How to get rid of fleas?

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Seeking recommendations to rid of fleas.

I recently took in a few cats until we can find forever homes for them and we took care of their flea problem. None of us ever got bit. Now that the cats are gone, we’re getting bit by fleas and they keep jumping on the kids. Sometimes going into my youngest hair. Are there any home remedies for killing fleas or keeping them from biting us? Trying not to spend an arm and a leg on the Orkin guy.


Bomb your house, than disinfect it heavily. Tons of lysol.


At night take a tea candle and some dish soap in a small plate place it on the ground to get rid of adult fleas… Tomorrow bomb the house to get rid of the eggs

Bomb the house. Vaccum several times a day and they do have powder to put on carpets and furniture which you’ll have to vaccum too everyday. Dump the bag/filter outside curb. Bomb the yard too. Wash your kids toys too. Once wash keep them in bags that fleas cant get in. Keep washing beddings too.

If you have carpet make sure you feel clean that carpet with a special solution they sell at pet stores! Hope this helps!

Bomb house two weekends in a row

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I used to live up the road from a woman who had A LOT of cats, I asked her one time how she never had flees at her house ( bc she never did and her house was always so clean even though she had so many cats) she told me that she sprinkled salt in her carpets every night then vacuumed up in the mornings. Idk if she was yanking my chain or what, but there really never was flees at her house so maybe it works.


Dawn dishwashing soap

Yes definitely use fine granular salt. Fleas need moisture to survive. Don’t spare the salt, vacuuming up after overnight will rid your carpet of fleas, don’t forget to do the furniture at the same time.

Get flea bombs and set them off might take a couple of times but it usually works and vacuum really good before and after

If you have carpet sprinkle with borax and vacuum the next day. If you have floors put it around perimeter of room and leave for a few days before vacuuming it up


Flea bombs . Vacuum, put dawn dish soap on a plate and put in under a nightlight on the floor before bed. Make sure any other pets or kids can’t get ahold of it

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Get the home bomb and disinfect allover

Bomb.ever room will get rid of them. And any thing you might have.spiders any bugs.


Bombs are the best and quickest. Borax works but it can take 5 months for all of the eggs to hatch, go through their life cycle then die. It’s a process for sure.

Ugh cats are the worst for this.

Pour salt on the floor leave couple dsys the vacumn

Diatimacious earth will do the trick. Organic.

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Put a flea collar in your vacuum.

You can spread diatomaceous earth on carpets and bedding then vacuum everything. I mean everything. If you have other pets, treat them with meds. I did a flea bomb on the dog and cat using cap star and vacuumed the whole house. Anything they could burrow into. Eggs can stay for 6 months without hatching. So vacuums are a key here. Empty the bags outside. The DE will clog filters in vacuums too. Just a warning.

Vacuum really good, then use plain table salt on everything. Lots of it! Leave the salt down for a few days. Repeat every few days for about 3 weeks.

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Rugs, blankets, stuffed animals! Constantly wash and wash clothing and blankets on beds.
Try not to leave clothing lying around om the floor.
Vacuum. Every day. Or every other day at the minimum.
Stuff kids no longer play with, put in a bag and store away from all else. Fleas will die inside bag.
Dawn smothers the fleas.
Buying a flea bomb would not be a bad idea either

Get food grade diatamaceous earth. (It is all natural, it cuts the exoskeleton and kills fleas) Use in your carpets and upholstery. Let sit at least 24 hours and then vacuum. Repeat multiple times. Be sure all fur babies are treated regularly as well. Worst case get a flea bomb from a pet store.

It’s a horrible situation to be infested with fleas. Sprinkle salt-it dehydrates them vacuum like 3+ times a day including furniture. Flea larvae can survive for a very very long time. A flea can’t survive more them a couple of days without animal blood. But, in the meantime they lay lots of eggs. It’s so much work.

Best stuff around also get pie plate warm water dawn dish soap place desk lamp over it to heat it fleas will jump in and die

Orkin is crap whatever you do dont call them

Orkin guy in not spendy, they mean business!

Flea powder always worked for me

Put a bowl of water with dish soap any kind and put the bowl by a night lite and in the morning you will see the fleas

And believe me it works

Bomb your house. VACUUM like crazy. Empty the vacuum cleaner OUTSIDE in a bag, tie it, trash it. If you call an exterminator, they will likely recommend vacuuming every day for at least 7-10 after they treat.

Borax. Sprinkle in the carpet and leave overnight. Vacuum in the morning. Do again in a few days.

Call pest control, it’ll prob cost 100.00-150.00, BUT, it’s kid friendly, AND they come back at least one addl time, they use a spray, and I tell ya, it worked! Flea’s can lay dormant, ants heat or vibration triggers the nasty buggers! Good luck!

Baking soda in the carpet every night and vacuum in the morning

Go to Home Depot or a good hardware store, pick up enough bug bombs for every room in the house. Set them up then run around the house activating them. Come home 5 hours later, open all the windows & air out the house for an hour or so. Come back to the house, change all of your sheets, that will them. Do it again 4 to 6 week after to get the ones that were eggs at the first round.

Home defense spray was the only thing thats ever worked for me. Spray any carpeted area and let dry. We literally just got rid of a flea problem and that’s the only thing that worked.

Salt and vacuum. Keep Salt sprinkled on carpet for 24hrs. Grinding into the carpet. Vacuum and throw out the filter or stuff immediately and get it out of the house. Keep this up for as many weeks as needed. My experience was immediate relief from biting. Did this for a month.

Boràx and Baking Soda vacuum it around in your carpet plus put some in a dish set it around

Yes have your pest control man come spray your house and yard. It took ,2 times before I didn’t see any you have to do both in order to get them all. And they stay in the grass your carpet