How to handle needy toddler days?

How do y’all handle the days when you are so overwhelmed and overstimulated and your toddler only wants to be right in your face? I’m pregnant and today my hormones have me literally touched out and I’m trying to get my 16 month old to just get lay with something while I try to breathe. A shower would help tremendously but I have no idea how to take a shower to calm down while he is awake. Not to mention we have to take my husband 2 hours away for a surgery and have to leave at nap time. I have never felt this all over the place before. I feel like I’m about to pull my hair out

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to handle needy toddler days?

Omg I could of wrote this im 31 weeks with a 16 month old… I don’t have any advice … but same just same your not alone … I do use barney and baby shark adventure on netflix as a baby sitter sometimes… and it’s like even if you had help or someone to watch them for like an hour the mom guilt is unreal.

  1. Breathe.
  2. Strip toddler, get shower ready, get a few bath toys and put them in the back of the shower, have babe play and shower. It isn’t alone but still, rinsing off will help you and playing in the water will probably help babe ease too!
  3. Prepare a sippy and snacks, babes fave blanket and stuffed animal and a tablet if you all use them and babe will likely fall asleep on the way since it’s nap time anyway!
  4. You’re doing great, better than it feels like and better than you know. We almost always are. :yellow_heart:

Get a cardboard box, throw little one in it with some crayons
My little one will play in a box for hours lol. Idk about showering though I still have times I don’t get to shower for days. Unless I stay up late.
You’re also pregnant so patience is thin don’t be so hard on yourself. Kids pick up when we are stressed. Give yourself some credit momma.
Will little one nap in the car? Since you are leaving at nap time?


If you have a good friend or family member nearby, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Also, if there are some good older kids in the neighborhood that you can trust to come play with and watch your baby for a couple of hours while you’re there, hire them. My daughter used to get hired all the time to be “a moms helper.”


Put baby in bathroom with u, with some toys.


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Crying never killed anyone put him in high chair or crib


You need grandma to give you some help, if not a really good friend so you can have a breather.

I hate to tell you but you might want to get used to this situation as you have another coming along soon, and life just goes on…

Toddler in high chair with some crayons and his toothbrush…(toothbrush always seems to keep my daught busy well I shower)


I get this way with my 9 almost 10 year old son still, hes very clingy and affectionate and there are days I have to tell him to stop touching me and to get out of my personal space, of course with a toddler they don’t understand that. Drag his high chair into the bathroom with you or leave it right outside the door with the door open and give him some toys or snacks to keep him occupied for you to take a shower, thats what I had to do because my husband worked all day. A shower will help you feel better!


Go with the day you have rather than the one you want. The world will not end if the dishes sit another day in the sink. If the laundry doesn’t get folded. If you order pizza for dinner. Go with the day you got, and let the rest ride. No one will remember it wasn’t perfect but you.

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whenever I wanted to relax & my son didn’t, especially if it was raining out & he couldn’t go out to play. I made him lay down on the couch with me & stroke the side of his face, He loved that & would fall asleep , even if it was for only a hr, ( he slept 12 hrs every night, so this was a good thing)

Put a blanket on the floor then put some of his favorite toys. Take the play pen and put it over him upside down. I am a single mom it works for me.


Put him in a crib or pack n play with some toys and take a shower. Take care of yourself!

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I have no idea momma. I have a 5 year old a 3 year old and. 6.5 month old. And three step kids. I’m excited before I wake up and a shower would help me too.

When my girl was little I set up a travel cot with toys and put the TV on in the front room if I needed a 10min breather I put my girl in there. She was safe and entertained and she got a happy mummy back in return.
You could also put their highchair in the bathroom with you.
Please don’t put any pressure on yourself. Leave the chores for a day it’s not the end of the world your mental health is more important than the dishes and a bit of mess never hurt anyone! You’re only job is to keep your children and yourself healthy just because you’re at home does not make the house your job too. I forgot that too often xx

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I would say high chair too but if yours is anything like my 14 month old, they’re escape artists. I would put the child in the bathroom with you with some toys that can get wet (it’s almost certain the toys will end up in the tub too) and take your shower mama. I have three kids, 14 months to 8 years, and I made a promise to myself before my first was even born that I absolutely would not be a mom who couldn’t take a shower whenever I pleased. Now I do prefer to shower when they’re all asleep in bed for the uninterrupted shower but hey, some days we need those day light hour showers. Try to take a deep breath :heart: momming isn’t easy.

Take toddler and toys in the bathroom. Shut the toilet and stick something heavy on it. Close the bathroom door. Take your shower.

I’m in the same boat. I’m 5 months pregnant and have a 16 month old. Luckily I have my father in law to help stimulate my son. But it’s mainly me… I suggest movies and toys… also, some fun snacks.

Put him in the shower with you.

Those is me literally EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Take toys in the bathroom and let him play on the floor well you shower l do this as l am a single momma and just talk with him good luck momma

Cocomelon or Sesame Street, shut the door to the bedroom so he can’t leave and let him watch tv while you shower

My life savour was those portable cots if i just need to shower, poo or just 10min to myself if put my son in one of those with a million toys win win. If not try putting him in his pram that way he can still be next to u everywhere u go but you can move around the house and have both hands free :blush: find your thing mumma what works for you and dont be to hard on yourself we have all had one of these days, hell I’ve had weeks like this :heart: