How to get toddlers to like bath time?

Is it normal for toddlers (18 months old) to go through phases of liking taking a bath to not liking to take a bath ?


Heck sometimes I just don’t have the energy to get a shower but then once I’m in I don’t want to get out :rofl:

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Yes. Toddlers are psychos. I’ve learned this on my journey… entering the four year old phase now. Save me!


Totally normal! My 7 and 11 year old are still that way!!

Oh God yes. Toddlers can change from one minute to the next. My 18 month old son hated bath time. It used to be get in wash rinse get out. Now he gets in the tub fully dressed because he is so excited to take a bath.

Following. My son loved baths and now acts scared. He just turned 17 months old.

Yes! My son always loved his bath time then for about 4 or 5 months he would throw a tantrum to take a bath. Especially since he knew bedtime was next but he eventually got over it

Yesss…toddlers are one of the most indecisive creatures…

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You cant depend on toddlers for anything. One day is fine, the next day its the worst thing that’s ever happened. Maybe see if they are interested in taking a shower with you during the no baths periods

Oh we started that phase around 15 months, still in it…shes 3

My son climbs in the tub and turns on the water every time I go to the bathroom.

Every. Time.

He’s 17 months.

Um toddlers go through every phase known to man. 100% normal. They hate us.


Yes my son goes back and forth some nights he loves it some nights he flips out the whole time

It was a fight to get him in and a fight to get him out.:blush:

Complete weirdos. My kids are now 14,20&21.
Can be ANYTHING. All different. One of mine loved the bath, got soap in her eyes once, played hell getting her in the next time.
Then my son figured out bath time was followed by bed time… Could be sooooo many things

Yes. They’ll pretty much do that with everything until about 4 or 5.

Yes. My kids are so scared of baths. My daughter is terrified of bubbles, too :joy:

my son hates baths. only insists on going into the shower. i wish he would take a bath. i want to experience that fun bubbles and ducks play time :frowning:

All of my kids dislike having baths until they are in them… then they love them and don’t want to get out lol

Mine did. Screamed bloody murder for a couple weeks and ever since he’s been a major water baby. Every time someone takes a shower he’ll cry to be let in.

Very normal. My 2 year old changes his mind every few months lol

Every other night with my 13 month old even haha

I still struggle to get my 3 year old to bath and a struggle to get him out haha it doesn’t end :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

My son is 2 and still hates taking a bath :joy:

Omg yes. They will do this with everything from the food they will are willing to eat to the clothes they are willing to wear. Toddlers are picky creatures and they go throw phases quickly.

My kids do this everyday one day they love bath n shower the next showers r like hell the following showers r great baths suck and they range from 10 to 7 to 5 to 3

Yup, my son is 5 1/2 and is still like this