How to get rid of spiders?

Me and my baby dad and our 3 month old daughter live in a garage made into a room (some what) and there are spiders everywhere I have tried so hard to get rid of all of them but they’re in cracks in the wall and impossible to rid them all… how to I keep her safe? I have a net thing over her bassinet but I don’t feel like it’s gonna do what I need. Any advice or suggestions?


Bug bomb? Or peppermint is supposed to deter them. When did you move in? We had a bunch in my house for a bit since the house was unoccupied for a while but once we’d been there a while we only see them every once and awhile now

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See if u can have it sprayed by a professional. Make sure its known u have small children. I had mine done last year and barely had any!

I agree with the peppermint oil! We live in a spider migration path, and the first year we lived here I did bug spray and everything but there were still big spiders everywhere! The next year I did the peppermint spray, I only had to do it once and spiders haven’t been a problem since! I do it every summer around the windows, doors, and ceiling and we haven’t had a problem in years!

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Spray peppermint oil all over cracks and corners of the floor and carpet. Spiders don’t like peppermint oil


Bug bomb and leave for the day then when you come back spray everything with peppermint oil…. Then I would use a diffuser everyday with peppermint oil

Get some mint essential oil mix with a little water, spray every where cracks baseboards, walls.

Are you renting, it is your landlords responsibility to get rid of them.

vinegar and water spray it

Peppermint oil really works. I am not an oil person, but someone recommended it to me when I lived in a house overrun by them. I got a spray bottle of water and put probably 10 drops in… sprayed the entire house, beds, cupboard including the dishes… its food safe you can put it on everything. It took 2-3 bottle full but it worked. Be warned, the first time is alarming because all the spiders will come out and run. But after that, if you apply it every 30ish days… they don’t come back.


Believe me, I do not like spiders and have no solutions but just wanted to say not all spiders bite. Example the freaky big zbut elegant Daddy Longlegs is not a bit harmful and in fact eat other bugs that are, same with those big fat spiders on huge webs outside. Zbut donno what kind you have

My neighbours put conkers in a bowl in the corner of their living room and now they don’t get any more spiders :spider:

Put hedge apples around your home spiders hate them

Peppermint oil is NOT SAFE to use around young babies.