How to get rid of the smell of ammonia?

Best way to get rid of ammonia smell. Our house guest has the room smelling so bad that you’d think they brought all six of their cats. Our entire living room smells of it. They’re finally moving out in a week and that’s our nursery room. I’m 7mnths pregnant and my bf is going to clean it knowing it makes me sick.


White vinegar with water! Use on all fabric and upholstery then clean with regular cleaner! I love the oxi carpet cleaner.

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If it’s because of cat pee, use something called Nature’s Miracle for cats. They carry it at Petco. I have 10 cats. The stuff works

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Bicarb of soda. Sprinkle on mattress/carpets etc leave then hoover up xx

Vinegar and bakong soda to start then shower it down with enzyme remover ( find it in the pet aisles) vinegar will neutralize it you might need to leave it soak for a while. Best of luck

If it is actually cat urine, the only way to get rid of the smell is to replace the floor. You’re going to smell it in the warmer months if you just clean it. :weary::weary:

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Make solution with tide powder original in a gallon jug 1 full scoop. Fill with water when it all dissolved used it in lieu of carpet solution

Nature’s miracle brand is amazing!!!

Look up enzyme cleaner on Amazon. It is the only thing that will fully take the smell out.