How to give kids the sex talk?

Question for the mommas…how and when did you give your child/children the “sex talk”? My second child is 11 and started her period in January. My mom never told me the birds and the bees story. No rude comments please. Thanks!


So my daughter will be 11 and no period yet. However lots of older cousins and we lived in the city where i knew she was hearing stuff beyond what I would have liked. I talked her her maybe last year. I mean nothing to graphic of course but kind of the basics.

Now is the time. I’ve always been up front with my kids and that has seemed to hekp

Mine is 11.5 and had her period for a year - but we had the talk when she was turning 10.

Its really up to but now would be a great time

Now, the chance she already has some idea is pretty high. You hear it from other kids in neighborhood,school,tv…
I had this talk with my kids around 10 before their period. We are very open here at this house and i refuse to sugar coat how the human body works. Children need facts.

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I started from day dot. He knows about sperm, eggs, periods. He just doesn’t know about D in the V yet. I’ll tell him when I feel he needs to know or I find out he’s heard stuff at school.
You’re the best judge of where your daughters at. The very least you need to explain is what is happening to HER body and why.
The D in V conversation need not happen yet but she does need to know about sperm and eggs etc

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My daughter is 11, hasn’t had her period yet, I told my husband I think it would be better for her after her first period, I might end up doing it this summer before she goes to middle school

My mom told me when I started my period. At 10.
If you’re not ready to talk about sex yet, have a full anatomy talk. It might even segue into the sex talk… My daughter is about to turn 9. I cant believe it’s almost time for all this.:sob::sob::sob:

I started when my daughter got her first period and let her know that now that she has a period she could get pregnant. So we had a whole big talk. I was in the same position though, my parents never spoke to me about it so I had no idea what to say. Just was as informative as possible and answered any questions she had patiently, even though they freaked me out lol

My kids have always had an open door policy on walking in on me in the bathroom, so girls and boys have seen me change pads, seen hair down there, etc. So I have talked to them since they were little…at least around 8.

I think I was probably 8 or 9 when my mom had the talk with me.

My kids learned as they asked. If they’re old enough to ask, they’re old enough to know. Obviously age appropriate. My 13 and 11 year old daughters are now curious about safe sex practices and why so we’ve been learning about that. I refuse to let my daughters be ignorant about their bodies or sex so they do something without thinking or knowing the consequences. But I’m also sex positive and body positive and have never made it an embarrassing thing


I’ve introducing it in different levels for years. My oldest just turned 11 as well and I’d definitely rather her learn and hear things from me than at school or on the bus. And if she’s got her period technically she could get pregnant so I would say definitely now for you

I was 8 when my mom told me around the time I started my period and that’s my plan when daughter’s old enough

Honestly she probably already knows :person_shrugging:


My mother taught me The Facts of Life at the age of 9 we talked about periods we talked about having sex we talked about birth control she was very open with me about sex and having babies and everything which in turn enabled me to be open and it’s easier for me to talk to my daughters about sex and birth control

I would say as soon as she has her period the latest!

My girls are now 11 and 10. I think they knew from ages 6 and up. But in our house nakedness and the human body is ‘no big deal’ as I’m a nurse (I see naked people everyday lol). From there talks just got deeper and more involved.

And as my husband and I separated 5 years ago and ‘mum started dating’ I think that also contributed to talks happening sooner.

Each child and household is different, but you’ll know when it’s time :+1:

We are very open in my home. We’ve never officially sat down and talked about it so I don’t know the exact age but it’s always been talked about. I also don’t do birds and bees tho…everything is exact and straight up. My 12 years old knows more than a lot of adults and isn’t afraid to ask questions.

I never got the sex talk either except from sex ed lolol

I would say around 8ish? I’m a bus driver and around 8 seems to be when they start talking about it.

I wont be waiting to give it to my son because my parents waited for me. By the time they chose to tell me I already knew a ton from other kids and the internet

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Tell her the basic…honestly she already probably knows the other stuff cause kids talk

We have always had an open dialogue about things. When they were little we taught them boys and girls were different any use factual names for our parts, and how it’s not okay for anyone to touch them there. Then as they got older we added more facts and adjusted the conversation to their age. By 11 we had discussed, sex abstinence, stds and protecting yourself. I feel the better educated they are they better choices they can make.

My oldest find out about sex at five(13) cause my seven yr old nephew thought it was a good idea to tell her what my other 9 yr nephew told him what he sawed on a porn video that he find in his mom room

But my oldest and middle both got their period at 10 so once that I told them about everything no sugar coating at all I got all females so they need to know everything and they watch a video on YouTube a lady giving birth real graphic video and plus google will help a lot cause des kids today look up everything

Anytime it appropriately comes up.

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My kids were 3 and 4 when they knew babies come out of a womans vagina (2 girls,1boy) and knew all their body parts and the difference between boys and girls

When the period starts that’s a very good time to explain everything … I’m sure they have heard stuff at school but you want them to get all the right info from you!

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If she has her period you probably wanna do it sooner rather than later.

That is the perfect time to have it. Because her period is directly related to sexual reproduction.

11?! Holy crap they’re getting younger and younger with periods!

My 6 and 8 year old already know the basics

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Depends on the child. My 7 year old knows what sex is generally, he knows that’s how a baby is made and knows the baby can come out of the vagina or through an operation (C-section)
Although I wouldn’t have the discussion with my 6,3 and 1 year old haha

My 7 year old is actually a 35 year old man in disguise.

My son was 9 I caught him looking at inappropriate stuff so we had the talk.

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My mom tried to give it to me when I was 16 and had my first real boyfriend. I already knew everything but she was baffled. Don’t wait too long now is a good time😂. And teach her safety!

U should give it to her now. The only talk i ever had was the period talk. I had to learn about sex on my own & from sex ed class at 13

I would first start off with periods at 8 because some girls get them that young, and the sex talk around 11. Kids are having sex that young as well.

Every time they asked a question at any age they for an age appropriate answer. We dont do “the talk” we just talk.


Find out what she thinks she knows and go from there let her ask questions, be honest but not judging. The open and relaxed you both are the better and the more she will share with you instead of hiding things later as she gets older.

Had to give mine at 10

I would just get it over with now. Just sit her down and say look this is about to be a really awkward conversation so please bear with me and go through everything about periods and sex you can get through.

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