How to handle toddler tantrums?

I have a 2 year old son and I noticed lately he gets really frustrated and has a tantrum when he’s playing with his toys like he would stack them or something and if it’s not going the way he wants. Another example is that he handed me a toy and I couldn’t figure out what he wanted me to do with it so he became upset. Any advice how to deal with this? Its becoming a everyday thing I really dont know what to do .


That’s pretty common. I offer ideas until we figure it out.


It’s a frustration of not being able to do something or convey something. My daughter faced the same frustration when she was learning to speak. She would become angry when we weren’t understanding what she was trying to say to us. Just be gentle in tone and let them know it’s ok. The anger may still be there but you just have to try to move past it

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It’s a communication thing. My 2 year is the same way. We are also trying to get him to use his words though too

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Same here…when he starts to get angry and none of my suggestions are helping, it’s time to find another activity.

They don’t call em the terrible twos for nothing. Be patient mom. This too shall pass.

He’s still learning to communicate and it’s frustrating :frowning: keep asking questions and guessing see if that helps with it

He will grow out of it. My son used to do that but his siblings and I would tell him how cute he was when he did that. He didn’t like that at all :joy:

Children are still learning communication and more importantly managing emotion. Anger and sadness are big emotions and it takes years for them to figure it out. Stay patient. Help them figure out how to use their words, talk about their feelings and help them find a way to relieve it. Once again, patience is the best advice I can give you. If you respond with anger or discipline over any young childs emotion it will only build and become worse.

Terrible two’s… This to will pass…

That’s normal. He can’t tell you exactly what he wants so he gets upset. My daughter started biting herself when she gets upset when we don’t understand her.

I have a 4 and a 2 yr olds. Im going through the same…

It’s normal. He hasn’t learned to handle these emotions yet so he does what comes naturally. Just reassure him and help him breathe through it. Sometimes hugging my little ones through a, senseless tantrum helps as well.

Normal and a good time to really start working on words talking really helps a lot toddler can get frustrated trying to talk and tell you what they want my almost 3 year old still does so if been really working with his comuncation

He is 2. When he figures things out he will calm down. Sometimes sign language helps with the frustrations.

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Shoot my 14 month old has been doing that for months :joy:… little butthead. Pinches, headbutts, scratches, gets all mad. Trying so hard to break that habit.

I’m a Mom of 3, plus I’ve done home child care for almost 7 years.

Try to teach him words to use. “Help” if they’re struggling to do something. “Down”, “more”. Those are staple words as they’re learning more. As they’re struggling, just say “help, help” as you help them, “down, down” as you lift them down, “more, more” as you hand them more foood. After a while, wait for a second to see if they say it. If not, prompt them once “more” and give it to them.

Sometimes just having someone recognize that they’re struggling is enough. If not, just say “I know you’re upset. I’m sorry. Do you want me to…?” and guess a few things. If that doesn’t work, say “I don’t know, let’s move on to Legos / a snack / going outside instead”… Pick something they’ll move on for. If they just absolutely melt down, just say “I’m sorry you’re sad, but I can’t seem to fix it. I’m going to let you calm down and I’ll be waiting over here with the Legos when you’re done.”


I ask my 2 year old to show me n hold my hand out so he can lead me then practice saying what he wants.

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My son was like that he’s 5 now and still gets easily frustrated and mad when things don’t go his way even though I remind him to use his words and talk to me so I can help him. He has gotten better and as soon as I see him getting angry I ask him what’s wrong or what are you getting so upset you need to ask for help. My current 2yr old daughter is going through this and I just remind her (both of them) that they need to use their words and encourage them to vocalize what’s wrong rather then throwing things or smashing them down or I have them show me what’s wrong so i can help.

He’s two. He can’t quite verbalize what’s upsetting him, so he throws a tantrum instead. It’s pretty normal behaviour. I also feel like throwing tantrums when I’m doing something and it’s not going according to plan (I draw and sometimes it just does not want to happen the way it looks in your head.)

Im sure it’s simple hes two and still learning how to communicate.

It’s so hard when they cant communicate the way they want to. I remember my daughter at that age screaming “I want a meh” over and over. I couldn’t figure out what a “meh” was. She just got more upset as I tried to figure it out. So I picked her up and pointed at everything til we discovered a “meh” was a banana :flushed:


Compassion and empathy, one on one time.

He’s 2. They get very frustrated at that age.

My grandson won’t be 2 until November but he has been having tantrums and throwing his toys. It’s that age group

Welcome to a 2 year old

If he hands you something , they usually want you to play with then or he is just wanting to share .

Sounds like he is becoming frustrated because he can’t vocalize what he wants. Two of my most commonly used phrases with my two-year-old are “use your words” and “show me what you need”. He’ll get there eventually. They don’t call them “terrible twos” for nothin’!

Teach him to talk more… Plus about emotions

Take the toy and ask where to put it. Might not speak well yet but he can show you maybe? My son didn’t go thru this.