How to get rid of headlice?

What are ways you’ve tried and tested to get rid of, and keep away, lice?

Also, how do you deal with a child who keeps on bringing it into your home? Her parents were notified and they say they took care of it but she came over to play and had bugs in her hair. Which we found out after they had just had a sleepover. This child has VERY long hair and she says she has the choice of to cut it or not and she won’t ever cut it. We always try and get her to wear it up but she says “I don’t want to I like my hair all over and in my face”

I don’t want to ostracize this child because her parents can’t take care of the problem. We asked her if she has talked to her parents about lice recently and she said “they say I just have a dry scalp.” It clearly isn’t a dry scalp, as we saw the lice bugs in her hair. I try and keep them playing outside but that doesn’t seem to help anybody.

This is not the first, second or even third time this has occurred and I’m at my wits end about it! I want to nicely inform her parents what to do to properly take care of lice but I don’t want them to be angry/offended and not let their child play with mine.

Help help help, please!


Fairy tales rosemary shampoo

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Coconut oil with tea tree and peppermint. Saturate hair, shower cap overnight. Wash out in AM, and comb through with robi comb.

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As mean as it sounds stop letting her come over, u will not get rid of them as long as the poor girl keeps bringing them! Trust me I dealt with it for months last year n it was a pain in the ass being full time student and having full time job, my days off consisted of cleaning out three heads every three weeks… but i started to put tree tea oil in my shampoo and since then they haven’t got them again so far, fingers crossed! Good luck!

Tea tree oil and blowdry her hair.

Yes tea tree oil works wonders

Tea tree oil. We put it in our shampoo also to help prevent it

Mayo!!! It’s amazing!!

Sure fairy tail shampoo & tell the parents that their child is no longer allowed to come over until they get rid of the lice


Use the lice shampoo and comb it out. Then put the lice shampoo in the actually shampoo she uses to prevent it from happening

Tea tree oil shampoo, I washed my daughters hair with it all school year and didn’t have any issues

Been there unfortunately you cant really make her parents take care of the situation. We called the school and they checked her head and wouldn’t let her back until it was gone. We also had to stop allowing them to hang out. My daughter was more than ready to stop playing with her after getting lice from her over 5x. For your little keep tea tree oil in her hair and use fairy tales products.

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Saturate hair with rubbing alcohol cover with a shower cap for an hour. The rubbing alcohol suffocate then. Wash then comb

I would say get the stuff to treat her hair and do it for your own peace of mind or tell the parents that it needs to be managed or she cannot come play no more, If it still isnt handled by the start of school you can report it to the school as an anonymous concern and they can force it on her to get it corrected or she can’t attend courses.

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Fairy tales shampoo, conditioning spray and hair spray… keep hair up, we braid mostly during the school year… if you’re looking for a less pleasant, and more aggressive solution straight up tea tree oil, get it down to the roots in her scalp, kids hate the smell but it works…

Get pure tea tree oil and put a few drops in your shampoo and conditioner, this will help keep your family from getting it, you can also put some in a spray bottle with a carrier oil(almond/coconut) and spray on furniture and bedding, other than confronting her parents or treating her yourself there’s not much you can do but I definitely wouldn’t be doing sleep overs and make her put hair up while around your daughter

Lice don’t like hair products…gel, mousse, hair spray

Even if you take over and treat someone else’s child you have to remember things in the house need to be cleaned as well as anyone in that household that has it. Or else it does absolutely NO GOOD. She will just go home and get it again.


I would just totally avoid that kid and if the parents ask why I’ll let them know I will not put my child in that situation where she gets lice. You don’t like it then good less worry of lice for me.

My mom used to run this through my hair every day after school. It doesn’t hurt the child at all.

Mayonnaise will suffocate them

She also used to put this in my hair when she did my hair for school or knew I’d be around children.

In the EXACT situation! Our neighbors lil girls are 2 and 4 and they always have it… I try and try to keep them out of the house but they just keep giving me the puppy eyes and beg to come in so of course, I do bc they have to take shower and such and their water is turned off…it’s not their fault that the parents dont take actual measures to get it done! They just comb through it and they need actual hair treatments… I know their parents see it too bc they are digging their hair non stop and you can see eggs all over their hair!

Yeah, sorry but it can be expensive and pain to deal with so I would tell them she’s not welcome over to play unless and until they deal with the problem, and I’d kindly offer some suggestions if they weren’t already too pissed off by then lol.

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Wouldn’t matter if you did anything. Their house is probably infested. If they choose not to take care of it after it being brought to their attention many times, you may just need to have Cps come talk to them. They wouldn’t be allowed in school like that and after so long it’s truancy.


Robi-combs help a lot

It will be a hard conversation but you need to tell the parents that until the lice are dealt with inside the home that your daughter and her daughter will only be allowed to play outdoors. Put tea tree oil in your daughters shampoo. Good luck.


Dont cut it. Its statrs at the roots with eggs use a straightener to burn the eggs

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My daughter was prone to it…we would rid them and a week later they are back…i used the nix vomved n vombed n combed put her hair up with some kind of oil in her hair and sent her to school i kept doing it even after they were gone. Also express to her not to wear anybodys hat or hair ties or use their brush and same gor to not let others use…its a pain in the royal arse and i was sooooo mad but in reality theres not much u can do or place blame the girls parents may have gotten rid of them and over looked a few but just keep at it…weve been lice free 1 yr now thank god

This is so sad for kids who’s parents are sorry an don’t take care of embarrasses kids also.biggest problem is they don’t treat everything in their house.


sold at any veterinarian office or on Amazon.

Take hours, a whole night. What ever you got to do. Get it all done.

They only need one or two.


Unless you are lazy this will absolutely work.
Message me for exact details.

Amy of #AmeliesNails

The problem is that if they don’t get the nasty bugs out of her clothing, bedding & hair brushes, they’ll just come back. If it was during school, i would suggest talking to her teacher & getting help.(nobody wants them in school either) it’s a shame the oarents are in denial because sooner or later the kids won’t associate with her.

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Do her hair mayb her parents are not the best keep ur daughters hair up and keep it slightly dirty/oily lice dont like oily hair my daughter hair is super long and she hasn’t had it again since she stopped washing it so often

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They make an electric comb which gets the lice eggs and combs out the eggs. Also use coconut oil on the hair to kill the bugs.

Lice free spray has been the best thing I’ve found…works in one use and is non toxic.

Also lice md is great for the hair its oil so it wont dry the scalp or hair out

We have a Live Center here in Cols. U have to make appt. Alittle exspensive but it will be gone children at our center have to get a certificate from there to b able to come back n be lice free… they also sell sprays for your hair and furniture.

Tell her parents. If that doesn’t help. Tell the little girl & why she can’t come over

Where I live we have lice ladies. They work at a salon and treat the hair for lice. It’s a process and it’s worth it.

So glad I have boys they got lice & I buzzed all their heads & me & their dad got RID lice shampoo and combed every night and die and put the lice killing shampoo & also a shampoo that makes them stay away. Cleared within a week. And cleaned the WHOLE house.

FIRST OFF, u don’t let that little girl over aymore until her hair has been bug free for over 3 months. You do NOT have to cut a girls hair to get rid of lice. Throw away ALL stuffed animals and just buy all new bedding and pillows. That is where they hide. Treat her hair just as recomended on the bottle and make surer u spray the mattress as well


That really sucks. I would have to not let her come over anymore if her parents are aware and not taking care of it. It really sucks for the child but what else can you do?

Oh, I can understand . It puts u in a spot…:thinking::pray:

Be very very diligent for about two weeks while treating. Treatment. And check hair twice a day very carefully. Vacuum floor, throw bedding in the dryer on high heat every day. If you forget just 1 nit the whine cycle will start again.
Have a spray bottle with tea tree and peppermint oil and water and spray your kids hair/hats everyday

Stop letting her play with the girl. Problem solved.

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Unfortunately unless they do something about it and treat their house as well your child will continue to get it and unfortunately soon over the counter medicines wont work

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One person I know did head lice checks and shampooed their hair.
Therefor the kids were able to camp.
Win win situation.
My daughter and I removed ourselves from the problem so she no longer gets head lice.
I used nix and a shower cap on for 30 mins 2 times a week apart.

Call her school and let them know. Oops, now that school is over it could be a summer long thing.
I am a hairdresser and lice are very hard to get rid of.
You have to treat and then pick the nits off.
Then repeat every week until all are gone.
You also have to treat your pillows and bedding, sofa etc.

Sorry don’t allow her over. And for lice u have to spray furniture pillows beds soda wash all bed clothes spray carpet EVERYTHING

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Tea tree oil mixed in their shampoo…

You have to treat it probably if its been there that long, and she’s got long hair so she needs the treatment shampoo from the pediatrician and then her parents will have to pick thru her hair in sections every inch of it with a good light to see the little bugs and the eggs they need to pick thru and get them all out with their fingers work best every day for at least 3 weeks + until their gone with a following treatment in a week from first one the shampoo stuff also wash bedding clothing stuffed toys play areas vacuum bedrooms and play areas their car and car seat should be cleaned well also its such a big job exhausting my son in kindergarten one of his classmates kept coming back with it and my daughter got it was easier to rid him shaved his head and picked thru it daily for a month especially right after school anyway it was a nightmare to get off my daughter with her beautiful long hair poor thing anyway I called Dr and told then over counter stuff wasn’t helping they gave me few tips and yeah lot of work but of your or their consistent with checking every day and removing the lice and eggs they will go away !! I hope her mom talks to her pediatrician and takes it seriously …also if you soak the hair in white vinegar for few min before you pick thru to remove them it makes it easier !! Poor thing… My whole life I NEVER had to deal with lice and my son brought it home from school like 5 times unreal …it only spread to my daughter ONCE haha Christ tho I’m like no I’m checking your head every day to my son …

does the tea tree oil kill any thats left or just deter them

Shave the head and oil the scalp wtf

Rubbing alcohol was the ONLY thing I’ve found that will kill them off COMPLETELY! I saturated my kids heads and put a plastic bag over it for 20-35 mins and we never had to deal with them again after that!

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So you’re just gonna let your daughter stay with lice because you want to avoid confrontation with her friend’s parents?

After passing it back and forth forever…

Soak her head in olive oil and put a shower cap over it for an hour or more!

The house must be treated or it will never go away

Been there i was combing 3 little girls hair they were infested bad
I got em
Just went to drug store do the little girls head too without even asking that’ll get rid of lice and maybe the friend and id do it more than once wash sheets too

Put all stuffed animals in the dryer also while treating your child and house. All pillows in dryer wash all bedding. I used alcohol and listerine, saturate hair and cover with a plastic bag for 30 min then shake over the tub. Most of the lice and eggs will fall out. Then use coconut oil, leaving in hair for 20 min then comb with lice comb to get remainder out. Then always put a teaspoon oil into every new bottle of shampoo and conditioner, lice dont like it so they won’t come back.

Also the parents of the other girl might be treating her hair but if they don’t treat every single bedding area, vacuum floors, do themselves as well then its just going to become a problem all over again. Mention to them also about purchasing some tea tree oil and add some into their shampoo bottles. It does work to help keep lice away once you have it completely gone and under control

My daughter had lice I tried everything the only thing that worked is going to live treatment of America. They got rid of it when I tried everything. Tea tree oil helped to keep it down but didn’t get rid of it. They will help and if you add it up u spend less on them than the treatments .

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If you really want her to keep coming over you’ll have to talk to the parents or she can’t come to your house.

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And wash all sheets pillowcases, everything!!!

Keep them away from yours. That is ridiculous I went through that with my daughter. Her friends mom wouldn’t treat her and clean her house. My daughter kept getting it. I had to do all her toys,carpet, etc. Girls mom wasn’t doing squat. I finally went to the school. They start checking classes. My mom said no shame in getting it but shame to keep it.

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I literally covered my cousin’s head in mayo for an hour and it worked

I got them 8 months pregnant and I had to comb and scrape and douse my hair with vinegar and rit anfd ended up chopping all of my hair off

I dealt with lice almost my whole life minus the past 5-6 years. I’m native and my hair type is very prone to lice. No lice treatment nor amount of upkeep kept it away.

For me the best option I found was using tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. Letting both sit for a minimum of 2 minutes before rinsing. It suffocates the lice and lifts the eggs. It was honestly my saving grace.

I live in Northeast Ms and we struggled for the longest when the school my son attends had an outbreak. 60 kids got sent in one day. There are head lice treatment centers. We paid $150 and it was the best $150 I’ve spent! We had spent way more on over the counter and prescriptions.

Gold listerine. Saturate hair in it n leave on head 20 minutes. The school district here was infested with it when my children were in grade school. Tried EVERYTHING. You can use it as often as you like plus helps with dandruff.

Do t let her come back until it dealt with not being mean just not necessary

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Do a good deed, buy the treatment and get rid of it yourself? However if the problem is that bad the are probably all over her house… how does the mother not have them too?

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Had the same issue with my step daughter. My fiance said she had it so bad one year they had to shave her head when she was younger! Shes only 6! Her mother said she kept buying the lice treatment from the store but it wasnt working. I ended up taking her to a lice clinic and getting it taken care of. Definitely worth the money. The guy at the lice clinic said the box stuff isnt effective anymore. But the oil he gave us said we could use it once a week and we wouldnt have to worry about ever again!

I wouldn’t allow her to come back until its taken care of for good , why put your family at risk because of someone elses carelessness ?

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I’m feel so good I’m not the only one going through this. pesky little buggers I’ve had a hard time getting rid of them

We always put tea tree oil in all the shampoos and conditioners. School season is the worst so everynight they come home I go threw there heads. We had a out Breck once and it took a month to fully get them out of the house. Everyday I washing bedding, furniture, brushes in vinegar. Vinegar also kills them but I would only use on adults not the kids. We used results, and all did the treatments and did them four times every 7 days. Also if you have girls breading there hair and tight braids. Plus moouse and hair spray in there hair. Will stop it as well. As for me I would stop sleep overs, and just outside play no in there house or mine till they are fully treated and gone.

Sorry but that kid wouldn’t be coming over!


Honesty is the best policy for both her family and yours maybe try to treat it for her then send home a pamphlet or something to them but I always say honesty is the best way even if the truth hurts better to be straight up

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Let them be angry and offended. Their kid has live bugs in her hair! Hope she is not school age.


We use tea tree oil. In the shampoo and conditioner and in the 6 yrs we’ve been using it daily. No lice ever

Somebody told me ky jelly would get rid of it

Tea tree shampoo helps

Can you not treat the child yourself? I know that doesn’t help when she goes home but idk.
Honestly I would call family and children services to be honest with you.
It’s a totally different situation here but I can tell you my experience with similar issue.
They had a kid in my twins pre k that year that was infested and my kids and others kept lice all year I had to cut my sons hair short and my daughters hair short to her chin too because of it. Once we got the school and dfcs involved, they found out the mother had lupus and was dying and the dad was illiterate. It was a sad story so all of the moms in the class bought everything and went over together one weekend and cleaned and fixed the problem.


There is also a shampoo called Vamousse(idk if i spelled it right) You use it like regular shampoo but you let it sit for about 3 mins… it kills adult lice so it is good to use after your kids have a sleepover…or play with kids you suspect may have lice.

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Quell shampoo ask your dr for it maybe now it’s not prescription but ask your dr it works great

As sad as it is don’t allow her over till it is dealt with. I have taught my daughter no hugging high 5’s only and hair always tied back when going to school. If anyone sleeps over I check for bugs not gonna lie I will be honest and open with the parents and say unfortunately they can’t sleep over if she wants to come play make it outside only.

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This is horrible…it takes forever to get rid of…on couch…stuffed toys… vacuuming everyday…
I definitely would have a chat with parents and say you don’t have time to do this…
Maybe buy them bottle of lice shampoo and a lice comb…
Good luck

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Three ounces of shampoo, teaspoon of tea tree oil, and three teaspoons of coconut oil

I’m sorry I wouldn’t care who gets mad. That girls.has to be treat they are biting her mlm headpoor lil girl

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I have boys so idk really. However they got lice durring the school year and I ended up having to just cut all their hair off because it just got passed back and forth at the school. We also use a rosemary and tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner set for prevention. If your kids like paying with this girl and you like having her over then suggest to the parents that they buy the kit and you’ll treat her.

Also tell the parents that if they put oil in her hair at night it’ll keep them from coming back into her hair.

I dealt with this for a year with my 2 daughters. Lice has to have a host ( blood supply to live, so they die with in 24hrs without one) we tried all over the counter meds. Bagging up stuffed animals and anything that can’t be washed also washing bed sheets and blankets pillow cases in hot water. It’s a process. Best product we found was Vamousse Lice Products, Effective & Pesticide-Free Lice Treatment
I ended up having to call a lice clinic and paying for a professional to get rid because they were the super lice.

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I had this same problem with a neighbor child. I went and talked to the parents twice. Then the dad informed me “we have had it for 5 years they are resistant we can’t get rid of them.” (Which I kinda call bs on because she gave me and my daughter lice and I’d never seen lice that big in my life :sob: but we got rid of them . I do believe there is lice that are resistant to lice products cause I’ve dealt with them we used the mayonnaise trick. I do believe they had them for a long time with how big they were I was like holy papa lice you are giant :joy:) the thing that sucked is we lived in apartments and close together so it was really really hard to keep them apart but it was finally the only I could do. They also let their daughter stay the night knowing she had lice they said they treated them but I don’t believe they did which I think is really disrespectful. I thought about treating the poor girl myself. You could legit see them crawling :face_vomiting: BUT there are some issues with that. A) you don’t know how the child’s head or body will react to chemicals. b) if you don’t clean the house and bedding your effort is probably not going to work. It’s really not the child’s fault it’s the parents. I always say it’s not a shame to get lice but it’s a shame to keep them. I’m not saying you did anything wrong or intentionally but I wanted to bring this to your attention and you can decide to disagree with me. I’m just saying it may be something you want to think about. Bringing it up to the little girl probably makes her embarrassed :disappointed: she can’t decide to cut her hair or be treated. (I may have misunderstood and you may be talking about your own child that didn’t want to do that. I may be a little confused) I know I told my daughter not to say two words to the little girl about it so she wouldn’t feel bad. I guess the only real thing to do is talk to the parents and tell them she can’t play with yours anymore if they don’t fix the problem. Maybe offer to help? I didn’t have much money I lived in low income at the time. I said I can’t afford to keep treating me and my children’s hair. (I really couldn’t. Nothing like digging up change to buy lice shampoo. ) I offered to dig up change to buy them some or ask my parents and family for some money that I would personally pay them back for that they didn’t have to worry about. They said no. I thought about calling the school. I felt helpless and sad for the little girl. I’m sorry you are going through this and I’m sorry the little girl is too. LICE SUCKS. Sidenote: my head is now itchy thinking about it :joy::joy::joy: :heartpulse: much love from one momma to another!

Grease that head with oil. Lice hate oily hair. It is a prevention. if you need to get rid of lice you need tea tree oil.

You are a better mom than me…
That being said i had a hairstylist tell me tea tree oil. Put a few drops in the shampoo or WalMart sells a tea tree oil shampoo. THIS IS ONLY PREVENTATIVE. The best option is to not let her come over until it is taken care of. You can comb through her hair yourself but if she goes home and they have not treated her bedding it will probably come back. If her not coming to your home is not an option make a hair up policy in your home if you dont put your hair up you cant come in. Have your kids do it too when she is there so she doesn’t feel alienated.

Also maybe comb through her hair and save the bugs for her parents to show them. A lot of parents are scared they think lice is a dirty thing and get embarrassed or dont know how to treat properly. The only effective way to get rid of lice is to bag and wash all items and comb through hair to remove all bugs and nits make sure to comb through multiple times over the course of a couple weeks.

Olive oil works well (leave in overnight using a shower cap) it make taking out the eggs and live bugs as well. Hair will be greasy for a few days