How to get rid of hemorrhoids?

I just had my second baby 6 days ago… we had a rough labor and had to use vacuum, forceps… etc… I have painful hemorrhoids… I’ve used tucks pads, preparation h and I’m honestly just looking for tips to deal with this… I feel awful down there and need some relief pronto! Any ideas??


Sitz bath as mich much you can stand to do it and ice!

Eucerian cream in the tub not the lotion . It’s a miracle.

Epsom baths and witch hazel pads were a lifesaver for me !

Baking soda bath and witch hazel. Also try a foam donut seat so your not putting pressure on that area.

Dermoplast, sitz bath, preparation h suppositories (cream does nothing).

Also sit using a swimming ring. So much easier to sit

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Witch hazel pads… and dermoplast!


Witch Hazel works wonders and it’s not expensive.

Take Vicks salve on your finger and push them back inside your rectum. Works like a charm, but burns some.

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Witch hazel will numb it

There is prescription strength prep h. Also cold packs…free damp maxi pads. In warm bath with finger gently return swollen tissue back in. Then apply the cream


Witch Hazel on organic cotton swabs/sheets every single time you use the restroom

Sometimes a sitz bath helps.It’s a special pan that sits in tour toilet. Lift set to put it in toilet. Comes with a large bag you fill with warm water. Has control to control water flow sit in this pan and let water flow over affected area. It will drain into toilet. Sitz bath will come with instructions.

Put witch hazel on a pad and put it in the freezer.

Bathe with epsom salt and peroxide