How to handle dry skin in pregnancy?

Currently 37 weeks, which ladies out there have had a “problem” with very sensitive skin, both dry, and fragile? I’m noticing with 2 separate occasions I’ve accidentally grazed a nail over the main area of skin on my breast and the areola specifically, and have come away with near bloody experiences, with how fragile the skins seems to be now. Does anyone have any experience with this? And do you have any recommendations that have worked for you? And specific products? Also ones that would be safe to use while breast feeding in case this is a continued issue when little one is born…? Thank you!


Coconut oil and lanolin

Goats milk based soap and coconut oil. Especially the coconut oil!

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It’s greasy, but I rubbed down my whole body after a shower, with aquaphor every night. No stretch marks even after I have birth. Also helped with my horribly dry skin.

Lots and lots of cocoa butter