How to get rid of hemorrhoids

Serious question…
How do you get rid of hemorrhoids😭 i tryed creams, cold clothes, warm cloths. They hurt and they are big! Help!


I had to have mine cut out see a Dr if none of that is working

I had them something fierce with my second pregnancy. My ob said only thing to fully help was to deliver. If I have them now, I’ll buy tuck pads or cream. Helps but if its too bad, like u cant sit… Id see a doctor asap.

Keeping your bowel soft. See a doctor for removal

They make hemorrhoid suppositories. Also do you mean just the cream that goes on the outside or the kind with an applicator that shoots it up your butt? Because that works good too.

Doctor. May need surgery.

Try some witch hazel for relief. And call your doctor

I have good sucess with tea tree oil lavender mixed w coconut oil

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Witch hazel and tucks pads!

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Try a hot bath at night with sitz

I sat in shallow warm baths literally after ever time I had to poop. I’d sit for about 15 minutes. Mine flare, but never go away and doctor didn’t recommend removal just creams which are shit. This is the only thing that helps me when they hurt. I got to the point I would rather go through birth again than to poop one more time with tears in my eyes. I feel your pain.

Go to the dr. U probably need them removed.God bless you hope you find comfort soon.

Witch hazel compresses. Anti inflammatory plus numbing so it doesn’t itch/hurt so much

I had mine surgically removed

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I can sit in witch hazel with warm water and soak for 20 min.a couple times a day it will release and possible heal them. Sorry I forgot for a second.God bless.

Never had the problem, OMG🙄

Witch hazel on a pad flr short periods , sitzs bath and bland diet and réguler bowel movements

Surgery, cut them off

The suppositories are the only thing that get rid of mine.

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Surgery. They are banding them like the old days.

There isn’t an actual cure. They don’t even like to remove them because once they’ve been there they can come back even after removal. It’s really all about not irritating them any more than ehat they already are. If you’re pregnant they might go away after baby. When they remove they put a super tight rubber band on them and that snips them off. I would just take pain meds, put creams, soak in epsom salt baths, sit side ways, and eat foods that won’t constipate you until the pain goes away. I still have 3 that wouldn’t go away after birth. 1 after my first and after my 6th stillborn I got 2 more that never went away. They only become irritated when I have hard bowel movements or diarrhea. Good luck.

Witch hazel… Espon salt bath. Make sure the water is warm. I soaked for 15 mins twice a day for external ones

Cant unless you want the surgery

Witch hazel pads.
Preparation h.
Warm bath. And Epsom salt bath sometimes helps too.

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Bucks vapo rub. Slather it on thick and fast.

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Call the Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center. They did a laser treatment. I only went once and felt automatic relief. You are supposed to go for multiple treatments. Same day recovery. Can even go to work afterwards. Doesn’t hurt.
I also tried an I injection treatment which was painful and did not work.
It’s a little embarrassing but the doctor was kick ass and made it as comfortable as could be.

Tucks… Which is which hazel pads.

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And please don’t put Vic’s vapor rub on your bottom


My husband had to have a hemorrhoidectomy.

That stinks, I just wait them out and suffer through it. I love the hemorrhoid wipes though

The preperation h in the tubes worked wonders for me…but you gotta put the end all the way where its supposed to go if you get what I mean…also, make sure if you’re constipated you take steps to alleviate that problem. It’ll go a long way towards helping them get better

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Which hazel is very cooling an shrinks them

And try not to be standing up too long if you can help it. Kinda lounge around if possible

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Get some dermoplast spray from walmart it is for your area down there and it numbs it. Keeps it clean too. Helps with the pain

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Cypress essential oil! It strengthens blood vessel walls and works wonders for the rhoids!

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See a Dr! I know someone who thought it was hemorrhoids but Diagnosed 4th stage colorectal cancer! See a doctor!


Having it tied off or surgically removed

Set in bath with water as warm as you can stand it. Then use prep H ointment after. Thisis what my surgeon had me do a few years back.

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They can be cut off by a doctor

They’re a pain in the rear

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Prep H cream and suppositories, earth mama angel baby perineal balm, ticks pads, magnesium supplement (natural calm raspberry lemonade is bomb)

If they don’t go away unfortunately you have to see a doctor if you want them to stop

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Preparation H. Or have them surgically removed

Prep H cream, and lay flat on your back

I know this sounds gross but have you tried pushing them back in? That helps me.


My cousin is 3 years pp and she still has them :see_no_evil:
I’m so glad this is like the ONLY pregnancy symptom I didn’t get

A family friend told my dad one time to eat hot peppers. I cant eat hot spicy food but I tried mild peppers and that help.

Tucks pads in freezer and maybe stool softner

Go to the doctor and get a prescription enema I think I’d also ask the doctor if he can give you something topical for the pain there’s also a product called anal ease at adult sex stores which is also good if you have a toothache

I worked with a surgeon.

He says sitz baths. Three-four times a day. Can reduce them to almost nothing and can sometimes make them go away.

But if they’re too large then it has to be surgery.

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My husband had a truck driver friend that had hemroids and he said he would put alcohol on a cotton ball and he would get rid of them.

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Ice packs.i know ot sounds gross but it shriks them and help pull them back in…heat pushes them out…

Sit your butt in a epsom salt tub

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Preparation H suppositories

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Surgery speaking from experience.

Sitz bath helped with mine. And I had a pillow with me to sit on everywhere I went

Go let dr take care of the. Dosent hurt to do that .

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Prep H and tucks pads, I use both at night and they are dramatically smaller the next day

They will go away on its on own,

Tucks pads work great.

You will have to get them lanced if they are that bad

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Everytime you visit the ladies room for anything tuck them in … slowly and gradually you won’t need to do it all the time and they will become smaller too … and on certain days where you feel you are about to get them be extra vigilant. You won’t need any special clothing or special medicine … they are blood circulation just happening in the wrong way so you show the circulation to go in the right way. Also make vegetables and fruits a part of your daily diet.
If you want more tips feel free to PM me

Time… Sucks. Creams help in the mean time. Witch hazel… I had them aftet having my kids. They were so bad i bled lile crazy. They get better with time.

This Facebook is getting stranger every day.

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Go get them lanced at your doc if they are too big

Anything with witch hazel. Can you push them back in? You may need to see a dr about them if they get to be too much.