How to get rid of dandruff?

I have bad dandruff like really bad almost like baby cradle crap lol. I have tried everything to get it away medicated shampoo from doctor didn’t work, I have tried all differnt dandruff shampoos too . helppppp What is something I can do to get rid of this dandruff


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get rid of dandruff?

Wash in cold water, that will help!

Have you tried a hair and scalp detox? Google it, I just did and my had never felt healthier, but I have also not suffered from a dry scalp, worth a try tho?

I’ve heard apple cider vinegar what helps me is combing it out.

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My boyfriend has the same problem. I saw something about using apple cider vinegar and water (even amounts) we haven’t tried it yet but it was the number one thing for home remedies

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I get mad dandruff in the spring and a lot of it is pollen. I get my kid to comb my scalp through then was my hair with coconut shampoo. Mine isn’t all year though and has a lot to do with allergies I found out. Hugs. I was also told to use coconut oil on my baby jeans when she got cradle cap.

Low carb diet and probiotic helped me the most.
And I use a Harry’s shampoo 2x a week.
Best my head has felt in years.

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Have you seen a dermatologist? It could be psoriasis.

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It could be an allergy or food intolerance.

Sounds more like psoriasis…
Check out P&S shampoo…it’s expensive but it works.

Ocean swimming always helped me and it helps my sons eczema too.

Are you sure it’s dandruff? I have psoriasis on my scalp and it get horrible… I was on humira and it cleared it up!

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I so following. Me and all my boys struggle with this. My youngest son was diagnosed with eczema.

try baby oil on head and comb the oil out of hair.

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A stiff shampoo brush.

Tea tree shampoo works good!

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Tea tree oil added to your shampoo and take apple cider vinager shots.

Tea tree oil in your shampoo.


Rub coconut oil on scalp…really rub it in there over dry patches esp ! Leave for 20mins to half hr then doub wash. Continue before each shower for a bit until its gone :hugs:


I had bad dandruff after I had my kids. I would take Vitamin E gel tabs, poke a hole in them with a needle, squeeze out the oil and massage into my scalp, kept in for about an hour, comb my scalp with ( sounds crazy ) small metal dog comb and then wash while also combing with baby shampoo. I did that once a week and did the same in between with dehydrogenated coconut oil ( it’s in liquid form)

Try a deep conditioning treatment. Being older my skin is very dry and so was my scalp. Deep conditioning my hair 1 a month and leave on type conditioner fixed my scaly scalp.

I know it’s been said but it bears saying again… tea tree oil in your shampoo. 

Mine ended up being a fungus instead of dandruff and I had to get shampoo for that. Gross I know. But nothing works but that!

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Don’t wash you hair every day. Try like 2-3x a week max. You may be drying out your scalp. If you’re already doing this try getting a scalp treatment from Sally’s. It’s an oil that you massage into your scalp. 

Sounds like you have psoriasis of the scalp… I have it also my Dr prescribed me ketoconazole shampoo and clobetasol topical solution they work really well I also use Monat Black shampoo I use the ketoconazole & Monat in every shower that combo seems to work really well it keeps my psoriasis to a minimal most of the time, during flare ups I apply the clobetasol (it’s really watery) over night then shampoo in the morning with the 2 shampoos… Also keep conditioners off of your scalp.

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Take a lice comb a comb out what you can with dry then damp hair.

Then do a deep conditioning treatment

Comb hair again

Then I used an all natural shampoo bar and haven’t went back to regular shampoo in 3 years

Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo

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I use this and love the results.

I mean we use Mustella for our baby lmfao maybe try it? Idk

Use mayo as a hair mask

You might want to try using the gold Listerine mouthwash when you shampoo your hair. It might help.

Tgel shampoo… smells horrible but works incredibly

Try head and shoulders. If it’s psoriasis then Kendoderm shampoo

Dont use hot water when you wash, it’s drying. Try coconut oil on the scalp at night. You can mix with tea tree.

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You probably need a prescription medication from your doctor. It can be seborrheic dermatitis.

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Your not producing enough oil from the sounds of it… use shampoo with oil in it…

Doesn’t sound like dandruff. Sounds more like: SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS.
You need to see a dermatologist. But go to your own dr first to get a referral.


Does your shampoo have sulfa in it?

Don’t over wash

Put baby oil on your head
A light layer rubbing it into those spots
And lightly scrape off with a comb

Allow to sit for the day and wash in the morning

Continue to lightly use baby oil until it subsides

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Tea tree oil and goat milk soap

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Whole Foods tea tree shampoo

Tea tree oil mixed w a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil…or get a real tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner.

You may be over washing your hair and causing dry scalp. Cut back slowly

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A cup of vinegar while you’re renting the shampoo out of your hair changes the alkaline balance to get rid of dandruff and flaking

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Ignore all these comments, it is an internal problem, get nature’s bounty vitamins hair skin and nails. Eat more nuts.


Have you tried using a boar hair bristle brush? Heard they were good for helping with that.

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Listerine mouth wash


Coconut oil comes right off my youngest still gets cradle cap quite badly time to time used this about two months back an still clear as of yet x

Tea tree oil, a few drops in a bottle of shampoo should work. Or a tea tree shampoo and conditioner

My son and father get that way there is a shampoo that the doctor can prescribe

I sometimes get psoriasis on my scalp, which took a few doctors to diagnose it. None of the usual dandruff stuff worked for it and even treated for cradle cap at one point but once it was properly diagnosed, it was treated properly and doesn’t hardly bother me now. Could be worth mentioning to the doctor if nothing else is working.


This stuff works really well and you can get it at Dollar General for less than $5.

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Selsun blue from Walmart…smells like Vicks lol but I also use suave professionals 2n1. Is scent and dye free. My son has huge issue the cradle cap at almost 9 yrs old (yes Dr says its a cradle cap, eczema combo). And I use it daily til his head is clear and then once a week after that. He’s worse in the summer. An no air spray, gels or anything cause it makes worse and ponytails make it worse (he has longer hair)

Monat Rejuvenique oil. No, I don’t sell it… but I use it and it works

This stuff works amazing

Hayley Lynette read the comments

My daughter has horrible dandruff … We use Dawn dish soap a couple times a month and it works wonders

What have you been using most stuff over the counter has so much wax in it it just coats over it and then if you use stuff for dandruff and you don’t have dander if you had dry scalp or some other kind of condition it’s not going to work properly either most of the over-the-counter anti-dandruff don’t work teacher shampoo is great to help might need to do more vigorous brushing on it but definitely even get your hormones checked and have it looked at by the dermatologist and then use oil and slowly start to see what you can get off you could actually have psoriasis or eczema

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I bought a shampoo with coconut milk… I barely see flakes and my hair feels healthier

I have psoriasis of the scalp nothing works for me but…head & shoulders clinical strength dandruff defense. …conditioner tea tree & lavender Hair food brand from wal marts. No use of blow dryer no flat iron. Absolutely no heat to the hair works like a charm

Nizoral available on Amazon works really great. My son had it so bad and this is the only thing that works for him.

Use head and shoulders and scrub it into your scalp and let sit for 5-10 mins daily and it’ll help after a few days. If that does not help see a dr and ask for a dermatologist referral

Tree tea oil work amazing

I use a shampoo
That contains aloe Vera, coconut water and coconut oil
Works really well

Go see a dermatologist, they will know how to help

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have you tryed J and J baby shampoo?

T-Gel.from.the dollar store, it’s. A.tar based shampoo,but it works wonderfully. Highly recommend as a stylist, who uses it myself, atleast 2-3x a week till it.atsrts to.fade and then go down to 1x a week and then use when needed. Wash with regular shampoo and conditioner after

Tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar rinses. It stinks but it works. I use to do it for my mom when she would get flair ups. Just don’t get either near your eyes.

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I used pine tar soap all gone

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Do you leave your hair wet for long periods of time? That could be causing it. No shampoo will fix it if you don’t find out the cause.

It may not be dandruff. If it’s cradle cap dandruff shampoo is not going to work. Dandruff is sebum build up. It’s yellow in color & very greasy. So if it’s just dry scalp all you will do is make it worse by using dandruff shampoo since it’s designed to get rid of the extra sebum. If it’s cradle cap I recommend getting some baby oil gel leave it on over night & in the morning take a fine tooth comb through your hair. This is caused from lack of exfoliation. You’re not scrubbing hard enough when you wash your hair. If it’s dry scalp I recommend a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner or tea tree shampoo & conditioner

Do a hot oil treatment ever few weeks or a mayo mask for a few hours

Apple cider vinegar rinse.

Treat your scalp with apple cider vinegar…

Monat Reguvenique Oil

Use one of these!! My daughter has had something similar since she was a baby (now she’s 14) and this has helped!

May be an allergy to something

Polmolive dish soap…shampoo your hair with polmolive dish soap…works great to get rid of dandruff

Have you tried selsum blue?