How to get the spark back in a relationship?

Possible TMI
Looking for other women’s advice… I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and literally have to BEG my husband to have sex with me. I’m always ready, but with him it’s a task. He says pregnant women dont turn him on, and that we cant do the same things that we used to. We cant do the same positions (which we both love) because I can feel the pressure of the baby and it hurts. So then we both get frustrated and then we just give up. I feel disgusting to him, and I want some type of spark back! What to do?? Any other expecting mommas go through this?


The best pregnant sex i had i started giving him oral while he was asleep and then just got on top lmao it sounds horrible but being spontaneous helps


Pregnant or not he should want to make love to you, maybe try spending more time with fore play an try different positions that might be more comfortable


My boyfriend didn’t have sex with me that much when I was pregnant either, because he thought he was hurting our baby. But I threw fits into I got what I wanted lol it’s kinda rude that he says pregnant women don’t turn him on. That’s really rude. I would honestly leave over that lol


Some men are scared of sex during pregnancy…doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you!


Ride him :speak_no_evil::woman_facepalming:t2: hahaha

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I don’t think i could still find myself attracted to a man that said that while i carried his child… that’s just me though


I just bend over :woman_shrugging: I cant ride like I used too cause my big ole belly but he likes it. Put some of those sex pills in his drinks :joy::joy: I’ve always wanted too.


You are carrying his child. Thats messed up up for him to say pregnant women don’t turn him on. Just cause you can’t do your normal positions, there are pleanty of other ones you can do.

  1. It is wrong that he even told you that.
  2. He helped you get pregnant so he should be helping you satisfy your needs. There is literally the whole internet full of information about positions that are comfortable

I’m sorta going through this. I’m 28 weeks and we used to have sex EVERY SINGLE DAY sometimes more than once for a year and a half then I got pregnant. Once I got big he was afraid it would hurt me. So we just did it gently for a while. Now we dont as much anymore but instead we get each other off in different ways than intercourse so we still feel a sexual connection and still satisfy each other. :slight_smile:

Well after baby your not gonna wanna have sex right away…so I mean take this time to have intimacy with out sex and build a better bond eventually hes gonna wanna have sex either way so just do the closeness stuff until your both ready sex is and exchange of energy and if he ain’t feeling it idk

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Take this as an opportunity to try to find a new favorite position :person_shrugging:

Lots of men are freaked out that they will hurt the baby, they will hurt you or that the baby is “watching,” but they are too embarrassed to admit any of this, so say stupid stuff to put you off. Can you take him to a doctor’s appointment and have the doc talk to him about it? There’s oral & toys if it seems hopeless until the baby is born.

Omg pregnant woman are beautiful ! I’m so sorry he said that to you . After you give birth I’d hold out on him for awhile and see how it makes him feel !!!


My husband loved sex during my pregnancy according to him my walls contracted harder and the lubrication was more intense and I was a lot tighter for a long time during my pregnancy we found many different ways to get off sexually such as nipple play in early pregnancy or even inner thigh work. Your body is high on hormones and you’d be surprised at the things that can make you climax… if he’s not interested in pregnant women he shall and saying your getting to fat for him to be turned on that fucking shallow be careful because he might say you didn’t lose the baby weight and leave I’m just warning I’ve seen this happen hope this is helpful


First of all… Fuck Him!
Second of all… Fuck him!!

I just didn’t have sex after line 6 months. It was uncomfortable and stressful for us both.

His body, his choice! how would you feel if he was constantly pressing you to have sex when you don’t want to? I understand where you’re coming from because I am 35 weeks and haven’t had sex with my partner since february but it’s something I had to accept because it is his right to decline. Soon you won’t even want to be touched trust me. This is a time to find an intimate connection that doesn’t involve intercourse. Maybe you guys should try a date night once a week.


We had sex almost everyday while I was pregnant he shouldn’t be treating you like that being pregnant is beautiful.


He might be feeling hormonal or might be just zhallow

Maybe some sexy panties and have him bend you over. Give him a massage set the mood… assure him he cant hurt the baby. Maybe Google positions for pregnancy and try them…Good luck.

Tell him youre not attracted to douche bags who get you pregnant then tell you hurtful things. Get a toy and do it yourself. It will probably turn him on then tell him you arent interested.


I dont understand why everyone is calling him an asshole or a douche bag or a jerk. Who cares if pregnancy doesn’t turn him on. Theres nothing wrong with that. Im sure you all have something that doesnt turn you on and im sure that doesnt make you a bitch or a cunt for not liking that certain thing or person… Like someone said above…his choice. His body. Just like yours. If the roles were reversed and he was pressuring you for sex when you didn’t want to everybody would still be calling him an a****** saying it’s your choice your body guys can’t win or lose for anything

Unfortunately some men are just that way but it’s not that he finds you disgusting, some men just don’t find pregnant women sexy even if it’s their wife


I didn’t go through this because my husband isn’t an ass. You aren’t some pregnant woman, you are his wife.

Shit I wish my kids dad’s were like that. I got huge with all 5 of mine. I mean like I was carrying twins. And my sex life was great all the way till the end. I actually felt like a horse at the end. I felt too big. They didn’t care tho :person_shrugging::joy:

Well…he did this too you so… I’ll be nice, I’m sure you’re a beautiful glowing momma!!!

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Every time you come back from the store tell him how you constantly have guys hitting on you :joy: (it’s a joke)


Every one has their likes and dislikes. Some men fetishize pregnant women while other men find it creepy or have mixed emotions about it. I would talk to him about it and if he still does not consent then respect that. Maybe find a different way to achieve sexual satisfaction like toys or porn during sex.


Everyone complaining that he doesn’t find pregnant woman is disgusting. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you and you are not disgusting by any means. People shouldn’t have to deal with being shamed because they don’t like a certain thing. It’s no better then women not like men shorter then them or younger or whatever it may be. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with that person just that they have an opinion and it currently is that you are pregnant and he is uncomfortable with having sex with a pregnant lady.


No :person_tipping_hand: 5 kids never happened

I am almost 37 weeks and me and my partner have sex almost every day, we are currently 4 days dry and that’s because I’ve been in quite a lot of pain with my body preparing to give birth in a couple of weeks, I’m not saying that your husband should have sex with you every day but it’s not all about him and he needs to be willing to compromise, he is the one who made the decision to have a child with you. Plus, he should feel lucky that you want to have sex with him while pregnant as a lot of women lose their sex drives with the hormone and body changes.


My husband felt the same way. He assured he was very attracted to me, and loved me but the physical aspect just changes things. I don’t think they do it intentionally or to be hurtful even though it deff comes off that and feels that way. I felt hurt by it too. Whenever we did, we only did it doggy style because I didn’t “look” pregnant and he didn’t have to touch my stomach and we both got what we needed without hurting feelings. Just keep in the back of your mind it’s temporary, after the baby comes it will be back to normal. Like the above post, toys will get you through pregnancy, it’s only a few more weeks :hugs: hope this helps!


My ex told me pregnancy didn’t do it for him and I was fat and ugly and disgusting…

But many men love pregnancy, some just don’t. .

Good thing yours isn’t an ass or I’d offer to go on a road trip to avenge you…


The great thing about sex. . There’s SOOOOO MANY POSITIONS. .

Try something new?

Youre not just some pregnant woman. Youre his WIFE.


Wow ive never heard of anything so bad in all my life, your having his baby and he should be telling u how beautiful u are, how amazing this is, bring a new life in the world, so he just dont know what hes missing, i was always told all women are beautiful and when your prenach your eyes shine, just remember how special u are.


Not while pregnant. But since having my daughter a lil over a year ago our sex life tanked. His family turned on me and he just lost all sexual interest. I tried for months to fix it but nothing worked so I gave up and we are now just in a sexless relationship for the most part. When it does happen its not even good so whatever. Im over it.


We had sex the day before baby’s were born, sorry he’s a jackass. Tell him he’s no man it’s ridiculous. I would get off in front of him. Say you don’t need him see what he says. I know plenty of men who love their wives sex is about love. If he’d love you he would, you shouldn’t have to “turn him on” sorry… Some men just don’t get it. Then how is he getting what he needs? Ok I hope I wasn’t to rude…:scream:

What a jerk sorry but damn

I went through the dry spell cause he was afraid that he would hurt me or the baby I reassured him he couldn’t. Now we have sex but not as much since I’m 32 weeks.

Hun, im 22 and a half weeks pregnant and ive been laid 3 times this month when it used to be 3 times in a 5 hour span. He also calls it a “chore” and then says that " masturbating only takes 10 minutes"…to me its like, well fucking excuse me for wanting to pleasure us both…its cool, enjoy your hand. Now when he begs for it i dont give him shit, even if i want it. Taste of his own punk ass medicine. Needless to say we dont have sex hardly anymore but, at this point im so pissed off and frustrated with him id rather him not touch me.

She’s saying it’s not that he doesn’t want sex he’s not attracted to her because she’s pregnant

Some men are scared of sexy during pregnancy.its not the end of the world .

You’re not just a pregnant women.
You’re his pregnant women. He should still be attracted to you

I wasn’t in this situation thank god. But if certain positions hurt you he should understand that. My bf did.
Maybe try laying on your side and have sex that way. Idk

Your husband is a dick :woman_shrugging:t2:


Well, if he don’t think you’re attractive pregnant, then I hate to read the post after pregnancy that he don’t find you attractive for carrying his child… #MomBod


Are you sure that will change after birth I find most men that are turned off by preg will be more turned off by natural birth did u prepare for that too? Never nice to feel unwanted


We had sex up until the last couple months. He should wanna have sex with you and understand that some positions are a no go but that doesn’t mean to cut you off. No man should tell a pregnant woman that she doesn’t turn him on because she is carrying his child!

Well im single and almost 6 months pregnant you bet I understand except no one wants to date me, do me, or anything else beacuse im pregnant so…

My man and i are experiencing this but he is scared he is going to hurt me or the baby…we just miscarried with our first together in July and found out we were pregnant again in October…he is super nervous to hurt me…im 36 weeks tom and its like 2 times a month kinda thing and he does it more do to me whining i want it…but its taken a toll on me personally and caused me to be insecure about myself and being pregnant or the side affects of pregnancy (weight gain) but i knw when we first met almost 5 yrs ago i just found out i was 15 weeks pregnant and he didnt mind sex through out that pregnancy…so i know its not that but being pregnant my hormones are everywhere and i take it personal at times…but i also understand his fear…our first child together and we just lost one…so i get it and try to respect it but sometimes i just got to tell him i want it and need it…and he makes me make sure the doctor oks it like literally every appointment he attends and is assured sex is ok…and still its hard to get him to be comfy with it…hopefully soon after our baby girl is here our sex life goes to something alil more then its been

I think that’s some ultra disrespect there, your his wife, the mother of his child, currently pregnant with his child. And that’s really rude and hurtful for him to say such a thing to his pregnant wife weather he meant it that way or not. He is an asshole, next time he wants sex when you not “pregnant” tell him your not attacted to assholes.

There are a few positions that work. Try the spooning position.

Maybe pregnant women don’t turn him on because he is afraid to hurt the baby or just feel weird having sex with the baby growing right there. Also you begging hi to have sex might be a big turn off. Would you be turned on and want to have sex with someone begging you? Also, after baby is born, you might not want sex for a while so you should treat him now how you would want to be treated when you don’t want sex. Find other ways of intimacy.

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Throw the whole man out… :sweat_smile:


A man should NEVER ever put you down like that. Making that general statement of “Pregnant women don’t turn me on” Well you’re not every other pregnant woman. What a slap in the face. Shame on him. You are his wife and mother to his child. How piggish.


Well maybe he shouldn’t have gotten you pregnant then🙄 men are fucking idiots. I’m sorry you have to deal with that

I couldn’t have sex the whole time I was pregnant. I had lots of complications

If hes not attracted to you now “being pregnant” you better not let him watch you give birth…Hes wrong for feeling that way & for saying it to you- the mother of his child… Good luck.

If he tells you that pregnant women don’t turn him on . I highly doubt that you can spark up this relationship . I’m sorry but it might just last until you have the baby .

Buy some sexy lingerie and maybe do a Boudoir photo for him. If that dont work, you have a girlfriend

Thats normal. Look up pregnancy safe sex positions