How to get siblings to stop fighting?

I have an 8 year old and a 16 year old both girls they fight constantly, nothing seems to help stop it any ideas how to get them to stop? Also my 16 year old will not do her chores and lies all the time, I ground her all the time but it’s like she just doesn’t care when things get taken away from her. I’m about to go crazy! Help me please!!!


I wish I could. I’m at a loss too😢

Bye bye, cell phone! Toodle-oo, Wifi! See ya later, privileges! :wave:

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It is sibling rivalry and one is jealous of the other also might need to think about getting the 16 year old evaluated since mental disorders show their face as teens and do it before she turns 18 or you won’t be able to help her.

E everything gone and for longer periods as po punishment just her bed in her room if it’s super bad and she can slowly earn things back as consistent long term behavior is shown

It’ll get better. My siblings and I used to fight like dogs, and now they’re my everything.

Good luck lady!! My 13 uear old and 6 year old fight CONSTANTLY its just parenting and kids being kids, some personality get along better with others even if they are siblings

Pick your favorite and get rid of the other one

Just buckle up and remember these years will pass and they will be close again someday.
And always keep a sense of humor :kissing_heart:


My dad would bust my ass

I have a 16yo and 10yo… Noticed theirs certain times this spikes and certain times they’re best friends for mine. Girls are emotional for obvious reasons. But I also think they get sick of eachother, so giving ideas or providing times where they dont have to see eachother helps lol. In my house if you want to fight, ill stick a giant “ilovemysibling” shirt on them and have them sit dwn on my couch where theyre giving eachother compliments. They have to be thought out, sincere, and usually ut goes to a funny/goofy place so their mood lightens from it lol.
Before we get to that point I sort of guide them to where a disagreement can be worked out by them- explaining to them when they try to compsenate they get to keep it as their choice- but if they cant reach a common ground then it then becomes my choice. If theyre fighting over something-i take it. If they cant agree on a show- I choose or I shut it off- depends how bad. Slowly they have learned they’d better just try to wrk it out or i take over their choices and take things and they arent fond of that. They still have their bad days for sure. Or theirs times something might be going on personally with one if them, ill usually try to give her space and have the other back off to give space to until shes ready to talk about stuff or feeling better.

She could be depressed. In my household. No disrespect, chores completed, and behave age appropriate. Do they have their own rooms or share a room. Stop the 8 year old from antagonizing and the 16 year old from acting 8.

Get it under control fast, take her phone , don’t give in & stick to your word… Your the boss

My oldest/youngest are both girls 14yrs apart. When my youngest started Kindergarten, my oldest went off to college. This did not stop them from ugly arguments & being mean to eachother. There are things that the younger one sees from the older one. The younger wants to be a part what the older one can do, but the older one can’t be bothered.
So, the younger pesters, the older tell her to get lost.
They are young, they will surrive & eventually get along.
The bedroom, close the door. It bothers you more than her.
As long as there is no food items rotting away. She will graduate soon & be out of the house.
It will get better

Take the 16 year old’s tech chargers. See how quickly she thinks about her antics.

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Threaten to go to school and sit n every class walk with and do everything 2gether. If she calls your bluff do it she’ll b so embarrassed she’ll behave.

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Punish them both and especially the teenager

From the perspective of someone who was a moody teen that fought with my sisters - make scheduled time to do quality time activities individually with each child and then a family activity night once a week. Completely cancel smartphones/ social media and limit tv to only what you watch as a family. The more a teen pushes away, the more important it is to bring them back into family relationships

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Turn off her phone’s WiFi until her chores are done each day. You can do this through the account holder.

Stick them both in a rooms for a day and let them hash it out

Tell them both. there will come a day when you will miss the other one. Then it is to late. Make them do things together.

Tie there shoe strings together or left arms. As long as they fight equal time ^together…^ Bet they do it less and less. At 16 she should be planning on moving out. Give her some direction on planning to move ie;budgets ,open bank account. Six year old needs some chores.

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I have two girls and a boy, 6,7&12. All they do is fight too. They can’t even be left in the same room together or breathe the same air. I feel your pain

I have four children ranging in age from 3-18. Three of them are boys. In my experience, it is absolutely important to not just punish them but also to find out why they are having such behavior. Sure, taking away all of their stuff may help change the behavior but it won’t change the problem causing the behavior. I have found that it helps me to understand the psychological growth at each age level because each child thinks and processes things differently at different ages. Just a thought but it helped me be able to be a better parent :heart:

Lol. . My friend got grounded from everything… even her room. .

Then her parents had rules posted in every room…

Lol. . It was hilarious! It worked. . But was still hilarious. .

When she broke rules her mom would dress in the most embarrassing ways for school drop off. .

She rode the bus! So her momma would be waiting out front of the school yelling about how she loves her and wants her to have an amazing day! Dressed like a fairy or daisy from dukes of hazard…

I still cringe when I think about it and I’m almost 35! (We were 16ish)

It took a month, but she NEVER risked grounding again. .

I miss her, wonder what she’s up to these days. . Hmmmm… gonna see if she has a fb…

Saw how autocorrect killed me, tried to fix and make more understandable

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My 15 year old boy & my almost 5 year old girl argue like 2 teenagers… my 15 year old is a bully so once in a while I gotta whoop tht @$$ to remind him hes not the boss

I am mom of a 20 year old daughter and 11 year old daughter. They still to day have there days were it ant so great but they have there days they get long great. And it could be a jelusy thing to. Sience so far apart in age. Try. To spind speshale time with each one. And the older alldso got understand diffrent rules for diffrent ages. Like my 11 year does something she ant sapost to she gets growded from stuff she oldest is 20 years old naw so with her i till her she growen women with her owen kids she should not pick on her sister.