How to get rid of cold sores?

Im due to give birth in 6 weeks. I have been prone to getting cold sores my entire life. I typically get 1-2 a year. After reading so many horror stories Im scared to kiss my own baby😭 should you only not kiss them if you CURRENTLY have a cold sore or if you carry the virus at all???


I get cold sores and I always kissed my son but never did when I had a cold sore on my lip tho

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You can spread the virus even when you aren’t having an outbreak.


You’re not supposed to kiss them when you have an active cold sore, if you feel one coming, or about a week or so after its healed. You can take Lysene to prevent them if you feel one coming, or to heal them faster if you have one. :blush: I used to get them all the time and this is what Ive learnt from pediatrician and personal experience. :heart:


I get cold sores too, about 1 or 2 a year also. You can kiss your baby, just not while you have a sore. At least that’s what my dr told me.


My mom had carried the virus, just never kissed me with an outbreak and took lysine vitamins everyday to help prevent/heal outbreaks.


Not when you have the cold sore or feel one coming on. But basically Everyone is a carrier the risk of it being deadly and that harmful goes down the older they get. I think about 6 or so months old it’s not as high of a risk and around a year and a half it’s just like ours are now I’m not 100% positive on the ages but I know it’s easy to avoid giving to them from you

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Ask your doctor this question. Cold sores can kill a newborn. You can spread this virus even when you don’t have a sore.


I get them also and I always kissed my babies (my oldest is almost 8, youngest is almost 2 months). Just don’t ever kiss your baby with an active sore or for about a week or two after it heals to be safe! Try not to worry about it too much and just enjoy that new baby :heart:


This is a god sent. People say abreva and all that other junk work… this… this is amazing within two days of having just a tiny dot of it starting it goes away. Any time I start getting an itch on my top lip I start to put this on and it instantly goes away… I swear by this stuff… I havent had a full on outbreak since using this… but I too am scared of passing it on. I just dont kiss my girl if I think I’m close to having one… (i havent been close to having one since using this)


Should never kiss a baby on the mouth anyway.


I’m pregnant with #7, had cold sores all of my life and worried too. I avoid kissing whenever I have one. When I don’t have one I still just give kisses on cheeks, top of head, legs, feet… I avoid the lips. So far everyone’s been great.

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I use to get them all the time as well. Got a bad one a week after my daughter was born and was freaking out for the same reasons… I just didn’t kiss her until it was gone lol. All was fine😉


Not suppose to kiss the baby when the sore is active. CAn definitely confirm with doctor though


U can kiss them as long as u don’t have an active cold sore. I’ve read u spread them when they r open or oozing. However, I just didn’t take a chance when I got one and it wasn’t a bad one. I actually wore a band aid over my lip all day and at night so there was no way to spread it to my baby. I’d hate for her to get one. It’s such a curse.

I never get cold sores…had an extreme outbreak after my csection, ended up wearing a mask for a week straight because I’m OCD. Baby was good. But I didn’t put her near my face and nobody including myself and husband kissed her face until she was like 3 months old. Kiss above the hairline. If you happen to get a cold sore. Call your doctor for some medicine.

About 30 years ago my mother in law told me to use real vanilla extract on them. I have ever since. I use a new q tip everytime. Heals mine quickly. But no I didn’t kiss my babies until they were healed up.

My husband gets sites missed me & kids never get them.

I would talk to your doctor because there is some people giving wrong info on this post. I would trust a train professional over someone on the internet


When you have it, don’t! but after it’s gone its okay tho

Definitely would wait until he is older to be safe and not on the mouth. Just my opinion you do whatever is best for you hun

You carry the virus, it lays dormant in the basal cell ganglia and can be and will be passed on to your child whether you like it or not, every surface in your house is contaminated, since you live there, there is no way to get rid of every single germ, talking, sneezing, coughing, kissing… your husband, your animals, everything has been exposed to HSV1… not everyone breaks out, it’s up to your childs own immune system. So, before social media people didn’t freak about about this, neither should you.


I had a cold sore after my baby was born. She was a NICU baby born 7 weeks early. She is now a happy healthy 7 year old. Some stories I think are scare tactics for new parents!

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There are great documentaries on the spread of germs and a newborns immune system, as soon as it enters the earth germs get all over the infant and spread rapidly, there is no way to sterilize everything, so an infants immune system goes to work as soon as it takes it’s first breath, remember germ and dust are in the air, too. Infants have been being born for eons, and lived to tell about it, before vaccines, hospitals and the internet, you’ll be fine!

You do not have to have an open or active sore to spread HSV1… that is a misconception. Viral shedding is also present.


Ask your doctor, not fb.


My husband gets them and we just aired on the side of caution. If he felt a tingle or was getting sick, face mask. He got one when they were still in the NICU and they wouldn’t let him visit them for like 7 days. Had to gone for a few days.

Don’t kiss them when you have one and you’re good. I get them occasionally as well, you aren’t supposed to kiss ANYONE when you have one cause they can get it too. But if you don’t have one then you’re good, nothing bad will happen.

Never heard of this, cause i had a fever blisser and i still kiss my baby.

Valcyclovir is an oral pill and will not only heal breakouts in 1-3 days but taking it every day prevents them from happening. I used to get cold sores all the time and I rarely if ever have an outbreak now. Talk to your doctor about it

My husband gets them and he just makes sure theres no redness/spots/ any thing suspicious before kissing the kiddos

Dont kiss baby at all.

My hubby and I didnt have any cold sores and my son got 1 then 2 then 7 two of which were by his eye and if it had spread to inside his eye he could of been blind.
Not worth the risks dont kiss your baby or anyone for that matter

Please ask a medical professional and not Facebook. I’ve had them all my life off and on. Always kissed my baby girl on the lips, unless I had an active one or had just gotten over one. Shes never had one. But seriously ask a dr because no one here is licensed to tell you yes or no and google and Facebook are not reliable sources for medical questions.


Ask your dr. No one bere should give you advise. It is your BABY!!! It your baby’s life do NOT take chances!! ASK YOUR DR.:blush::rose::rose::rose:

I didnt really kiss my babes till after 6bmts old. I also didnt let anyone else kiss them

I’m the same way and my daughter is almost 7 weeks old and I’ve never kissed her on the mouth. Maybe when she’s a bit older. I kiss her on the far cheek or the head. Better to be safe than sorry.


As far as I know, not on the lips. I have never had one but my husband did just avoid lip kisses. If I remember right you get a tingly feeling if one is about to break out? Just don’t kiss baby on the lips to be safe.

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There is a good reason for this. Yes you can kiss your baby but just not on the mouth…unless you , want to give him a cold sore/herpes …same thing…if they are active. They live in our body, always & when we are stressed, they will come out. Unless someone who also has it & kisses you when they have active ones. It is a concern . So unless you have none, you can kiss your baby’s mouth. But don’t allow anyone to kiss the baby’s mouth. Cheeks & forehead is a good place. And this isn’t a scare tactic…these are real facts

I get them also. I have always kissed my daughter and nephew as long as I’m not having an outbreak. If I feel one coming on or have one, then I don’t

I wouldnt take felicia word for anything tbh. Ask a pediatrician, not the internet. Ask multiple pediatricians if you have to. Virus shedding is a complete myth. So is vaccine shedding. Trust doctors. They studied for years/decades. Dont trust people on the internet that Google WebMD crap that read like 4 articles and think they are a professional :joy:

Do not kiss your baby if you currently have one . Definitely talk to your dr

With my baby i just didnt kiss her when i had a cold sore and i never kiss her lips or eyes ever.

Just remember the virus can be active before signs come on. Consult with your Dr they will know best and I’m sure can give you something to take to prevent the sores from coming on. 1 and 4 people have HSV1 so you’re not alone, I’m sure many mothers have had to overcome this fear. I wish you best!

Don’t let anyone kiss your baby. And a newborn can’t fight the virus if they do catch it, I personally wouldn’t risk it.

It’s so sad that we have to be concerned about this with our own babies, as far as I’m concerned I think mamas and daddies can kiss their own babies with no worries at all (your birthing your baby out of you, if you’re prone to cold sores, chances are they might when they are older) obviously if you feel you’re getting a cold sore or have one, don’t kiss your baby, I would ask other ppl not to kiss your baby, even other family members, mouths are dirty and if they love your baby it won’t be a problem, at least for 6 months while they are building their immune systems :blush: but babies definitely need love and kisses from mummy and daddy!!