How to handle separation anxiety in kids?

My fiance and I have an almost-two-year-old toddler. She’s experiencing ridiculous separation anxiety from her dad, who’s home with her currently all day, every day, with the exception of running errands. I can come and go as I please, and she could be seemingly careless; I’ve been with her every day since I was pregnant with her. No help from the day she was born from family or friends (I guess COVID is an excuse, but I don’t think it’s a good one, especially if you’ve been vaccinated), and at the time, my fiance was working 100 hour weeks. Since last summer, he’s been in and out of work since quitting the 100hr/week job. I don’t know how to deal with her. He can’t even walk a foot away, or she totally freaks out, but once he’s out of sight, she’s fine, like he wasn’t even here the minute prior. We’re both super irritated with the situation. Any advice?


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If she’s been with him all of this time and knows nothing but him, that type of behavior is to be expected. It would help to arrange play dates or take her to the park where she can socialize with other children and take her on mommy and me trips so that she can bond with you.

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If she’s fine once hes out of sight then just don’t make a fuss. This will pass


It’s a stage in their lives. It gets better. My daughter did this to me and her dad at different times. She’s a daddy’s girl which is fine with me. You have a toddler so meltdowns are just the beginning lol


When my daughter was the same age she would do the sane thing. . She would literally hold onto my leg at home , or anywhere we went … It was hard but she outgrew it … It’s frustrating I know … Try to do more one on one with her without him around , make it fun …

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I’m told it’s a stage they go through. My 2 year old baby boy is going through this. But he’s had me around every single day. I have been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s just him and I (no “father”), and he sees his grandparents a lot too. But he flips when I leave his sight, he’ll cry for a few moments then stop. I always try reassuring him that mommy will be right back and when I come back into his sight, I say, see mommy came back. Good luck hun❤


My son is that way and he is 7. I can’t go in a different room and he yells mom. Even if I get up from the bed he has to ask where I’m going.


It’s because she was secure with you at home,then you started going,now she’s left feeling insecure ,thinking you both could go at anytime.

They grow out of it but phase can last a while. Like a year or two-then they flip

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Just reassure her that Dad will be back. If he used to work 100-hour weeks, chances are she didn’t realize he was there, and now she’s afraid she’ll go back to never seeing him. She will outgrow it but in the meantime you and him will have to get over the annoyance of it all and make sure she always knows he’ll be back.