How to get rid of stretch marks?

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Hi would like to ask ladies of the world a question can I see you guys bio oil before and afters for stretch marks? Did the bio oil work for you?

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Get vitamin capsules. Stick a hole in a few and squirt in bath water then after getting out rub some on the area you have them. Worked amazingly for be

Did not work for me… My mom has very strong stretch mark genes though.

Also cocoa butter

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My mom had really bad stretch marks and has acne scars on her face, she said bio oil helped with both and the acupuncture rolling pin thing (the actual name is slipping my mind) hope this helps.

Have to use more than one type of scar/stretchmark treatment to see improvement.

They are genetic. Bio oil is a scam

Love bio oil ! Used it for my first not one stretch mark and I’m currently growing my second and again not a mark.