How to get rid of dark eye circles under eye?

Alright ladies. Never thought I’d grow big enough balls to do this. This isn’t exactly mom related but a common thing. Most women’s annoyance… Dark circles! Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had such a hard time sleeping at night because my body and brain just doesn’t know when to stop. So on top of all that, I also inherited the circles of death from my momma and her side of the family. Yay me! Double whammy! The older I’m getting, the more I seem to get a little more self conscious about them. My question(s) for you ladies is, what do y’all use/do to help lessen the appearance of dark circles? Make-up is a nope because rarely do I ever touch the stuff because honestly, the rest of my face is a whole other frustration. What a woman I am, right? :joy_cat: Any advice/tips would be amazeballs :smile_cat: Thank you so much ladies!

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It’s all about what you eat

I’ve suffered for years due to my mum and grandma having them. The only thing that works for me is a good concealer and eye brightening stick. I’ve literally tried everything and my diet is good. Vitamin D helps too

Try an iron supplement. Otherwise, a lil tube of retinol cream will work wonders

There’s lots of things you can try! Sleep lots, sleep with your head elevated, always use sunscreen, cold compress on your eyes every morning, you can use an eye cream that contains caffeine, vitamin E, vitamin K,aloe, hyaluronic acid, and/or retinol, use cucumbers on your eyes for 10 mins twice a day, put vitamin e and almond oil on the circles before bed and wash off in the morning, soak a caffeinated tea bag in boiling water (let cool) and place over eyes for 5 mins and then rise with cool water. You could also get a lighting cream from your doctor/dermatologist.