How to get toddlers to wear shoes?

My son turned 1 last month. He started walking a week ago. He’s got the hang of it pretty well but he does not like wearing shoes and they make it harder for him to walk. Has anyone else had this? How and when should I transition him?


He doesn’t need shoes. Not for awhile.


I didn’t put shoes on my boys unless they were absolutely needed, barefoot or grippy socks


Yes mine. Shes 1.5 yrs old and still doesn’t wear shoes unless we going out.

Shoes yes can make them more unbalanced. So while he’s in the house barefoot til he gets steady. Then put them on to go outside. Wider shoes are better. Even start with like booties

I didn’t put shoes on mine until they were walking for awhile. I let them get the hang of walking first and then when they showed interest in shoes we put them on.

We started out with Mocs. They were perfect and like a slipper

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My daughter is 1.5 and still hates them. It’s normal. I say they’re kids once and if they’re not going to step on a nail while they’re walking… who cares?

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Shoes supports his ankles and so he won’t b bowlegged …

We didn’t do shoes unless we were going somewhere or outside. And when we did, she wore robeez so she could still feel the ground!


Do what’s right for your child my son never wore shies until he started walking and even then as soon as we got hm off no socks or shoes even out side in the back now he gets spinters so he now loves shoes hates stepping on dirt n sand lol

Stride rite makes a shoe called soft motion for babies learning to walk. They are soft, flexible and form to their foot. target carries a cheaper version of this shoe called stride rite surprise thats the same thing.


You can grab some soft soled shoes like Robeez if you want his feet covered but it is much better for him to be barefoot as much as possible until he’s stable. :heart: Aw, I love the cute Frankenbaby stage! Lol


I put some slip-resistant socks on my kids just so they would slip, but barefoot most of the time. No need for shoes yet.

Robeez are great for first walkers

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I’m 62 & I still hate wearing shoes! :joy: I guess ankle support is good but barefoot is great for everyone indoors (& outdoors in the grass if it’s nice.


When my kids were just learning to walk, they didn’t wear shoes very much. When they started walking well and they needed to wear shoes, we put them on.

I left my daughter barefoot unless we went out. She walked May right after she turned 1, so I didn’t bother with shoes really until it got cold.


Try sneakers that are soft cloth.

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get him a soft bottomed shoe. I always left my kids barefoot unless we were going out though. they’re 4 and 2 now and never wear shoes at home. my 2 year old still doesn’t want to wear shoes. lol

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I put shoes on my 10 month old today and he acted like he couldn’t be stand up :joy::joy::joy: he wasn’t too sure about that horse either :joy::woman_facepalming:

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I’m 57 and still don’t like them!!!


Just be sure he doesn’t have flat feet/or falling arches.
My son does. I wish I had made him wear shoes now.
Most children form an arch by age 4 but my son never did.

They really don’t need shoes my little didn’t like them either. I got little sandals for one of my kiddos. Or find light shoes then work up. My kids wore shoes going out but they always took off shoes.

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It’s better/easier for them to learn without them. And it’s a hard transition

I never put shoes on my kids unless we jad to go somewhere Let him be without the shoes

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My youngest son is 2 and still does not like shoes. I only make him wear shoes if we are going out. Because, he gets it honest. I never wear shoes either (because I hate them, they are like bras… Uncomfortable, suffocating and blahhhh.) unless I am actually leaving to go somewhere and my 2 older kids 10 and 9 hate shoes as well. It’s just one of those things I guess…


I put shoes on only when leave the house, he’ll get it, they all do!:wink:

Yes with all 3 of mine

It’s best to let them walk barefooted unless you go out

My kids didn’t wear shoes unless we where going somewhere. I hate shoes so why would I force them on my kids lol. Let the baby go barefoot

It’s actually better for him not to wear shoes as babies grip with their toes when they’re learning to walk. A soft soled shoe is good if outside, otherwise, let those piggies be free!

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apparently kids are better off without shoes unless they have a foot disfigurement

Our pediatrician said that it’s better for them without shoes when they’re learning. They use their toes to balance and can’t really do that in shoes. My youngest didn’t like shoes for a long time but around 2 years old become obsessed with boots.

Developmentally it’s better to keep shoes off them them. Let’s them learn to balance better etc

Light, flexible shoes, I suggest something with good ankle support at first. Comfort is key

My son is 14 months he started walking right before his birthday we had him wear shoes around the house and to the store even if he wasn’t walking around so he could get use to them

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I had to order wide shoes for my 2nd lo when she started to walk for a few years. She hates reg shoes and had a lot of issues until I talked with her Dr about and checked her feet out. She suggested to try it and it made a huge difference.

I grew up with my grams… all my kids got these bad boys :sweat_smile:


I put mine in hard bottoms early but some people let their kids go barefoot. It’s all up to you mama!

My daughter started walking at 7 months old, would only wear her favorite little clown slippers until she was 2, went through 3 pairs of them, shes now 22 and has had no foot problems

My daughter wore moccasins

Kids shield be bat foot as much as possible. Shoe’s do not only cause unbalance, but a multitude of other problems too. I’m 32 & still don’t wear shoes unless I have to

I would say what worked for my little boy is lighter weighted shoes and high tops which hold his ankles. :+1:

All babies at first should be in soft sole shoes when they first start walking. Hard sole have been shown to inhibit development.

It is so much better for the development of the kids feet to stay out of shoes. My 20 month old and 4 year old are outside most of the time without shoes.


My son was like that. I actually bought him some shoes that fit like socks, cannot think of the name and went from there. To this day he doesn’t like shoes.

I let my daughter walk with shoes in the house just so she could get use to it. But still today, she loves being barefoot lol

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I did have this problem. The Dr said leave his shoes off as much as possible. When shoes are necessary to put soft flexible shoes on. He said they need to flex his feet to walk and the shoes were to hard and stiff for him to move his feet correctly. He walked first in July right before his birthday. By September he was able to walk in any shoe that was put on him. He is about to be 29 still doesn’t like to wear shoes lol

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In the beginning they are just getting the hang of walking so they don’t like to have anything on their feet. My son hated shoes when he first started walking. They say to get soft soled shoes but mainly I just put him in socks to get him used to walking with something on his feet before I started working with him walking in shoes. Now at 16 mo he’s fine with or without shoes.

IV always let my littles just walk bear foot unless going somewhere or outside they got in a habit like me i take my shoes off as soon as I’m inside and they were all fine even as an adult I still hate shoes lol I just wear flip flops when weather is nice

My son struggled with shoes at first too but he got the hang of it with practice lol

Shoes worse thing for feet be careful where he walks so doesnt hurt himself.