How to handle burn out while pregnant?

Im needing some advice. I’m 24 wks with baby number 5, this whole pregnancy I haven’t been very sentimental or hormonal. But today i just feel like a bad wife. I work part time, have a toddler at home and my wonderful husband. I do share custody of my other 3 with their dad who lives in Washington state. He gets them for the summer which I don’t mind… but anyway just recently I have started to feel really lazy. I have never felt like this with any other pregnancy. When I get home from work and I have absolutely no energy whatsoever to clean my own house. I know my husband isn’t use to this but he hasn’t said nothing to me yet. I feel like a bad wife. It’s been super hot here in Texas lately but i have ac so I don’t know what my issue is. I feel burnt out. Has anyone else felt like this before? And how do u find the extra umf to clean


Try to stay hydrated… A/c or not it’s still summer, need to stay more hydrated… Every pregnancy is different, it could be something else too. Maybe talk with your doc, and ask for maybe some medical advice.

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Your growing a tiny human, be kind to yourself :heart:


Im 13 weeks and I normally clean every day but last week, I didn’t do shit. I forced myself to put the clothes away and wash the dishes. We’re also in the process of packing so we can move. Thankfully my husband helped me clean the house today. He’s been super understanding this pregnancy, because it is NOTHING like my last.

I think you should definitely talk to him about how you’re feeling. It helps to have the support. :heavy_heart_exclamation: Stay strong momma, you are worthy of self love and you are not a bad wife.

Yes and I just put music on and joke with friends while having a cleaning party

Get your kids to help! Heat is exhausting in itself

Thyme basil and spearmint are on the charts for iron though if you just want to eat it :slight_smile:

Girl. I can promise you…after 4 kids and number 5 on the way, he knows what carrying a baby does to your body. Just try talking to him if you feel it’s bothering him…im sure he will understand​:purple_heart::purple_heart:

Pregnancies are different. With my first I stayed exhausted. With the second I was like superwoman. Babies and I were fine both times. Just be honest with your husband and tell him how you feel.

Omg get over it lol… you have 4 kids and another on the way, all while being mom, wife, and cleaner, cooker, etc… you are aloud to feel and be lazy. Hopefully your husband isn’t saying to you because deep down he knows it too.

Every pregnancy is different. With my first i was soooo tired all the time. I would sleep all day maybe get up do dishes n go nap n when my so got home hed want to hang out n watch movies n i couldn’t stay up long enough to make it through 2 movies. With my 2nd i had all the energy in the world

I felt that way with my fourth one and my fifth one.i was healthy just tired but it did pass as it got cooler to time for baby to arrive and the nesting kicked in.