How to get rid of hemorrhoids?

This is a very strange question but I have had 2 hemmaroids since I had my baby 3 years ago they don’t bother me but is it normal for them to stay so long


I think they’re a permanent thing unless you have surgery. Just one of those things not often mentioned and talked about in the pregnancy world.

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Butt buddies can last a life time


Mine never went away after my son unfortunately. They arent very attractive but they dont bother me so im not messing with getting them removed or anything lol

Can’t hemeroides go away naturally ?

I’ve had them even before my first and only time they bother me is when my stomach gets upset. 💁

They never go away… They can act up and hurt and bleed if you have hard number twos or strain to much when going number 2.

I’ve had mine 39 years. Don’t think they’re going away.

I have one really long one that ive had for 6 years after my oldest

This baby has caused a whole new meaning to the word

Yes once you get hemorrhoids you will always get them