How to handle mom guilt?

Shit girl i do the same. Remeber ur a human like everyone else dont take it to hard.

:person_raising_hand: I’ve done the same, but I’ve noticed also & felt guilty… I went back to work & was getting roughly 6 hours of sleep every night. When I noticed my frustration I felt really bad & ever since then even if I’m very exhausted I take a moment before tending to him to keep my composure. It can be difficult at times, but I think it’s normal, good luck.

It happens to the best of us. Have you mentioned her waking in the middle of the night to her doctor? There may be a reason she’s waking.
Also, when she does wake up, don’t go run straight in. Let yourself really wake up and breathe for a second. Kind of mentally check yourself.
I don’t wake up happy always either. My daughter will be turning 12 this June. She is having her spine fused due to scoliosis. She wakes me up now when her back hurts because she has to ask before taking ibuprofen. I gripe at her sometimes when she wakes me up even though she can’t help it. I am sure while we are in the hospital she is going to wake me up there, and I bet even then I won’t wake up cheerful.
Just remember you are human. Your allowed to be imperfect. It doesn’t make you a bad mother. It just means your tired. Give yourself a break okay. Take care!

It’s normal sweetie, i do it too and I’m currently carrying our 4th baby so I’m even more irritable. Don’t be to hard on yourself.


i think we all do this :joy:


I think we’ve all gone thru this not the baby fault and not mad at the baby just tired of being so tired all the time hang in there mom it gets easier!!

We all do it. Dont feel too guilty. She wont remember all of it. It does get better. Is your husband helping you??

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Yeah. Well your SO isn’t exhausted from sleep deprivation.


You’re just tired dad should be helping as well


Join the millions of other tired Moms from over the centuries…don’t fret


It happens sister. I have 3 littles and i get grumpy when they wake up in the middle of the night. My hubs does too. As long as you tend to baby in a nurturing way, shes not gonna remember you cursing under your breath

Nothing unusual here…

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting :person_tipping_hand:


I call my son a little asshole all the time. They will be ok if they hear you cussing, it’s not a big deal. It’s ok and normal to get frustrated especially when we’re tired. It doesn’t make you a bad mom.

Sleep train her! Leave her be when she wakes up so she will learn to sleep thru out the night!

I swear my oldest’s first word was “shit” and once out of frustration I told him (after having to change him & all his bedding 2x in a row at 2 or 4 am), “if you weren’t so cute I’d throw you down the stairs!” Son turned out fine anyway. :grinning: Can someone else watch your little one overnight once in a while? Read up on ways to get baby to sleep through the night, nap when baby naps, have her sleep less during the day. It gets better!

Lol what?! I actively swear at my kids on the daily. They’re older now but still. That’s completely normal.


I feel like all mom dp this. Don’t feel bad, just of you start to get to frustrated and she can feel it wake hubby up and take a step back for a minute.

Join the millions of other tired Moms from over the centuries…don’t fret


Youre a mom. I do this still with mine being five. I never cuss at her but dammit when I’m tired as all hell and she wakes me up in the middle of the night I’m known to be a bit grumpy

I say that shit hopijg the dad woukd jump in but I ask muliple times if he can helpnand he doesn’t or wouldn’t… But yeah its just routine now

I think we’ve all done that at least once. And like your hubs said, it’s not like you are directing it at her. You still do your mom thing and get up and take care of her. You are a great mom. She’ll start sleeping through the night eventually. Don’t let it get to you. You are doing an amazing job.


It sounds like you’re suffering from sleep deprivation. And I’m wondering why your husband isn’t taking over some of the responsibility for you so you can get an uninterrupted night of sleep once in a while.

sounds like co-sleeping is some of your problem. maybe start with a pack-n-play in your room so she’s still with you just not on top of you.


My daughter co slept and made it easier to grab bottle and back to sleep so more for me than her to a point till she slept all bite then her own bed

I curse every single time my kids wake up, they’re 5, 11, 12, and 16
Hell I curse when my husband wakes up, the dogs, the cats, even when my alarm goes off lol


Don’t feel bad ! You’re not alone . It’s a part of becoming a new mother . Maybe try not letting her nap so late in the afternoon keep her up , see if that helps ? It did with all 3 of mine … Maybe it could help you to as well

Hunny don’t feel bad for normal human reactions. Just breath. Its okay my parents cursed at me and stuff and I’m pregnant now with my first and already know imma be like you. Its okay to have emotions its just how you handle it. Your a good mom!

No u don’t have to see anybody for it it’s completely normal. Ur tired lol every single mother is guilty of this and if they say they aren’t they’re lying :joy:
Just take it day by day. Yell in a pillow if u have to. It sounds to me like your a great mom. Quit beating yourself up. There’s mom’s out there who react way worse then that. You’re doing great :blue_heart:

Yup. I curse all the time but that’s just me lol. No one like having their sleep ruined haha

She says her husband says she does this every morning! Every mother has done this but if you’re doing this daily, it’s a problem
You need help, one way or another.

Sounds to me you’re pretty normal… I do this every time my kids wake up except I’ve more than likely said worse. Once my kids are in bed it’s my time and every single time I go to hit the pillow one of them wakes up. I’m like f’ing really again why can’t you just sleep please!! My me time at night is usually when I’m cleaning my room putting laundry away and so forth. It’s normal tho don’t beat yourself up.


My son had colic for a month nothing the doctors gave him helped i was a walking zombie

Been there. Am there. I’m an asshole to everyone when I get woken up at night, lol.

My son when he was little would wake up in the middle of the night and cry and I would never know why . But later on my son told me he has problems with milk

It’s part of being a parent enjoy it it don’t last forever and someday u gonna think man wish they were here to wake me up again love em even more

Its normal… You just want sleep. I don’t blame ya…

Almost every parent has gone through that especially being sleep deprived. My son had his nights/days mixed up and both me and my so both worked while having to be up and try to get him to sleep. Just don’t be too hard on yourself.

Try breathing exercises while listening to meditation in ear buds before falling asleep. I believe you will wake up more refreshed

Maybe he should get up for you and give you a break!


Soo is he at least getting up at night to help since ur clearly frustrated from lack of sleep and need help??


No Mama you don’t have to see anybody about it, unless you want to go get a full body massage or something like that to relax. I was so lucky when woken at night I could close my eyes every time as I hit the bed and barely remember I had been up. We fostered the most beautiful baby girl at 5 days old. She woke 4 times a night for almost five years…she had something simelar to night terrors and she didnt know where she was or who I was. I would gently have to wake her out of it, not so much that she was fully awake, and then gently hug her back to sleep, four times every night…but funny enough I was able for it as I’m a night owl by nature. I read last week on this site about flipping a baby who won’t sleep at night. I had never heard of it but will be telling my daughter’s about it. Check it out on U tube. Apparently it works a dream. Best of luck and if you try flipping I hope it works for us. Of course teething is a different story. It won’t last for ever, but just when this one starts to sleep…woops the next little one will be on its way :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover::shamrock:


Gosh u are only human. Sleep deprivation is the worst. Have u tried moving her cot to a different place in her room. ??
I did this with my daughter years ago and by night 3, was definitely sleeping better.

Sweetheart, you’re not the only one, my son would wake up 10 times a night for about a month straight for no apparent reason and I got angry and yelled into my pillow and slammed the door a lot during that time. I felt so guilty. We all have these days/nights. Just try to keep in mind that this won’t last forever. Maybe ask for your husband to get up with him for a night or two, I had to to be able to keep my sanity during that month. He would take two nights a week to get up with him through the night, it helped loads.
Breathe, and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Me every night for just over 3 years now… it’s just so hard getting up so many times every night. My son was up to 10 wake ups a night and we found out he had obstructive sleep apnea. He’s only waking up like 3 times now so it’s a lot easier but my daughter still wakes up some nights too. I don’t feel bad about it. They don’t know I’m upset about it. I go in there room sign a song and we all go back to sleep. But yeah I’m pissed I’m up :joy:

Could you maybe put some pablum in baby’s bottle after a bath before bed . Would insure baby is relaxed & a full tummy .

My crazy daughter takes after her mother

Totally normal. It’s exhausting. Especially when it’s only you getung up to do it every single night. It won’t last forever, hopefully. :wink: Hang in there momma, you’re doing good.

Sleep deprivation can turn even the sweetest person into a grade A grouch.

It’s perfectly normal… why is your SO just commenting on this and not, oh I dont know, getting up and helping???