How to have a healthy pregnancy while overweight?

Just found out I’m expecting my first! I’m alittle over weight and need some ways to help baby stick, I really want this :blush:


Eat healthy. Don’t be stressed. Stay happy.

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I’m kinda in the heavy side and I had 2 successful pregnancies and I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd. Just stay calm and be happy don’t get too stressed out

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Start taking prenatal vitamins, get in to see your doctor. Drink lots of water, eat healthy, go for walks, sleep when you’re tired etc. :purple_heart::purple_heart: congratulations

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DO NOT STRESS!! That’s the most important thing!! Congrats mama! Good luck :black_heart:

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Keep moving and drink lots of water

Iv always been a big girl and iv had 2 babies and one miscarriage. If the miscarriage is gunna happen it will unfortunately. But keep your spirits up and your stress down! Congratulations!

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I was way overweight and had a very healthy 7 lb beautiful baby girl. Don’t stress. Congratulations, mama.

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I’ve been over weight with botb my pregnancy. Now they’re 2yrs n 3w. Lol I worked out, n just ate right.

Walking, listening to music to music that music that puts you in your happy place while you walk, happy mommy happy baby! Low stress mommy low stress baby! Take it easy. Any exercise plan you start with especially if you don’t have on before make sure you double check with you doctor first.

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Im over weight i had a goid pregnancy i worked two jobs up until i was 8 months. I was active.b

I was about 250+ with my first seven years ago, no bp issues and gained 12 pounds. Just relax, no stress and eat good

Take it easy, take your prenatals, drink your water and make sure you are getting enough folic acid

Over weight with both my pregnancies. Being over weight doesn’t mean you’ll have a bad or rough pregnancy at all.

Healthy fast avocado, walnurs, omega 3 foods. Vitamins, the herbal raspberry tea is also good. Good luck.

Stay calm. Keep hydrated. Eat healthy. Don’t push yourself.

Congratulations, and PLEASE don’t blame yourself if something does happen. Unfortunately for many women that did experience pregnancy loss, there was nothing they could have done to stop it.

Yooooo panda express for two KFC for two Donuts for two lol that was my mindset when i found out i was prego idk just stay happy dont stress eat enought food veggies fruit …food

See your dr, take prenatals, so your best to eat healthy, and it’s even considered ok now to lose some of your weight during pregnancy. Just be sure to discuss your plan with your Dr and a dietician, if you go thru wic they have great advice on foods. Your first trimester is your tired sickly month… Do your best to get thru your energy will come back

Miscarriages happen without reason, there is nothing you can do to prevent them and if it happens, it’s not your fault.

Just stay relaxed, no heavy lifting and no crazy exercise routines. If you’re going to take anything important, make sure you take folate everyday, it prevents Spina Bifida and other conditions.

I hope everything all goes great for you, the first 12 weeks are always the most worrying


There is no way to make the pregnancy “stick”. Implantation is either successful or it is not. I had one miscarriage and two healthy babies and i always had an extra 70 lbs on me. So, relax and take everyone’s advice and drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet. When you have the first ultrasound you will have more answers. :blush:


Im over weight to had 11 babys keep your head high god will help u though this

Im overweight and had 5 perfectly healthy pregnancies.


Folic acid pills, very important

Walk for at least an 1 1/2 hours a day. Or work up to that.

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My dr put me on gestational diabetes diet even tho i dont have it… But it helps with carb control which helps with weight


Walking and drink more water. Choose like fruit and salads over other things when you eat. That is what I try to do.

I started out over weight and I had a healthy baby girl. No gestational diabetes for me. I really ate healthier while pregnant though. My craving was whoppers. I yelled at my husband for bringing home a whopper jr he only did that once but I ate healthy most of the time. And stayed away from dark soda just non caffeinated stuff. 7up and similar ones. But water the most

I don’t know if “making it stick” is a thing. All you can do is take care of yourself and hope for the best. Take prenatals and try to eat healthy. In my experience though if a miscarriage is going to happen then these things are of little consequence.

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Drink a lot of water take walks

Your weight has nothing to do with it “sticking” hell I was overweight and had TWINS. You got this.

I am on the bigger side and had absolutely no problems

I’m heavy and almost 7 months. I just drink water, take naps when I can, do not stress or lift heavy stuff. I work as a cashier so if someone has a heavy bag of dog food or big case of beer I will ring it up, but I will not move it. People understand. Congrats!

Congratulations! Walk, drink a lot (min 2 litres per day )and surround yourself by healthy snacks (yogurt, fruit, nuts,…).

Drink lots of water and a healthy diet. Try to stay calm and take care of yourself. Congratulations best wishes

Rest, walk routine. Don’t eat a bunch of crap food, and drink plenty of water. Relax and enjoy, you’ve got this little momma!

I was on a diet when I got pregnant