How to handle toddler tantrums?

Help! hi all what do u do when ur kid throws a tantrum out in public?! my 2 year old son threw a crazy tantrum at the park and it was nuts he was screaming like crazy laying on the grass not listening to me i don’t even know how i got him to the car it was a nitghmare he was fighting me over getting in the car seat everyone were looking at me like i’m kiddnaping him!!!:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Pick him up, strap him in the carseat and shut the door for a few minutes to gather yourself. Or just leave them be whatevers easier at the time lol and safer

Get down next to him and throw a damn fit too. He’ll stop and look at you and ask u to stop lol. Trust me I’ve done it to my son. And we don’t throw fits anymore

Do what you’d do at home. Walk away. Obviously keep close close eye and not too far but normally they will realize you are leaving them and freak haha. Also don’t take him to the park anymore for a bit. I get it’s good for him but not if this is how he acts when you leave and makes you miserable


At 2 he cant communicate his emotions. I understand when kids are acting like that it can be hard to keep your cool. Bit get on his level. Explain why his behavior is not ok. And tell him why, why you have to leave also reasure him that you’ll come back another time.

Turn your phone on camera on the selfie mode so you can see behind you. Turn your back to him and say bye Im leaving. Watch him through your camera but all he sees is your not taking his shit

Usually I let them be aware that everyone is watching them act a fool and cry and that they are laughing at them cry and that Usually makes them feel embarrassed and they tone it down alittle :rofl:

I honestly would have first told him he better straight up or I was gonna pop his ass and we was going home, if that didn’t work I pop his ass and we go home no if ands or buts about it and on the way home I tell him exactly why we left and that he’ll be lucky if he ever gets to go back(it’s just an empty threat but it works)

My daughter had a tantrum in Morrison’s, she smacked me in my face because I wouldn’t let her get a balloon :roll_eyes:… I stood up, took hold of her hand and marched her outside, then I got down to her level and obviously told her off, when we got home I put her in her bedroom (where she went on to have another tantrum, screaming mummy I love you I love you) after 3 minutes I went in her room and spoke to her, asked her why she was in here, was that good or bad, then she apologised and we went about our day :woman_facepalming:t3:


This might sound crazy but my daughter has done this and I’ve laid next to her and told her to tell me when she was done. At that age when they get overwhelmed they don’t know another way to let it all out. I do end up talking to her about it after. I tell her she’s having a bad day but that doesn’t make her a bad kid. We hug it out and we go home. Kids are allowed to have meltdowns just like we do. I’ve learned that if I try to make her stop ASAP or if I let my own emotions and frustration take over it just adds fuel to the fire.


I usually put my kid in her carseat then close door for a few min while I chill outside car


I’d just pick him up and leave. Go back home

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Lay down and throw a fit with him they always stop to watch you lol seriously

You did the right thing mom.

Testing you, maybe he didn’t want to be there? So if you left he got his way? Put him in the car with a seat belt on his carrier and wait it out maybe? Mine was mostly at home so I dealt with it there.

No advice for the tantrum since we all have our own parenting style…but it may help prevent it from happening if you are sure to give him plenty of warning before you leave. Something like, “we can do 5 more things before we go!” And then 4 and 3 ect. If I prepare my 2 yr old and tell her that she can go down the slide 3 more times before we leave, it really seems to help her accept that it’s time to leave :slight_smile:


Take them away from what you’re doing til they calm down. I’ve done it at dinner with my littlest and my step daughter. We don’t go back inside to the table til they’re done

All he need is a good ass whipping right where he acted up at.

Haha well if we are inside somewhere like a store I take him right out until he can act right. Something like fighting me in a parking lot about going to the car, little dude gets the football hold and put in his car seat. If anyone thinks you’re kidnapping him then whatever :woman_shrugging:t2: you’re not so it’s fine lol

My 2 year old boy is shocking for this when i wont let him walk wherever he wants when we’re going somewhere, its so frustrating.

My son threw one banged his head on the floor acting all crazy when he was 2. Raised a big knot on his head. Good thing we were in the Dr’s office at the time LOL
Usually I just looked at him when he pulled that crap & would say " are you done yet"? Which usually got me an I hate you out of him. I’d say well I love you but I really don’t like you rite now. :joy:

You’re never going to make everyone happy. Ignore him, soothe him, scold him. Whatever you think is best.

We have ALL been there, whether everyone admits it or not. It’ll pass, I promise.


Pick him up like a damn football, put him in the car, turn on the a/c, and let him scream.

They were probably staring at you because we’ve all been there and were wondering what you were going to do or how you’d react… I think most moms with more than one kiddo embody this parenting style.

Ain’t nobody got time for that, Karen.

Pack up and leave, my son is 3 months but when hes older my grandma said that she just leave the groceries/etc there and walks out

Theres a thing called whooping that ass ,do it each time he will stop.

I try to make it fun when we are about to leave somewhere or I give him a warning that we’re about to leave. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t lol

When drawing attention to himself.make sure he’s ok and tell people he’s just having a behavior and he’ll be fine. The situation is under control. Thanks for your help.

Don’t think you are doing anything wrong every one of those people have been in your shoes. One thing that helps me at times is telling my kids that we need to go to store/doctors/bank or wherever our next destination is and that the place is going to close and we need to get there so we don’t get locked out also bribery and a trip to the Dollar store sometimes they get so excited about getting a balloon/bubbles/book/small toy or anything it makes the trip home more easier.

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As a mom of 4, I think I have done it all. I swear the most effective was throwing a tantrum too. The look on their faces is priceless. Walking away is my go to, though. I find that separating myself helps all of us to calm down because if mom stays calm kiddo can absorb that feeling.

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I just let them have their tantrum and wait until they are finished. There’s nothing really you can do until they are ready to stop.

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My son has thrown a tantrum over leaving the house and i just pretend like im going to leave without him and he stops and comes running but ive also tried this at the park last night and he just waved at me and said bye lol

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They might have been looking at you saying dang she is handling that great. Or think oh I have been there. Or is that what I have to look forward to.


Mine weren’t bad to throw them. But at Church during Bible school i have dealt with other peoples kids. This one little boy would throw one every night i would pick him up carry him into a room nobody was in sit him down and say go ahead because you can’t leave this room until you stop he would stop and look at me like i was nuts . And he then could go out they usually want to cause a scene and when their audience is gone and you show them your not gonna entertain it they will stop

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I use to just leave them there they stop when they notice no one watching …I be hiding out of site …

I tell my kid, “Bye” and pretend to walk away. (Side note* I’d never ACTUALLY leave him) He straightens up pretty quick & gets in the car usually. 🤷

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Mama hang in there! Tantrums happen. It sucks it’s embarrassing it hurts but every child does it. And every mom goes through it.

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Just a regular tantrum… I would ignore. Now if he or she was throwing things, hitting anyone or myself, or acting like a fool (running through parking lots or being dangerous) then I’d slap the ass one good slap. Having emotions is allowed acting like a fool in the process is not.

As a mom of 5 this is normal just either act like they are, record them and let them see how silly they look, or ignore it. Mom’s need to stop worrying about what others think temper tantrums happen and are normal it’s simply teaching your kids that it’s NOT ok and moving on.


It happens we have all been there my 2 year old threw a fit because we but his snack on the belt at the store he doesn’t understand we have to buy it I just picked him up went to the car and let my husband finish up I’m so thankful he’s there in those situations he’s not always there and I have to just push through ignore the looks and ignore him screaming it’s ok mama every parent has been there every kid has done it

Mine did this in a park and I just waited till she was done. While she was having her tantrum I would turn the other way and not give her a glance till she stopped. Once stopped immediately take her to the car and tell her because of your tantrum we are going home and you are taking a nap. Walmart I left her in the aisle and went just one more over and church was taking her away from everyone else and tell her if she wants to have a fit this is the place otherwise the tantrum needs to stop and you need to be a big girl. When she got to five I would put her in a car and take her home to go to bed and the park we wouldn’t go back for a few days which she thought was forever. Now I just tell her that do u need a nap or do we need to go home. She stops instantly. They happen but it’s up to you to decide what age is the tantrum not acceptable to continue. She is 6 now and some days she has to take a nap

The last time my kids ever threw a tantrum at home I got down on the floor and did exactly what they were doing until they stopped and looked at me funny. I said “It looked like fun and it is!” They never did it inside or outside of the home again. Only had to do it once. Weird but it worked.

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Girl, every one of those parents staring have had this happen to them at some point, don’t sweat it. I know that’s easier said than done because kids can be fucking embarrassing. But you’re doing good. I’ve literally given my son time out at the park…I give no fucks. :woman_shrugging:

When my little one throws a tantrum we leave, I make sure she just understands that she can’t do that and when she does she doesn’t get to stay where we are and have fun she has to go home


Yea they do that embarrassing as all get out. But when they throw a fit you just put the cart back and leave the store and tell him or her were not going to throw a fit. Or we will leave it’s up to you you want to shop with mommy or you want to go home.

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Walking away to where you can still see them and know they are safe… ignoring their behavior is the best thing for you and them. They learn they don’t get a reaction from you and eventually stop. Don’t worry about being judged. Every parent goes through the craziness


Make sure they r safe n let em have their fit!

Oh man. Mine did that ONCE in a Walmart. I carried him out, surf board style, put him in the back of the car…didn’t strap him, I didn’t go anywhere either…I bent down and screamed louder then him. Scared the crap out of him lol. He stopped, looked at me in disbelief, then his little lip popped down. So I said, “I love you” and he gave me a hug. He never did it again.
Dont worry what pols faces say when it happened. Every parent goes through it. Every…single …one.


I have a tendency to just let them have it out and lay there.
They eventually get tired out. Who cares about other people starring, like they never had a kid throw a fit :woman_shrugging:t3:

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My bonus kids are older but with my younger nieces and nephews I ignore the behavior until they stop. As a family and child development major I have learned that if you do not reward the behavior it should go extinct. Taking him to the park is a reward and dragging him gives him the attention of everyone around him which is also a reward. I would let him tantrum it out and then when he’s done and tired put him in the car. That being said sometimes as adults we have a place to be and don’t have time to wait. In that case I would tell him the behavior is unacceptable and remind him there are consequences: if you are going to act out when leaving the park we won’t be coming back. Kids don’t have the brain development to make good decisions and weigh all the consequences, especially at the age of 2. Ignore the people staring everyone is nosey anymore, if they call the cops for kidnapping the cop won’t do much when they find out you are mom and he’s throwing a tantrum. Good luck, it will get better! Terrible Twos are a very real thing.

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Idk if it will help for you but when my kid did that i told her that everyone was looking at her because she was misbehaving. I asked her if she wanted to be stared at and she didnt stop but definitely toned it down.

Tell your child what is expected and what you will be doing if they don’t listen- “if you don’t stop screaming now, we’re going to the car and heading straight home!” If they continue, pick them up and head for the car. If you’re worried about onlookers thinking you’re kidnapping, loudly say things like “this behavior is NOT acceptable” and “No TV tonight!” as you’re walking. It reinforces that you’re handling a discipline problem.

At home, I just let them work it out and tell them to come and see me when they’ve calmed down. I’m not going to subject others to my child’s screaming tantrums though, plus the child learns that if they can’t behave, they don’t get to stay at the park.

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