How to get rid of cradle cap?

What’s some things to do for cradle cap?


Baby oil and brush with soft brush


Coconut oil soft brush

Get a baby brush and brush through after baths or with oil.

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Baby oil soft toothbrush

My pediatrician recommended baby oil and the soft bristle brush they sell in the baby section. I would rub the oil on her head and then gently brush it. It worked for us :blush:

I used olive oil and a soft baby brush :slightly_smiling_face: just massaged it on my son’s head and brushed out the flakes, and then washed out the oil. I didn’t really like using baby oil for anything with him … I tried to be as natural as possible, he had and still has sensitive skin

Coconut oil and a soft brush

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Aquafor and baby brush

I was told goats milk soap

They sell a shampoo for it! My son struggled so bad, I found the shampoo and started using it right away and he hasn’t had it back since

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Baby oil on it and brush through it everyday

We used baby oil after a bath and combed it out

Baby oil and a baby comb… the oil softens it the baby comb lifts the dry skin… it’s a long process but, it has worked for me. A bath afterwards helps get all the loose skin out of the hair

Baby oil cream and a soft brush

I used a baby brush in the bath,put baby’s shampoo in and before rinsing take the baby brush or soft toothbrush and move it in soft circular motion but firm enough that it’s getting some of the dry skin off doesnt take much pressure at all barely touching does it. Then ring like normal and repeat only in problem areas If needed.

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I used olive oil once but this shampoo was a lifesaver.


Brush it during bath time.

I used a soft brush with baby oil

My doctor told me that cradle cap is the opposite of dandruff- it’s from the scalp having too must oil. So, you shouldn’t put more oils on it. But, my daughter had it until she was over a year old, so I don’t know :woman_shrugging:

Baby oil, then shampoo. Then cortisone everyday till gone. Dr told me to do this and it worked.

Scrub the baby’s head every bath time.

Get u a cradle cap brush walmart sells them online got one for my son when he was born he had cradle cap for a while we put baby shampoo in his hair n massage his scalp with the brush gently then rinsed his hair n did it again after his hair dried we took the brush thru his hair for few after a bit othe cradle cap cleared up

Coco oil and brush during or right after bath

Coconut oil works well. Don’t pick at it. But massage coconut oil in it at anytime and use a soft baby brush.

Rub baby’s scalp with coconut oil 10 minutes before bath then use this brush after bath

Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb

I put baby oil on there head let soak for 20 to 30 minutes before bath, work it with soft brush or comb then wash hair works everytime

Coconut oil or tea tree oil

I bought the cream/shampoo and brush.

Use Vaseline or baby oil to soften . Then use a baby brush or scalp brush to start cleaning off build up careful not to brush too hard or long may have to do two or three times so as not to make sore scalp . Best thing is try to get a soft plastic scalp brush and not let this build up happened in first place but it is very easy to let happened

I second soaking in baby oil, using a soft toothbrush to pick off but I was extra and started using dandruff shampoo and never had a problem again

Aquaphor and a soft brush

I rub coconut oil on the scalp

Head and shoulders shampoo. Just be careful not to get in babys eyes. Yes, before the negative comments, it was suggested by a Dr.

cocanut oil, just apply it a few times a day it will make the flakes wipe off

Baby oil or Coconut oil rubbed into the scalp. Also take a baby brush with the soft bristles and just go back and forth over the dry area. Be careful not to make a sore spot though. I don’t think I’d use Tea tree oil on the baby’s scalp. It’s pretty pungent and the smell may bother baby’s eyes of sinus’s.

The docs had me put Nizoral on her head and let it dry. Gently wipe with warm wet cloth. It works amazingly fast! Great for psoriasis and heat rashes as well. Kinda pricy. WalMart and Walgreens carries it.

Coconut oil and Mustella makes a baby shampoo for it. I also used a comb after I put coconut oil on it

Fine tooth comb and baby oil!

Scrub head with soft baby hairbrush at every bath. Put aquafor on scalp.

Baby oil and soft brush