oral nystatin for my 4 year old. Mouth numbing products freak me out with my kiddos

I get sores from eating nuts I’m allergic

YOGURT my son was breaking out had 7 or 8 at one time and did 2 days of yogurt 3× a day they were completely gone in 2 days my pediatrician says it’s a possible lack of good bacteria in the gut (especially if the child has been on any antibiotics recently) he now gets atleast 2 yogurts a day and hasnt had them since

I normally use kanka on mine. It numbs it and seems to help it go away quicker.

Citris kicks mine. I love oranges, but…When I was a child our doctor recommended a mouth rise to heal my mouth. They were more like hives tho not cancer sores.

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I went to the emergency room when I was her age for having 14 in my mouth at once, it was horrible. We never found a specific reason why I get them but anything acidic kicks them off so I have to be very careful. If I did have something it had to be minimal, one tomato, one orange or small glass of orange juice ect (and never combine them on the same day) but I’ve had to deal with it all my life. Just really watch what she eats.

Mix 2 tablespoons peroxide with 4 tablespoons water use it as a mouthwash have her keep it in for 10 minutes daily…

Maybe too much salt in her diet?

If u brush her teeth when she gets rid of them get her a new tooth brush. Anything acidic makes them worse they have a. Antobotic mouth wash when I went. They had me use once to twice a day I can’t think of the name

Maybe coconut oil, it’s Anti bacterial. There are several things at health shops, different oils that might help. I get thrush a lot from having lupus, that helped me.


I was always told it means you have to poop…(constipated​:weary::poop:) does she go regularly?? Try adding some fiber to her diet.

My son had them really bad. His dentist said to eat green vegetables. He started eating them and never had any more trouble. That was 30 years ago.

Doctor can give her a pill for it is a virus. But get a new tooth brush after she use it place it is a glass of salty water in bathroom. Gaugle with warm salt water to raise her mouth out not to strong. Soft tooth brush. It is usually the herpes virus don’t freak out the the sexual one. It can come from eat food cooked by people who have a common from of herpes that don’t wash they hands good. Change her toothbrush often. There is also a vitamin you can not a multi vitamin. Starts with an L can’t remember it. My daughter had to take it. Also there is a tube of stuff at store for it A? about 19 or 29 bucks works great. Mouth wash has alcohol it burns and sometimes spends the virus so does peroxide. Eating to much acid. stress. acidity foods, but it is still a virus and once you get it in your body you got it. You sure it is not hoof and mouth that is a bacterial infection and is going around all the school.

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Peroxide or baking soda and water paste always help with the pain until they heal. I get them as well. Too much acidic food, mixed with the fact that when I get nervous I bite the inside of my cheeks sometimes. Canker sores aren’t caused by any type of virus, but they could be a sign of an autoimmune disorder. I would take her to a dr, just to be safe.

Try to get her to rinse with peroxide, it will bubble in her mouth but make her spit it out, my daughter had the same issue when she was 5, we did that a couple of times, and they went away and haven’t returned, hope this helps

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I’m a dental hygienist and canker sores can be caused by numerous things. Vitamin B12, iron, or zinc deficiencies, contact allergies with certain ingredients in toothpastes, acidic foods, etc. A lot is trial and error but maybe have her checked for nutritional deficiencies. I’m assuming they probably prescribed “magic mouthwash” for symptoms which can be helpful but won’t prevent the problem in the future.

I have had this my WHOLE life. And mine seems to be tied to acidic food. Especially citrus fruit. As long as I stay away from it I don’t get them. It seems if I even LOOK at a pineapple I’ll get painful canker sores. Maybe try cutting out acidic foods. And talk to the Dr about maybe a folic acid supplement. Thats supposed to help. Good luck!!

Ask the doc if she can take lysine.
My hubby has this problem, takes a pill once a day (all organic) and hasn’t had one in months!

Check for food allergies, mouth sores could be a allergic reaction to something.

L-lysine its a vitamin. It has zinc in it and it works!!

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In my experience, this was always immune system related. A diet change with immune boosting focus may do the trick. Definitely get a quality multivitamin in there.


One suggestion if you haven’t already tried yet that is is make sure she’s using a toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate because sodium lauryl sulfate triggers canker sores

There is a peroxide mouthwash I use I been getting canker sores since I was a child too check for vitamin deficiencies and give her some pain killers

My oldest 2 are teens now, but they dealt with some canker sores around age 8. I read than the tannic acid in tea is good for treating them, so any time they got one I would give them tea (sweet iced tea - we are in the South after all! :blush:) at every meal for a couple of days and encourage them to drink some in between meals. It really seemed to treat them!

I’m a Grandma with this problem for years until I tried L-Lysine. I take it whenever I feel a canker sore trying to start! And no more sodas (had to give up my Pepsi’s!!)
Same as Valerie Lynne wrote in her answer above!!
It works for me thank God!!