How to get toddlers to listen?

Seeking advice to get my two-year-old to listen.

My child and I have been by ourselves for almost two years. Her dad is not in her life. I can not get this child to mind me at all… I know she is 2 years old but she does understand what I tell her. She prefers to do the opposite, or just ignores me! I know kids will be kids but… This behavior ñeeds to stop before she gets hurt! She has no fear of any animals or strangers. I have been trying to be very consistent with her… I am just not having any luck. I have even taken away toys, no tv time and nothing phases this child.


You already said it… She’s TWO


Sounds like my 2yr old lol. But i have a stern foot. She will get helped if she doesn’t listen. I can tell my daughter to go to her room in a stern voice and I think she’s scared of it and listens, but it’s the terrible 2s. Just be consistent with her

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Give it time and just be consistent in giving her LOVE. She is only 2 after all!


All toddlers do this. Its a phase. Two is where they start testing boundaries and consequences. Stay consistent.


Some kids just don’t listen. My first two were great. Even as toddlers. My youngest girl is 2 now and she screams and hits, scratches and pulls hair, tells me no and runs away. Every kid is different. All we can do is show them consistency and how to act our best.

Do you just tell her NO and that’s it? I rarely use the word no and redirect instead. Only starting using no when he did after learning it at daycare :joy: What helped with my toddler is redirection and also explain things like an adult. He really focuses when I get down to his level and just talk to him.

Mine are 8 and 10 and they don’t listen!!! I used my demonic voice earlier and she listened :flushed::roll_eyes:

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Shes just a baby 2 is to young to e pect her to realize punishment. Just try to remember shes just a baby.

At this stage it’s hard because you think they’re choosing not to listen to you, but you’re putting your own fully developed brain and it’s way of thinking and reflecting that onto a child who still has a long ways to go before they are at your level.
How are you talking to her? I’ll put it in this perspective… would you prefer it if someone barked orders at you all day? Try including yourself into it. You want the toys picked up, turn it into a game. She won’t stop bugging you to play with her while you’re making dinner, get her to help you. As for telling her things like “don’t touch that”, etc at 2 they lack impulse control. That hasn’t developed yet in their brain so even if they know it’s wrong, they physically can’t help themselves. Just remove the temptation and turn certain areas into “yes spaces”.

Edit: And since you mentioned issues with strangers, I can only assume you mean “stranger danger”, so this article might be helpful:

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Also a safe play room with a gate so she has nothing to get hurt on or break / get into .

Strapping a kid into a car seat for punishment is NOT ok.


She is 2 ffs it’s their job not to listen


At this age physical interventions are necessary. Saying “no” isn’t going to phase her.


Lele Rose your opinion, it’s not harmful it keeps them safe and helps them learn to stay in time out . They even used it on that Nanny show . I think it’s not ok to not have control of your child witch can result in them getting hurt .

Elise Lampert no it’s not. Why would it be . I didn’t say leave them there all day just a short 1 to 2 min time out .

a little bit of bribery goes a long way

It gets better, I’m going through the terrible 2’s (two months early) for the third time

Totally normal phase. Just continue love, patience, and consistency! You got this!

My daughter was the same way at that age and it continued on. Got a autism diagnosis 3 years later

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I used books with my son. When he was 2 and 3 he was the same way. They make age appropriate books for everything you want to teach your child.

Well you may not have ever had a special needs child then. My child even at 5 was a danger to himself but not to animals so figure that one out

Samantha Moore
“Specific phobias:

These usually develop before the age of 4 to 8 years. In some cases, it may be the result of a traumatic early experience. One example would be claustrophobia developing over time after a younger child has an unpleasant experience in a confined space.”

This isn’t about dictating, it’s stating facts put out there by psychologists, researchers as well as other professionals whom have devoted their lives to brain development.
And time ins with the child work better than time outs anyway.