How to get toddler used to baby being around?

Mama’s with 2 kiddos under 3, what are some things that helped you after having your second baby with a toddler at home? Our little boy is 2, just turned 2 in feb. My husband and I are thinking about trying to get pregnant with our second and last baby.

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Have the oldest involved in helping…talking and helping your child understand what to expect can help but I’ll be honest…the most helpful thing for me personally was reminding myself not to stress about things I cannot control. Things will fall into place eventually. You can do all the planning in the world…real life does not care. Parenting is unpredictable, learning to roll with things is invaluable.

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Have oldest invovles in everything!

I was scared to bring our newborn home bc I knew our three year old was going to try to help. We sat her down and explained that she can’t try to pick up the baby bc she was very fragile “like an egg” (we have chickens and she’s dropped eggs so it was an easy analogy)
We let her hold her, supervised of course, and asked her to to help grab a diaper or whatever to include her.

The most difficult thing was when she’d get fussy and needed our attention. Our oldest started “being a baby” so we had to explain to her that we didn’t love her less and that her baby sister just needed different attention sometimes. Luckily she didn’t keep acting like a baby for too long, maybe a couple of weeks.

My daughter has 2 under 2. Her oldest was not happy and did not want anything to do with the baby when the baby came home lol and then we went through a period of time where he recognized that every time the baby cried the baby got attention so he would revert back to these little baby episodes where he would whine and cry like his sister. She’ll be a year old soon and he ain’t all lovey dovey with her but he does like to get on the floor and play with her and show her new things and how her toys work and help his mom with getting her diapers or binky etc. Don’t force it but always be as inclusive as u can when u can ,that’s my best advice. let um come around to the idea of the new baby in their own time and way. My daughter had less resistance this way and more successful cute sibling moments these past 8 months. Her oldest will be 2 on Saturday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.