How to get rid of heartburn?

Did anyone else find their heartburn from pregnancy never went away? :smiling_face_with_tear: I literally never had heartburn until I was pregnant, I told my OB I was so sick after everything I ate in the third trimester and she’s like “ooo sweetie that’s heartburn,” but now even 1yr pp I still get awful heartburn when I eat meals or anything acidic or spicy


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get rid of heartburn?

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I think I ate a whole bottle of tums with my last pregnancy . Even had heartburn during labor :weary: but once the baby came out. Haven’t had it since. If an antacids don’t work for you I would unfortunately stay away from those foods!

The only thing work — and some people won’t even consider it but — the Saliva just swallow back as much as possible and chewing gum helps to because of the saliva — it work for me and had very bad heart burn during and after

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Prilosec and Pepcid are all that helps my husband with his awful heartburn (I know it’s not the same but thought this may still help). He has tried everything short of getting surgery to correct his and that is all that gives him relief.

Apple cider vinegar couple of teaspoons everyday in a glass of water keeps heartburn away . seriously google it .and it’s all natural


My midwives suggested almonds because they absorb stomach acid, also a shot of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water first thing in the am helps

Weirdly after I got pregnant in 2016 with my son soda of any kind gave me crippling heartburn and I have it for years anytime I had soda. Then I got pregnant in 2020 with my daughter and craved it. Finally I gave in sometime around month 8 and found I didn’t have it anymore. I assumed it would return once I delivered but nope I still don’t love soda after so many years without it but I can drink it now. It’s super wierd. I do however still get heartburn easier if I eat anything super spicy

My first & second pregnancy eating pineapple worked great but it didn’t work with my third pregnancy

Omeprazole is a god send can either take one at night or take one my morning and one evening. Drink milk, eat peppermints, peppermint tea, ginger lollies. Lay on left side, go to sleep sitting up if is bad at night.


I have to take prescription omeprozole and when I have it extremely bad and can’t handle it, I put a teaspoon of baking soda in water. I usually use a shot glass so I can just get it done and over with. It is gross but it takes it away instantaneously. I would check what you can and can’t use while pregnant :grin: there use to be an old wives tale that said, if you get a lot of heartburn while pregnant, then you’re baby is going to have a lot of hair :joy::joy:

Get your gallbladder checked. Mine wouldn’t go away and I had no other gallbladder symptoms.


12 years later… I still get heartburn. I also never experienced it till pregnancy.
I swear I even get it from smells now :pleading_face:

Good be your gallbladder as well I would consult with your doctor again

Smaller meals more often. Rolaid’s work well. Sit straight up after eating for at least 30 minutes. Eat less acidic foods. No alcohol, no pop, no orange juice.

Had it both pregnancys every day all day the pills docs gavee never worked only stopped once baby had come out . Sucks so much Goodluck I’m sure there’s something that will stop it but I couldn’t find anything :blue_heart:

Mine turned into GERD, but was exactly like you to begin with. Im now on pantapropazole for life. If I don’t take it my stomach makes my life hell.

Magnesium vitamins everyday, they have saved me from heartburn

I do baking soda and water
I usually use a heaping table spoon and about a half cup of water works everytime

Id get it checked out just to be safe. Turns out mine was actually a problem with my heart and arteries x

I ate spoonfuls of yellow mustard. It was the only thing that helped me.

Don’t lay down flat either on the side is best for heartburn

A spoonful of mustard.

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Papaya enzymes or the digestive enzymes I have

Lemonade and pretzels

Could be your gallbladder

I’ve had heartburn before, during and after pregnancy, omeprazole every morning works wonders and when I’m out of that I eat tums


Banana with a glass of milk and a couple of tums all together

you can take tums while pregnant. i had to do so my first two pregnancies and im shocked i havent had to with my current pregnancy

Refreshers Fruit Tingles saw it on a pregnancy page .

Try some probiotics to see if it can get your stomach back on track. In the meantime, famotodine works great.

I have severe heartburn/reflux and then hyperemesis. I take pepcid(20mg), tums(6 tabs daily), gas-X (twice a day). It helps reduce the acid and then I add in extra water.

Pepcid AC works better then tums or Rolaids. Gavescon works good too but it’s so gross lol.
Best bet is to get a prescription for something!

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You might want to consult with your GP

1 tblsp of mustard. I’m not crazy it works instantly. Definitely have a chaser tho cause that shit is bitter.

Zantac I believe they brought it back it was the only thing that worked for me! Then I was still pregnant twords end and they discontinued it and I went to er and they brave me everything available and nothing worked

Eat in an upright position and stay upright for at least 30 minutes after eating. Don’t over eat, keep portions small. Pickle juice and mustard can help relieve the heartburn.


Put 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in glass of water about 8-10oz. Works great. Also at night if u feel
It, laying on your left side helps big time. For me anyway

I never had heartburn until I was pregnant with my first. It never went away after and almost 3 years later I ended up having emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder, haven’t had heartburn again since.
Maybe get another doctor’s opinion on if something else is causing it

I’ve still got it 8 years later. Take a daily antacid in the mornings like zantac or prilosec. Helps a ton.

I’ve suffered it 6 years now since my last pregnancy. I’m on meds and rennies

Have ur gall bladder checked

I drink a glass of milk and that seems to help

My heartburn got worse after pregnancy. I ended up having H. Pylori (stomach bacteria/bug) and was prescribed a ton of antibiotics along with ranitidine.