How to get rid of stretch marks?

What helped your stretch marks? Yes I know everyone’s body is different. Just curious


In the bath smoother body in the shower .

I haven’t really found anything that works well but they’ve faded a lot over time.

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As odd as it sounds, Aveeno helped me. I was allergic to coconut shea butter. I even had a rash on my belly that started underneath my breasts and Aveeno cleared it up.

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Palmers oil! Walmart target idk where else like $10.

Cocoa butter. My dr told me to open vitamin d softgels right on them. So i used both. In reality, nothing helps.

Cocoa butter and Creamy baby oil

Baby oil in the shower

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I whipped coconut oil, avocado oil, & apricot oil together. Added vitamin E. Very fluffy mixture, felt like magic. If you refrigerated it, it was nice and cool which felt nice when the itching set in.

Vitamin E oil caps. Just snip off the end and apply

Cocoa butter and baby oil I did get some but not very noticeable

But, as someone that has been to school for esthetics, stretch marks are genetic. If your mom got them, you most likely will too. With that being said though, anything to aid in your skin’s elasticity helps, but may not guarantee that you won’t get them.

Aloe Vera straight from a large health plant daily & good quality cocoa butter,morraccan oil (yep, same as hair), coconut oil.

Coconut oil for me :upside_down_face:

Bio oil and silicone sheet treatments but it really depends on what color your marks are. Mine were white so they’re a little easier to fade.
Only way to actually remove them is laser therapy or plastic surgery

Baby oil worked great for me!

I just let mine be after my second child. I’ve got 3 kids now. Youngest is going to be 2 years old in 2 months. Ive heard coconut oil? Can’t remember what else. The stretch mark lotion doesn’t help my sister tried

Look up mother’s friend or go to a pharmacy and ask them to make you a fresh batch. The fresh batch is amazing and worth every penny.
FYI do not wear white while using it.

Time. I’m not certain it genetic either, as my sister has none and 3 kids. She used nothing.

Only way to really remove them remove them is surgery :woman_shrugging:t3: I haven’t done anything about mine cause they’re a natural thing and I’m not too worried about them

Nothing worked fine me got used to them over the the years barely notice them anymore

nothing, except maybe time.

Used all the expensive lotions and still getting some pretty gross stretch marks myself :expressionless: good luck hope you find something that works for you

Keep them moisturized. And don’t scratch them. I used Shea butter stretch mark cream while I was pregnant and I barely have any.