How to handle stepchildren?

How do you deal with a disrespectful step daughter? I love her to death, but ever since I’ve met her she’s been bossy. Her Mimi which is my husband’s mom let’s her do whatever she wants. She’ll even tell you that. My husband just allows her to pretty much run over him too. We have a one year old together and I am so afraid she’s gonna start acting disrespectful from watching her sister.


Step back. Do the bare minimum. They (meaning stepchildren) don’t have to love or even like you. But they should be respectful. Do the bare minimum for her until she wisens up. Without Dad backing you though, you’re pretty much screwed.


Im in the same boat :roll_eyes:

Seems you may have to have a little talk with dad about getting on the same page.

Unless Dad will back you up, there is little you can do with her. But teach your own to respect you and your husband. And maybe it will rub off on the other. :crossed_fingers:


My mom didn’t put up with it. My mom went above and beyond for her and yet she’s still disrespectful. Mom spoke her mind, let her feelings be known, nothing changed so she washed her hands and doesn’t talk to her.

It’s your home. You have the right to set rules for the house. Pertaining to his daughter and your daughter the same.

I have a couple step daughters and my daughter just loves the oldest, which is bad news for us. My daughter sees me discipline my step daughter (she’s getting ready to turn 16 and has been living under our roof since she was 7), and when my daughter tries to act that way I remind her that is not ok. Thankfully my history backs me most of the time, but I do not tolerate the bs. Husband had 3 kids when we met and we had 3 together, I have 6 kids that I need to make sure they don’t turn out like aholes, we don’t play. Show her who’s boss.

I nipped that in the bud with my ex cause he let me and when I was there he never had trouble with him

Pray turn it over to God. Hard situation, he best bet on lasting results

dont be afraid to discipline her accordingly to her age.i had to deal with that same act issue. thank god they are grown adults are married to her dad and she should show you the same respect he SHOULD BE GETTING FROM HER. he is probably feeling guilty and therefore he will let her walk all over him but trust me it is for the best to nip that in the bud now.