How to get rid of cradle cap?

My baby is 3 months old. He’s always getting cradle cap. I massage his scalp regularly with baby oil. What else can i do to help!?!


Coconut oil is the only thing that got rid of my son’s


How often are u bathing him

Coconut oil. It’ll eventually go away, just be patient.

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Put baby lotion on their head right after a bath. Helped with my daughter’s and I still do it. Gently brush/comb hair after doing lotion too.

Use lotion as soon as he gets out of the bath. Id straight up slather my daughters head with it. She only had cradle cap once!

My son had it bad too. I mixed head and shoulders with water (1/2 and 1/2), worked wonders.

I put olive oil on my sons but be careful not to get it anywhere else and brushed and combed it and it never came back!

I used a special shampoo and a little silicone brush. I gently brushed his scalp with the silicone brush with the shampoo in his bath. Then I put baby oil on his scalp and used a really soft blush to brush his hair. It was gone after maybe 3 times doing this.

Tea tree shampoo 1 time a week

(If you breastfeed) I bathe my girl in breast milk & her cradle cap & baby acne cleared up within hours and hasn’t been back since

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Olive oil. And leave it on overnight.

Use a soft baby brush and rub in circular motions to work the flakes off.

My daughter had cradle cap for months when she was born. No oils helped. The only thing that worked was moogoo cream. Cleared up straight away.

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Mine had it bad until I was sitting there realizing how easy it was to scratch away u can do when wet or dry but believe it or not a lice comb has done wonders… just comb hair opposite way of growth and wash and towel dry may have to do it again but it will disappear…


Wash with head and shoulders. You dont need much. Works like a charm

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I use baby oil and brush it off with a soft baby brush. If that doesnt work you can very carefully use dandruff shampoo.

Mineral oil works especially combing it after putting it on

When i wash her hair, i comb it with shampoo still in her hair and then take her wash cloth and scrub really good…lightly though. Her doctor told me coconut oil or hydrocortisone cream, that works too.

I got rx shampoo for from the doctor for my daughters

Those are the things I used.

I used coconut oil and a silicone brush when my son had it! It went away in like two days.

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Our pediatrician said wash their hair with a touch of dandruff shampoo. Works wonders.


My pediatrician told me to use Selsum Blue ( or any other dandruff shampoo)… just be careful because its not tear free. But it worked! Its the best thing I have ever used. We had bought tons of products… and nothing worked as good as this did.


My son always had cradle cap, our pediatrician told us to take a soft bristle toothbrush and while in the bath with baby shampoo in hair brush the affected area in circular motion lightly but thoroughly. Worked great! It was the only thing to help my sons go away. I did it every other day for a few weeks, every 3/4 days for a few weeks, then once a week till he was 5 months and after that never had an issue with it again.


The only thing that helped my babys was monat rejuvenique oil. We tried creams and washes from an allergist and nothing helped. I could tell a difference with the monat immediately! I was skeptical at first because it’s so expensive. But we just ran out and have had it for over a year. It also helped her hair grow.

I used a baby brush for my kids worked great

I got shampoo off Amazon called Children’s Flake Fighter and it worked well. I massaged her scalp with the baby brush while the shampoo was still in her hair. Plus side is it’s tear free!

My daughter had it bad and its almost gone (4 and half months) her doctor said before she goes to bed to coat her head in Vaseline or something similar and brush it out with a baby brush every morning when she wakes up. Also baths and baby shampoo help… My son had it too and my mom would give him a bath and comb his hair every day for a week to help with it. (I had no idea what it was but she daid she could fix it because i had it when i was little too)

Dr can prescribe something it help my grandson to get rid off of it fast

Pediatrician had me use just a dab of selsum blue with a bristle baby brush. Also had me use coconut oil. Then hydrocortisone cream but not the extra strength kind if it was turning red and ichy. All of it worked wonders on him. He’s 4 years old now but sometimes I do notice small patches come back.

I had to scrub my daughters head with a baby brush

Just use apple cider vinegar on a wash cloth. My little ones cleared up in 2 days!

When you bathe him lightly scrub his head with a soft baby hairbrush and baby shampoo. After his bath put a little aquafor on his scalp.

We used dandruff shampoo.

Baby Oil and a lice comb, works like a charm.

This stuffs great cleared my sons after one wash ! It took a few days to all be gone but I did only use once.

I used coconut oil for my youngest and the little girl I used to baby sit and it went away.

Breast milk works amazing and vasoline

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Coconut oil and a baby brush

There is special shampoo that pigtails and crew cuts sells that helped my son get rid of his cradle cap

Along with the baby oil use a baby hair brush or soft bristle tooth brush and scrub softly.

This stuff is amazing if you can find it anywhere.

I used baby shampoo amd a comb and the frida craddle cap brush.

When my daughter got cradle cap we would apply baby oil to her scalp, use her bath brush (not the comb, the brush) to really rub it in & let the baby oil sit in her hair for about 10 minutes before putting her in the bath. When we shampooed her hair I used the same brush (after rinsing it off) to really make sure we got the shampoo in there.

Leave it alone. It’ll go away on it’s own eventually

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I used oatmeal baby shampoo and it helped a lot.

Nit comb and baby oil!

I use coconut oil after every bath on my sons head. He hasnt had it in a few months now.

Sometimes just changing shampoo is enough…try using what you use or try little kid shampoo…

Put olive oil on it couple of hours before bathing him then comb his hair gently while washing it. Olive oil will make it completely soft so it will go easier while combing. Just make sure to put it hours before and not minutes please. Thats what my mom did with my son. And she said “ make sure to wash his head 1000000% from shampoo or it will keep coming back”

Mix some breastmilk into his shampoo

Aquaphor I covered my daughter head with it and then washed it and took a baby combed to it and combed out the cradle cap it did take about three washed for the aquaphor to get completely out of her hair but the cradle cap never came back

Coconut oil works wonders for it.

I just looked it up just leave it alone it will go by itself

There is a brush you can get for it.

At clicks u get a cream for craddle cap jojoba oil made by Johnsons and johnsons work very well for my daughter i rubbed it on and waited a few mins then took comb and combed through the hair and it just came off!

Baby oil actually makes it worse. And older doctor told me to rub it briskly 3 times a day with rubbing alcohol and use your baby lotion like normal dont over due it. It worked. He said you have to get the crusty flaky stuff off. Do not rub too hard.

Use tea tree oil instead

No baby oil that makes it worse use coconut oil.

Stop washing his hair so much babys only need bath once every3 days their skinf drys out

I gave mine a bath to soak the scalp then used a baby hair brush to literally brush the cradle cap off. Then I’d put a soothing lavender oil to massage the scalp. Then I left it a couple of days and did it again until it was all gone. Worked for both of mine. Also put a hat on them during the day as the hat rubs it off.

I used the baby oil and a fine tooth comb. Worked on my 3 and my granddaughter!

I use baby lotion on my girls head. We’ve nit had cradle cap yet at 7.5 months old

Brush his hair when you bathe him

Overnight coconut oil soak. Just lather babies scalp in coconut oil and have them sleep with a hat on. Use a comb in the morning to get the flakey stuff up and wash the oil out. Once baby is washed use your regular baby lotion


I always scrubbed away the cradle cap with those soft bristle scrubbers and kept johnsons lotion on him. It helped after 3 days.

I used a dash of head and shoulders

I used baby oil and combed it out a little bit. FTM lol

It’ll go away on its own, just leave it be, it’s not pleasing to look at but it doesn’t hurt him


Yeah, a fine tooth comb is what I used on mine…& baby oil, you don’t have to spend money on all the other stuff…

My dr. said to use dawn on scalp n nothing else, cleared it in 1 week

They using a soft toothbrush to brush his hair. My son had cradle cap when he was in the NICU and that’s what the nurses had me do.

Aquaphor cured it for mine

Head and shoulders shampoo

Coconut oil. Rub it in, take a baby comb and comb it out. Wash their hair to get the oil and flakes out. Don’t just leave it alone. It will not just go away… I do home child care, I’ve seen older babies and toddlers with large amounts of crust on their little scalps. :pensive: It may not hurt, but it looks awful.


I used coconut oil and a baby toothbrush. Worked wonders

Don’t put alot of stuff on it clean hair and scalp daily pat dry use small baby brush and soap to comb off

We used head and shoulders! And used that baby brush with shampoo on her hair. It cleared up 2 days later! I never thought It would work… but it did!

Be sure the baby is not allergic to whatever you are putting on their head.

Baby oil can sometimes make it worse. Unless its irritating him, Just leave it alone, it’ll dry up on fall off on its own.

Witch hazel works also.

hmmm, cradle cap might be allergy reaction to the baby oil. Drop the oil.

I use a small body scrungee a rub gently on their heads .Scrungees are soft and it does work.Used them on 4 of our babies.

Stop using baby oil.:blush: