How to get rid of head lice?

hey I’m looking for advice on how to get rid of lice on my 2 year old son with out harsh chemicals. He will be starting daycare soon and don’t want to send him with them. I thought we had got rid of them bet they are back. His hair is supper silky thin and the combs don’t seem to get much when we use them any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA


Pick them out knit by knit bug by bug. I baby oiled my daughters hair, wrapped her head in a plastic bag over night and then sat down and picked them all out. Thankfully she had a mild case. I washed all the bedding, bought new hair brushes, sprayed my couches dowb and got rid of stuffed animals


Hand pick them out check in the sunlight

Tea tree oil. Smother the hair with it cover it for about 30 mins then pick them out. Then put some tea tree oil in your regular used shampoo and itll keep them away

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Shave his head completely. It will grow back but it’s a for sure way


Apple cider vinegar. Soak the hair in it wrap it up for about 20 minutes rinse and Pick everyone of them oit

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Tea tree oil! Also use mayo in the hair let sit for 30 min. Then go threw all hair get bugs ans knits.
Add tea tree oil to shampoo as well they also have spray with tea tree oil


Mayo, vinager, after you get ride of them put yes tree oil behind his ears just a dab once a month. And make sure your washing everything clothe. Toys, bedding, curtains carpet anything. And if you can’t wash it bag it up for (1week) is what my mom did to be safe.

Mayonnaise will suffocate them


He’s a boy. Shave his head.


Mayonnaise in a head cap

Mayonnaise. Cover his head in it wrap it up and let him sleep on it. Wash it out in the morning and they’ll be dead!!

When my baby got i just shaved his hair off . No chemicals needed

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Coconut oil every night before bed for a week

We always add tea tree to out shampoo and conditioners. It helps preventing lice

African hair growth worked for my kids. And it smells good and makes hair grow

Gotta wash everything vaccum everything bleach floors, pick ever egg out gahh

Tea tree oil on a thin comb & add some to each shampoo bottle you use on him . Keeps them away after you get rid of them ! Swear by it

Mayo or vegetable oil… totally soaked it on his hair and scalp and cover w plastic cap…dont forget to wash and dry everything on high temp…n bag stuffed animals etc.for a few months…i haven’t had to deal with lice in about 20 years but that’s how I got rid of it on my young child

The best thing you can do for everyone and himself, just shave his head.

That’s what I plan on doing if my son ever gets lice :woman_shrugging:t2:

Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar

We just went through the same thing and we shaved his head …boys don’t care about hair…plus it’s summer and it’s hot

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Tea tree oil. They make leave in sprays with it now too

Always can shave it that its warm out. Make sure u put stuff animals u cant wash in trash bag. I think its 48 hours. Clean every room in the house. Wash and treat everyone hair.

That stuff works and theres enough for a few treatments for little bit of hair

Put cooking oil or mayonnaise in his hair ever inch drown it then comb it good then wash it out with Dawn dish soap ,I had same issues with my son I almost wanted to cut his hair bald but someone told me that trick and it really works

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Shave his head. It works​:100::100::100:everytime

You all (every person that lives in the house) to a lice picker.

And bag up the stuffed animals/bedding …they prolly hiding there too

Tea tree oil from doTERRA

Mayo all over the head and a shower cap overnight

Olive oil is what I used to use for my girls. They have long, thick hair and it killed the bugs as well as helped the eggs come out easier. It doesnt smell that great but we would leave it on for a while then comb through.

Baby oil gel in his hair over night for a few nights, or mayonnaise… remove every pillow, toy, and brush… and bag it or toss it in the dryer (pillows and stuffies)… vacuum everything…

Mayo and cooking oil kills them and makes it easier to brush out then the Dawn dish soap kills them and washes hair out good

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Soak his head in coconut oil or baby oil and leave over night. Buy a bottle of tea tree oil and put drops in everyones shampoo to prevent lice

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Coca-Cola!! And they.make a comb with a lil vacume for live now. Just comb his hair.

Apple vinegar a works but cumb and cumb the hair but I can tell you soon you going to need something more strong becouse I try to with natural methods but they only works for so long

Tea tree oil. On his shampoo

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Listerine and a shower cap. Leave it on for a minimum of 2 hours, the longer, the better. Rinse and comb. Treat again in 7 days. This is our tried and true method at home

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Tea tree oil. A few drops in his shampoo. For the first coup of days put a few drops in palm and rub on to scalp. Then continue to use the doctored shampoo. We use this in WA. Big lice place and issues. When school starts mix up a bottle and spray on coats and scarves, and hats. It will repel the lice from others clothes. Also spray on pillows and bedding after you wash them.

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Shave his head . We buzzed my boys heads when they got lice


They make a shampoo that’s good.
Stop washing his hair except every few days. They love clean hair.
Cover his mattress his a plastic cover and wash his pillows and blankets in hot water. Get a plastic cover for his pillows too. Wash anything he’s laid on or used. Instead of the laundry basket, put it all in a black trash bag for 2 or 3 days.
Between tea tree oil, Coconut oil and all the products, you may need to shave his head. :pensive:
Instead of buying stuff that may or Mau not work, I use Dawn. Coat the head, comb, rinse. Coat their head again and wrap in plastic wrap for 45mins. Comb, rinse, comb again. I did every single day for 5 days to ensure I got the eggs too.

The easiest way is to just shave his head, my sons had it twice and i have shaved him each time. And my husband then treated myself to be safe and sprayed the whole house bagged all stuffys up etc. Wash everything.

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You must put it on his hair and cover it with a shower cap leave on for about two hours and then comb his hair.

Shave his head easiest way


I used to get it as a kid and my parents would soak my hair in vinegar and wrap my hair in a towel for awhile before combing and rinsing. You’d have to ask my mom if it works or not lmao I don’t remember but I know she did it a lot.

Anything you do to smoother them make sure you look uphow long they can hold their breath because they can hold their breath for a crazy amount of time

Use rubbing alcohol and baby oil, yes it works because I’ve used it before, the rubbing alcohol is for the male lice and the baby oil is for the female lice. It starts working in just a few minutes, use these two things if you don’t want to shave his head, and don’t use them a the same time. Get all the stuffed animals ,bedding, etc and wash them and dry them, if already washed just thow in the drier for 1 hour. Walmart sells a spray that you can buy so you can spray the beds and any and all furniture around the house.

Peppermint oil mixed in detangler or green tea oil mixed in

Look for a product called Lice MD

Robi combs are amazing!

Let tea tree oil & apple cider vinegar set in his hair before washing, not the most pleasant smell but works :hugs:

Coat his hair completely in coconut oil. Wrap with Saran Wrap and leave for 2plus hours. Comb through with nit comb and then wash with dawn dish soap. While he is wrapped and waiting make sure to treat all bedding, stuffed animals, etc…with high heat drying and boil or replace hairbrushes.

The only thing that has ever worked for us is liceeefreespray you can get it at walmart for 8 bucks and kills them INSTANTLY its crazy amazing and ill never use anything else. (I used it on one of mine before they were even 1 year)

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Mayonnaise and a shower cap overnight


I would shave his hair, Not scalp him but a good hair cut & then use coconut oil over night or mayonnaise… His Hair will be really oily and you should be able to pick the nits out…


I use vaseline in my daughters hair. Only thing that has gotten rid of them for us. Good luck! It’s a pain in the butt!

There is this new comb that you run through the hair and it zaps them dead. No chemicals. You should be able to buy online or at like Walmart I would think.

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You need a metal lice comb. If you cant get rid of it, go to a professional lice removal place

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100% recommend I have 5 girls n this works wonders =)

The easiest way to do it is put conditioner in his hair comb it through and let it dry and then use the comb and just comb them right out. Because of the conditioner the lice can’t stick to the hair follicle. My daughter had a pretty bad case one time and conditioner worked better than anything you can buy on the market

My sister in law told me that tea tree oil works great I use it all the time we put 6 drops in every 12 oz of shampoo it helps get rid of and prevents

Vaseline is what worked for me years ago.

The lice free spray (I found on Amazon) is great. Its homeopathic. Took care of my daughters thick curly hair in one shot and I use it once a week or so for maintenance.

Dawn dish soap wash with a baby brush, will get the lice and safe for babies! Just have to be extra careful of his eyes a d then use your regular wash

Mayonnaise all in hair Tonite then put double pillow case and wash with dawn dish liquid in morning I promise they be dead gone. Change car seat and towels kill everything Dawn

My mom who is a hair dresser, used hand sanitizer on our heads for 15 minutes, wash like normal, and if his hair is long enough flat iron the hair if not blow dry the hair for about 10 minutes

Use tea tree oil and make sure you are combing every morning and night and make sure all beding is washed

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Make sure to wash bedding and furniture

OLIVE OIL! It suffocates them.

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Make sure to clean EVERYTHING , all his toys and blankets and pillows ,shampoo couches . It’s a pain to get rid of for sure . Tea tree oil mixed with a little mayo and put a cap over his hair and let it sit for a few hours .

Peppermint tea shampoo seems to work for my kids. Both have hair to their butt. I put in gobs completely covered every inch and tied a Walmart bag around their heads overnight and picked all the dead lice and eggs out the next day. I did it again 2 weeks later and they’ve been lice free all summer.

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My mom told me to use vinegar and olive oil i guess the vinegar kills them and the oil helps them slid out easier it worked on my daughter a few years ago

His pediatrician can call him in a shampoo. Only have to wash and rinse his hair w it. Done.

My parents used mayonnaise. They let it sit in their for 30 to 45 minutes then rise out with coconut shampoo. They hate the smell of both products.

Tea tree oil diluted with olive oil. Put it on before bed, wash out in the morning. Every night for a week.

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All suggestion are awesome but you have to use the spray on your furniture and put all stuffed animals in a trash bag for 2 wéeks and wash everything. Start teaching now not to wear a hat or use a brush or comb that is not his. Sorry I’m a grandma. And went through this hard with my kids and my grandkids


Cover with a hair cap let sit in hair about a hour and comb thru it kills bugs and knits slide right off hope this helps out

Have used Mayo and a shower cap overnight.Following pediatrician directions. It suffocates them. Also like others have said you have to treat every thing their head has come in contact with. They have a spray you can use on the furniture. Wash clothes,bedding and stuffed animals and dry well the heat kills them. Also you should treat other family members in the house.

Mayo makes a great remover for small kids

Shave his head hair grows back


Mayo mask !!! Allllll night cover it with a shower cap to suffocate them put any stuffed animals/blankets etc in trash nags & suffocate them for a week

Then wash them of course

& do not send your kid w live

Cut his hair. It will grow back. He’s a boy it won’t hurt

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I’ve heard Coca-Cola and coconut oil works wonders.

Best to pick them out by hand if his hair is that thin. Thats what i had to do with my daughter. Getting all the eggs out is the only way.

Lice free spray. All the other remedies mentioned here never worked for my boys. I found lice free spray and it was amazing, we then use fairytales spray daily.


I use coconut oil (organic) comb through the hair good, then apple cider vinegar, comb through again then wash as normal. Usually gets rid of them and makes their hair soft

New “summer” haircut!

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They have a lice detangler at Walmart I’m pretty sure they have a shampoo and conditioner too! But mayo masks and conditioner masks help to! Comb it out with the mayo and conditioner still in hair.

I know you said no chemicals.
I used nix and a shower cap for 30 mins.
Two times in 2 weeks.
She never got them again thus far.
She has long beautiful thick hair too.

Sleep with hair coated in conditioner, those pests will suffocate n die :purple_heart:

There us a battery operated comb that buzzes if it finds anything. Don’t get it. I’ve tried it on my granddaughters and it doesn’t do anything. Comb through every hair on his head. When my boys were school aged, if I saw them scratch, I looked. If I found anything, they got a buzz cut.

Tea tree oil, and than when you get rid of them, add a few drops of tea tree oil to his shampoo and it’ll keep them away!


Tea tree oil, dip comb in and comb hair.

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Once gone can use a spray bottle add conditioner (for softness) water and a few drops of TT oil… I do this with my daughter

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treat all bedding with spray. may consider cutting hair, but nothing will help until all bedding and furniture has been treated, he will keep getting lice


Keep checking !!! Don’t think it’s gone! We have tried everything ! Went two weeks and back