How to get trapped water out of ear?

The best way to get water trapped in your ear out? I’ve tried laying on either side, shaking my head. It’s been stuck all day. I used to get ear infections all the time as a kid and had tubes inserted twice. Help!!


Have you tried qtips?

Use a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol. Whenever I have water trapped in my ear and it won’t come out despite everything else I’ve tried, a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol in the ear gets it out instantly. :woman_shrugging:t3:

  1. Peroxide
  2. Ear drops
  4. Pull the bottom of your lobe the palm of your hand over your ear canal and cause suction then lay your ear down on that side of your head.

I’ve had swimmers ear so many times I’ve done all of these in the past


Pour peroxide in ear work’s for me all the time

Dont use a qtip it will get stuck in the canal. Go to the dr and get drops to keep it from turning into an ear infection.

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I usually pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol in the ear, wiggle the ear around, and then drain the alcohol out. It evaporates very quickly so you dont have to worry about the alcohol staying in there.

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They used to tell us kids. Lean your head to the right and kick out your left leg then lean head to left and kick out your right leg try it wont lose anything


1/2 vinegar 1/2 Alcohol mixture. Use 4 drops. Lay and Wait 15 min.


This sounds stupid but lean your head the way the water is in and hop on the opposite foot It works

Put the palm of your hand on ear, lay to that side, use hand like a plunger.

So I know this is random, but fill the ear up with water then too your head to put it out, it’ll all drain that way. It may take 2-3 times, but usually works on the first try

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Pour rubbing alcohol in your ear.

NEVER use Q tips ! ! My doctor told me I should never put anything in my ear that was smaller than my elbow ! lol