How to have summer fun in an apartment?

Those of you who live in an apartment, what kind of fun summer things do you have for your babies on your patio? I’m going to get rid of my table and chairs and have a 6 month old that I want to make fun and safe for him to play there when we can’t go somewhere.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to have summer fun in an apartment?

He will have the best time playing with his own hands and feet :woman_facepalming: next summer will be the time you need to worry about entertainment.

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I have a swing on mine and my son loves it so much. But my neighbors have a table that has little toys with it and you fill it with water, so I was thinking about getting one of those too

At 6 months I wouldn’t stress. When my girls were that age I had the opportunity to take them to our town pool or our pool, but honestly at that age it’s not much to be concerned with. They’re still so young. Take baby for walks, outside to play in the grass, if you have access to a pool/splash park/beach and sand - awesome, but don’t stress and not necessary - they’re still so young :heart:just play and have fun together

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I’d get a kiddie pool with some water toys and sit in there with him lol. Not much else for a 6 month old to really do


Exersaucer and tiny pool

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Bubble machine! Most inflatable ball pits are smaller but you could add some water to cool off!

I had a clear plastic storage bin that I filled up with water and let my baby play in when she was younger and plan on doing the same for my current baby as well

Jolly Jumper with a kiddie pool underneath.

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We have one of those plastic playhouses and a swing/slide. We have a decent sized patio though. It has kept my baby occupied for two summers now. Last summer she was around 8 months at the start of warm weather, so from about 8-12 months old and now 16-24 months old.

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At 6 months they are starting to get antsy to explore the world…and they do get bored. The best thing about them is they are absolutely happy with playing with u. If your looking to make purchases, a ball is extremely fun for that age…back and forth motions tossing and rolling it. A mirror. Buy a mirror that is light weight and safe and only when your around obviously. She will talk to herself, give kisses, and it will entertain her like she’s got a best friend. The jumper in the bin idea is always good with water. Kids love splashing in water. A small water gun u can squirt lightly in her mouth. Let her suck on the water, and squirt her as she laughs and tries catching it. The most simple things will make her very happy. Depending on how big the patio is, a walker is an amazing tool for my tater tot she still uses it. Best of all each other. You could play peek a boo. You can use your fingers as walking men and tickle her. Babies are so easy to entertain. Blocks are fun too.

We got a small blow up ball pit and used it as a pool

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You can make sensory buckets like the clear tubs the short ones fill them with water and toys

Look up on tiktok and Pinterest kid fun in small places

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^^^ water sensory bins! Bubble machine. Kiddie pool with water toys.

A tub of water (like a rinse tub for the sink) and some floaty toys. My baby loves splashing so so much

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I’m guessing you live on the ground floor… you don’t say where you live… At 6 months, it’s going to be a little tough to find things to do. You can’t really turn a 6 month old loose on a concrete or brick surface. The most you can do is take your pack-and-play outside…and then you have to be careful about sunburn. Your baby is really too young for a kiddie pool or a groggy sandbox. I’d be afraid the baby would try to eat the sand! They put almost everything in their mouth at that age! I think you’re going to have to limit your outdoor activities until next year. I just don’t think your patio surface and your baby are going to be compatible.


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why can’t you go anywhere?? How about taken your baby for walks outside, Play in a park, or on the grass in front or behind your apt. Think, use your imagination. Your baby is only 6 months old, so right now there is limited things one can do, But interaction is very important

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Bubbles machine, water play table, even just coloring and having lunch in good weather is fun. Use a plastic tub for him to sit and play too.

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This is mine… we have a small kiddie pool with sand and a small tub with water for him to play in. I have a bubble machine and the fake grass down. We go out there and paint, have picnics, use play doh, etc. we also have a roll down screen up to block out the sun.

Depending on the size of your patio, a little pool and a sand/water table!