How to get rid of cold sores?

Needing advice about cold sores & pregnancy.

Curious as to what you mamas do for cold sores while pregnant. I only usually get them while pregnant. But if I do get them while I’m not pregnant, I take lysine right away, and it usually helps. I think this one is a little too far progressed for lysine to work, but I was wondering if any of you mamas took it while pregnant? I know on the bottle it says not too because there hasn’t been enough studies, but I can’t get in to see my doctor to get Valtrex until Monday :pensive:

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Dab perfume on it a couple times a day for a couple days. It drugs them up and gets rid of them

I use tea tree oil as soon as I feel the tingle. I apply it to the spot with a qtip, let it dry. Reapply twice a day and they usually don’t get bad

Dont take anything until u see your doctor.


I get them a lot now because I have a compromised immune system. I tried tea tree oil, CBD oil, over the counter stuff like lysine, abreva and other similar things, even got prescriptions. Nothing helped and took forever to heal. This last time I had one, I would put rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and hold it there for a minute or 2, up to 4/5x a day, it was gone in about a week. It hurts like a bitch at first, but it’s been the most effective for me.

Snip off the skin n put rubbing alcohol on it

Abreva is amazing! I had one 2 weeks ago. It was so huge and swollen it looked like someone punched me in the face. First day applying it and the swelling went down. Took 3 days for it to be gone.

My obstetrician cleared me to take lysine when I was pregnant. Topically, I pop the blister, clean it with Epsom salt in warm water, and then press a crystal of Epsom salt onto the sore. I find it best to do before bed. It forms a crust, when the crust comes off the next day when eating etc repeat again that night, it’s usually scabbed over by day 2 or 3 and healed within the week

CBS oil is MAGIC or hemp oil

Or go to the pharmacy and buy lip cream most are safe for pregnancy unfortunately you have to ride it out.