How to get stickers off of books?

Has anyone successfully gotten the address stickers off their Imagination Library books without ruining the covers? They are on these books GOOD and we have some that are duplicates or my child has outgrown. I’d love to put them in our neighborhoods Little Library but don’t want her name and address on them for obvious reasons…


Hot air with a blow dryer or rubbing alcohol

Hold a hair dryer a few inches near the sticker for several seconds. Try to peal off the sticker. If it won’t come off, try the blow dryer again.

Use your hairdryer, warm them up a little, they will come right off.

In reading, read one sentence at A time. Example The dog is black because of that the family call him Blackie. question? what are they talking about in the sentence?What color is dog? What is the dog’s name? Is the dog A male or female?

Mine always come wrapped in plastic. :thinking:

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Rubbing alcohol on cotton balls

If all else fails a black marker, hides the name and address great